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10 new amazing MURS songs and the introduction of merch girl Yumi Morales caught up in a web of evil, via a 124 pg graphic novel.
10 new amazing MURS songs and the introduction of merch girl Yumi Morales caught up in a web of evil, via a 124 pg graphic novel.
605 backers pledged $32,099 to help bring this project to life.


Well people, this has turned out to be a resounding success. We've exceeded funding and pledges continue to roll in.

It has been a wild ride, and we'll admit once that "launch" button is clicked, the stress is a little higher than anticipated. Checking your Kickstarter page becomes somethin' like a crack habit, but a good one. Thanks to everyone who's pledged it's all been worth it. We have blown past the #3 highest funded hip hop project on KS and are gunning for #2 (if we're reading that right).

We want to keep the train moving, so we're now announcing that comic book artist supreme TIM SEELEY (creator of the tough as nails Cassie Hack from HACK/SLASH) is going to draw an exclusive print for all backers who have pledged $40 or more, IF we reach the $30,000 funding mark. Here's a tiny peek of work in progress!

This print will list the names of EVERYONE who has pledged somewhere on the print, and obviously be highly limited. Right now we're talking about the image featuring Yumi standing in the center (all badass looking) with all the males in the story defeated or dead at her feet (in true fashion to the kick ass females that Tim is known for drawing).

So spread the news and help us reach that mark! 

And lastly, we are releasing a FULL track from the album called "Gods Gone Crazy" on Murs' YouTube page today. This is the home stretch! Please tell everyone you know to, call in the cavalry, go go go! Peace!


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    1. Elegant Bill Wanick on May 8, 2012

      im really stoked to see what all is rollin out... i pledged $50 a few months ago, and kinda forgot... ill forget again and then it will show up and gunna be like christmas!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      victor on March 21, 2012

      fuk yea $50 pledger :D

    3. Joana Nicolau on March 21, 2012

      There you go - the 30,000 mark is hit! :) Enjoy your exclusive print, 40$ pledgers!

    4. Reid Harris Cooper on March 21, 2012

      Arghh.... it's only an extra $15 for two awesome prints and some extra love, it'll kill me to resist, but I have to. Hopefully other folks with the extra cashola and aren't being spread thin on pledges and product will be at it.

      I've been pimpwhoring galore and hate that I won't make it to SDCC (it's just not in the budget unless I choose to sleep on a bench on the gaslamp each day and not each a lick of food). Hopefully you guys will be coming to NYCC and will have some press hour time or some such! :)