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An autobiographical story of Hope, Strength, and Renewal. Out of the depths of despair, I still stand...
An autobiographical story of Hope, Strength, and Renewal. Out of the depths of despair, I still stand...
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Thank you for your continued patience!

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Dear Friends/Backers,

As this year comes to a close, I trust you are looking forward to a blessed and prosperous 2016.  I, for one, seek the same.

Simply put, this has been an arduous process; the completion of the TLV book has taken far longer than I would ever have anticipated.  I have much respect for authors who have published their first books.

I have spent the better part of 1 1/2 years in rewrites the lens of one subject-- THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  Every previously written chapter was analyzed with that in mind.  This one subject has created a MASSIVE paradigm shift in my thinking and approach to the word of God, the word of our King.  As a result, my original direction for the book project received significant overhauling of immense time consumption, with more to come. 

After rewriting fifteen chapters, I am now in first drafts of at least three final chapters.  Weekly, chips and chunks toward completing the project are experienced.  One word, sentence and paragraph at a time is rendered.  Rest assured, I WILL FINISH!

Thank you for supporting and believing in me!  The finished work will be to the satisfaction of all and unto the glory of our King-- Yeshua (Jesus).

Shalom and Total Life Victory to all!

And.... Remember!  "Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness..." Matt 6:33


Thank you for your patience!


Dear and precious Backers,

It has been a long road working on this project. However, the finish line is within sight!  I've been told that the first project is always the hardest, of this I am thoroughly convinced. I never expected this much time to pass. What I have fully embraced is that HIS timing is the best.

Just when I thought I was done, major insight would come during my study in the Word. I was then moved to go back and re-work large portions of the manuscript. I'm thankful for what the Lord is showing me. I look forward to sharing it with you. Again, thank you for your patience.

Today, I finished chapter thirteen of what looks like will be an eighteen chapter book. Again, thank you for your patience. I will see this project through with the Lord is my guide and strength.

In addition, my responsibilities within the Kingdom have expanded; I now work with Christians United for Israel (CUFI), an organization started by Pastor John Hagee. He was kind enough to make a personal announcement to our church (see the attached video).

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Not only do I pastor a church but I am now the new Central Regional Coordinator for CUFI. I cover the central time zone- twenty states. What an honor and privilege it is to work with such a fine man and leader in the kingdom of God. To HIM be the glory. Needless to say, I am very busy these days. Yet I shall not be deterred; this book will be finished!

Much love to all of you my dear and precious Backers.

Stay tuned!



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Thank you for your continued love and support.  I am pleased to announce to you the launch of...


"Chatting With the Church On Your Way To Church"

What a tremendous opportunity for the church I attend and the book you so graciously backed last year.  I am near the end...just 5 chapters to go.  The process is taking a bit longer than anticipated, but the END IS IN SIGHT!  The first book is ALWAYS the hardest they say.

Here's some information about the show:

In Mark 1:15 Jesus said, "...the kingdom of God is at hand ; repent and believe in the gospel." The Total Life Victory Radio Show focuses on seizing the Kingdom of God with every area of life. It will be a discussion about having a Hebraic mind-set: 

GOD in you (your relationship with Him) then, 

God in you in your MARRIAGE & FAMILY

God in you in your relationship with OTHERS

God in you in your relationship to MONEY

God in you in your VOCATION (Calling in life), 

God in you & your HEALTH.

We'll also discuss the BIBLE IN THE NEWS every Sunday. Applying... "Ancient scriptures for current times." 

 Listen online at: or with your smartphone radio app... 

 iHeartRadio: Thanks for tuning in! Shalom  

Thanks for tuning-in dear and precious BACKERS!

Also, the Marriage Declaration cards will be put in the mail next week.  May you be blessed and refreshed by it!