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Help us launch the NEXT WAVE of Tide of Iron – new quick-start core set – plus you can get the Stalingrad expansion with extra stuff!
272 backers pledged $25,490 to help bring this project to life.

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Slight File Correction

Posted by 1A Games LLC (Creator)

As was pointed out, the files for the Arty decks were laid out with one (1) card per page, and thus not conducive to printing on Avery labels.

This has now been fixed.

Also, as was requested by one or two of you, the decks have all been formatted into one file which can be produced physically through Printer Studio.

All of which are available at the download page at:

Please let me know if there are any issues with the revised files.

Thanks for your input and understanding.

Chris w/1A

The Word is Given

Posted by 1A Games LLC (Creator)


Hello Tide of Iron fans. First off, I want to thank you all for your extreme patience while we have been getting things settled here at 1A. It's been a while since the last update (since July), but here's all the news that's fit to print.

The Final Rewards Are Live!

Recently we sent the files for the Advanced Optional Rules, eight additional Intro Scenarios, the two sIG 33b specific scenarios, and the sIG stat card off to FFG (the Arty decks had been sent to them previously). Everything has been approved by them and is now (as one of you noted) available for download directly from out website.

The Advanced Optional Rules and all ten of the scenarios referenced above are contained in the "Kickstarter Bonus Booklet".

We also included a bonus stat card for the M3 Stuart.

These downloads will be the only way in which these items will be made available.


Yes, these files are only being made available to you as Print and Play downloads. This presents some slight challenge on the Artillery decks, I know, but there are two solutions (really they same solution, just two ways of implementing it).

  • Print them out on Avery labels and apply them to regular playing cards. Then sleeve them for use.
  • Print them out on regular paper, sleeve them for use and then insert a card for some stiffness.

I know that this situation is not idea, but it is the best we can do and I'll get to why in a moment. I know that from time to time I have mentioned that we have to get approvals from FFG on everything we want to make available to you - from boxed sets on down to stat cards. The decision to make these files available in .pdf format only was NOT due to anything which FFG told us.

We were NOT constrained or instructed to release them in this format by FFG in any way. The decision to do so came solely from us here at 1A Games and should not reflect negatively back upon FFG (who had very little to do with this kickstarter except for the various approvals we needed prior to releasing actual rewards). We felt that it would be better to get you the material in this format than not at all.

There are some few of you to whom we still have obligations - those of you who pledged for painted armies (and storage boxes, etc...). You will be issued refunds for the amount(s) due to you for the items which you will not be receiving. This will be happening in the near future as the dust settles (see below). You will be contacted directly in regards to this matter.

Where is all this going?...

It has been jointly decided by both 1A and FFG that the time has come for the two companies to part ways. As a result, FFG has taken back all of the inventory and all the control of the ToI property effective immediately.

FFG has given us no direct information about what their plans for the future of the line may be. Any questions concerning Tide of Iron which do not regard this kickstarter - rules interpretations, future expansions, replacement parts, etc... - should be directed at FFG. 1A Games is no longer able to sell, produce, develop, or market anything to do with the Tide of Iron game. The files currently available for download on our website (which will remain there for the foreseeable future) are our final offerings to the line.

Any comments or ire in regards to how this kickstarter has been (mis)handled should be directed to us here at 1A Games, and NOT to FFG.

Old Soldiers Never Die...

We here at 1A have been proud to have been granted the opportunity to work with the Tide of Iron game. We did our best to revive the line and make it more accessible to new players to expand the brand. But the game market is a very competitive one these days, and we had some issues - editorial delays on our end, delays to printing in China, and in shipping due to a labor dispute at the port of Los Angeles (since resolved) - which led to our not having base game on hand to support Stalingrad when it was first released, and to our missing the Christmas season last year.

Over our time with Tide of Iron, we have been pleased by the response which we got from you - the fans - in regards to the direction we were moving with the game. Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back there are things which we should have done differently. What's past is past and we can do nothing to change it.

As for the future of 1A Games; that remains unclear. The shop has entered into a sort of state of suspended animation as we sort out various details (like this KS) and try and see the path ahead.

In any event, I and all the staff of 1A Games would like to thank each of you for having supported us in a way which no other fans did. You had the love for Tide of Iron which made you back this kickstarter and the faith that we would do great things with the game.

Like good soldiers, we did our duty as we saw it.

History will judge us now.

Good Night and Good Luck!


Chris Williams, Operations Manager 1A Games

One Week to Gen Con!

Posted by 1A Games LLC (Creator)


Hello Fans! One week to Gen Con and I have some news to report:

1A Games is undergoing a reorganization, so we will not have a booth at Gen Con this year (despite what the Gen Con program book may show).

However, Operations Manager, Chris Williams (that's me!), will be there and available to talk to you as he circulates around the show.

You can find me most days in the First Exposure hall (rooms #107-110 in the convention center).

As you were.

Chris w/1A

The Rules are Outbound

Posted by 1A Games LLC (Creator)


I have been informed by the warehouse that as of yesterday, ALL of the rewards which we currently have in hand - the games (both Stalingrad & ToI:NW), the Special Operations cards, the Wooden Initiative cards, the sIG 33b models (both sizes), and the printed rulebooks/scenarios HAVE BEEN SHIPPED!


Those of you ion the US will (if you haven't already) be getting them fairly quickly while those of you overseas will take slightly longer (which is just a fact of shipping overseas).

If you didn't get a confirmation email, or don't get your package in the next 2 weeks or so, please drop us an inquiry to:

Thanks for being patient.

What's Left?

There are still one or two things which we are waiting on. The new Artillery decks, the stat card for the sIG 33b, and Advanced Optional Rules, and the eight additional intro scenarios. NONE of these things went out with the shipments so far.

This past week, we sent the files for the Artillery decks and the sIG stat card off to FFG for their approval and we hope to be able to get those printed up and out to you all soon.

The Adv Optional Rules and Intro Scenarios are still bogged down in play testing, but we're getting closer with each play.

We'll keep you posted.

At Ease.

Chris w/1A

Pardon Us

Posted by 1A Games LLC (Creator)


We'd like to issue a heartfelt mea culpa to our international backers who have been kept waiting for their printed rulebooks.

We had a temporal hiccup due to the GAMA Trade Show which took up our band-width, but I'm pleased to report that the shipping is resuming this week.

Look for your rulebooks to arrive soon.

In the mean time, the rules are, as they have been for some time, available NOW for FREE .pdf downloads here.

Sorry for the delay.

Chris w/1A