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A new army of gothic medieval warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics! Highest quality 28mm resin miniatures.
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January Production Update - and Happy New Year!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Happy New Year Backers!

Just a quick update today. Scroll down to the end for some photos of example infantry models assembled using the modular parts! We recently built up a few dozen figures to try out different combinations.

Pledge Manager

Almost 500 orders submitted - Thank you! We hope to have photos of all final resin models, including the War Machine, by the end of January. 

Our developer is almost finished with the backend system which will allow us to only print and process orders for which we physically have stock. This will make the process very quick and efficient, and after lots of delays we should be able to announce the start of shipping in our next update!


Manufacturing has been slowed down in the past few weeks by the Christmas break and associated higher than average sales, and we are still processing the backlog. We hope to be back to a normal KS production schedule by the end of the month, and in the mean time we have plenty of stock ready to ship!


We have physically 3D printed almost everything now. As I write this update the first of several prints for the 20+ components of the War Machine is running!

We have also almost finalised the Artbook and will send that to print early next week.

That's all for today, thanks once more for your patience and support!

Team Anvil

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    1. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      Hi Robert, someone asked about this in the comments a few weeks back. Here is my answer

      Ok so - the following characters are not yet in production

      Masquerade assassin
      saint and martyr
      arch angel
      plague doctor
      war engine
      burning saint

      plus Catheagal, falcon and gothic shoulder pads
      additionally, parts for the jetpacks, heavy weapons and melee weapons are also on the list, so - any regular infantry rifle squads are fully production ready, but specialist squads are not.

      So to summarise, if you order contains only regular infantry squads without the shoulder pads above, and characters NOT on the list above, then it is all in production and orders can theoretically ship.


      Larger orders are not going to be deliberately shipped after smaller orders (that wouldn't be fair) but larger orders are more likely to contain products which are not in full production yet, which will delay them. Where we have two orders and only enough stock for one of them to go out, we are designing the system to prioritise by backer number.

    2. Robert Vee Doby Versluys on

      Happy New Years! And so hyped for the shipping. Quick question about shipping. What do you have in stock to begin shipping? I ordered a lot if infantry and few special characters. Will i be looking at a bit more of a wait? Or will the amount of models influence the shipping order?