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It's the Golden Age of Pirates, you and your friends gleefully fight it out to steal the most booty!
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Last Week!

Posted by Dice of March (Creator)

Hello Backers!
We hope you are having a wonderful day!

We are a week out from the campaign and are really excited for all the progress so far and more excited for the week to come, the last week is the most eventful and to kick it off, we have two more art updates for you!

Incite Mutiny...a powerful cards that will turn the tide of the voyage!
Letter or Marque... a card that will make your fleet unstoppable!(No hyperbole there)

So enjoy this art update, and keep watching the Seas!

  • Image 302040 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 302041 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Dice of March 5-time creator on

      @Kevin: We have had people literally fear Incite Mutiny. Myself... Well I don't want to say that I wake up in a cold sweat at nights fearing that it will take my ships we are.

    2. Kevin Fernandes

      Great pictures guys :) Really enjoying the jellybean characters.
      And yes "Letter of Marque" may make you unstoppable (literally) ... unless someone "Incites Mutiny" on you :)