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A new army of gothic medieval warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics! Highest quality 28mm resin miniatures.
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December production update, and Merry Christmas!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Short summary - We have not started shipping yet, but have made around 50% of all required product so when we do start, progress should be swift. Backers who want their rewards sooner rather than later should complete their pledge manager before the end of December if possible. New renders of final models are now available on the PM for everything except the war engine. Thanks for your continued patience.

Long Update-

Dear Backers.

Once again, thanks for your patience and we apologise for the delay since the last update.

As we are almost at the end of 2018 and have still not shipped any pledge rewards, we are clearly not where we wanted to be at this point in time, and this is frustating for us as well as for you. The entire team has been working extremely hard for the past months and we are doing everything possible to complete the project as quickly as possible.

In some previous updates I have detailed a number of factors which have caused (and continue to cause) delays to the project, some of which we could not have foreseen or planned for. Rather than make further excuses and try to predict the future, for this update I prefer to give an accurate picture of exactly where we are at the moment.

Pledge Manager -

Over 400 of you have filled out your pledge managers already. Thank you! Using the data so far we have been able to streamline and improve our manufacturing. 
We intend to keep the Pledge Manager open for at least two more months, so there is no rush if you prefer to spend money on other priorities over the holiday season. 

It makes our planning easier if we have more Pledges completed, so please try and complete the manager by the end of December if possible. Pledge Manager orders placed from January onward are likely to ship later than orders placed in 2018.

Shipping -

Our developer is still working on the integration between the KS Pledge Manager website and the shipping fulfillment system which will allow us to easily print and manage KS picking lists. We still plan to wait until this is up and running before shipping out any rewards, but do have the option of shipping using our existing systems, if it becomes necessary. It is not very efficient or fair to ship a small number of rewards just so we can say "we've started shipping!".

Design -

With the exception of a few last checks and edits on the Arch Angel and the War Machine (two of the most complicated models in the range) everything is now completed and production ready.

Production -

As of today, out of 125 separate products we have:

  • 20 products where we have made the number required to fulfill completed Pledge Managers.
  • 17 products where we have enough to fulfill projected orders (based on an estimate of the final total)
  • 53 products where we have production moulds and have begun production.
  • 35 products where we do not yet have a production mould. 

Our projected estimate (based on what people have ordered so far, and the % of backers who have completed the PM) is that we need to make 22500 sprues. That is A LOT of resin.
The good news is that we have already made around 11250, almost half the total sprues required are already manufactured, quality checked and sitting in boxes ready to go. This means when we are able to start shipping rewards, we should be able to shift a lot of orders fast.
We have been ramping up production recently as more molds have become available, and plan to focus as much of our resources as possible on the KS until we are done. 

We still have to make and ship regular store orders, and launch the occasional small new product, but we have repeatedly pushed back planned major projects and releases to ensure we keep focused on our commitment to backers.

Additional value for backers

We cannot magically fix past mistakes or create 10,000 sprues over night, but we do want to do something to make up for the delays. Thus:

  • We previously offered our printed Artbook as a freebie to Crusade Backers. We are now going to be including a copy with all pledge of Battallion level or higher, and its looking to be a really nice addition to the project. If you are a Crusade backer, or Battalion backer who already bought a separate copy of the book, we will be figuring out something extra to include with your pledges.
  • We commit that there will be a period of at least three months between the shipping of the final pledge reward, and any retail launch of the range.
  • When we do get to the retail launch some time next year there will be a number of products released which were not available with the KS. We will make an arrangement for backers to get a special discount on any Daughters models bought at the retail launch (exact details to be confirmed later) AND we will give priority to backers when shipping retail models.

Thanks for reading this long update! Included below are some new renders.

The entire team at Anvil Industry would like to wish all our backers a happy and relaxing Christmas holiday season.

Here are some renders of the final versions of various characters we have been finishing off over the past few weeks. Further renders are available in the product pages on the Pledge Manager.

Above - Arch Angel with spear option, included with all kits.

Here are the three jet pack options in resin. Each wing style will have three different pairs and they are poseable with a ball joint for maximum flexibility.

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    1. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      Hello everyone, thanks so much for your kind and supportive words!

      Your understanding and patience really helps as the whole company is under a huge amount of pressure and NOT having to deal with constant emails and messages asking where KS stuff is, is one less thing to worry about.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Thomas

      Can't wait for bitz to be available. I couldn't decide between the feather wings and the boosters.

    3. Florian on

      Ahh, good to hear! Was mainly waiting for an update on the final angel versions. Might be able to complete my order before new years then after all... And yeah, rather a delayed quality product than something scrambled together in a hurry.

    4. Remi Solanke on

      No frustration to report either, only mounting excitement! As much as we all want to get our grubby paws on these fantastic minis, we understand that quality takes time and is always worth it in the end! 😎👍🏾

    5. Crimson Ghost on

      Your Quality is always worth the wait.

    6. Shaman At Dawn on

      GUYS...please, just take some time and make the best stuff possible (which you ALWAYS do). I am cool with waiting, but I am also SO excited to get my girls!!

    7. Alex Shaughnessy on

      As always blowing it out of the water. Archangel, Death and Martyr are simply sublime.

    8. Missing avatar

      Harry on

      Agreed with Atom, I'm not frustrated, just happy to see more product photos

    9. Atomschlumpf on

      To be honest, I don't think most people are that frustrated. Kickstarters get delayed. That's okay, as long as you keep communicating with your fans and have good reason for it. So, keeping that in mind, keep up the good work and happy holidays to you guys and everyone here!

    10. Ian Staley on

      Appreciate the update guys, keep up the fight!