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Hobo Fires is a 335 page Science Fiction Graphic Novel: in the year 2137 hobos must live like superheroes to survive.
86 backers pledged $6,327 to help bring this project to life.

Sneak Peek at the Hobo Fires Color Poster!

Posted by Robert Earl Sutter III (deleted) (Creator)
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Hello Backers, I thought I would share a little progress with you: the line work for the full color poster! Once the color is done the whole thing will come to life like a garden in the spring.

When a person finishes a 335 page graphic novel that took 2 years to make, they think, will I ever desire to draw again? Now I know the answer is YES. Drawing is hella fun, and so is writing, and making friends, and drinking tea, and drinking coffee, and even promoting a book project on Kickstarter has got it's fun parts.

We have 16 days left on our crowd funding project and with Kickstarter it's all-or-nothing, we have to reach the goal of $6000 or we get nothing! That puts us a little behind the curve of making it to the goal, but no worries, they say the end of the campaign can bring a real bump, but let us not wait on that possibility! Let's achieve the goal of getting 50 new backers by Sunday! Even the smallest amount of money would be great, every backer counts and every dollar counts! Excellent then, 50 new backers by Sunday it is!

Thank you. -Rob

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