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A new army of gothic medieval warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics! Highest quality 28mm resin miniatures.
737 backers pledged £61,344 to help bring this project to life.

New sprue renders, and important Pledge Manager information!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Good Evening Backers.

Some Question/Answers and general information.

Everyone should have their Login email by now. If you don't have it please check the email address associated with your Kickstarter account, including Junk Mail/Spam, before emailing us to ask.

Completing your Pledge Manager sooner rather than later will not affect the time it takes to ship your rewards, so take your time to make choices. Please carefully check your pledge to ensure it includes everything you want, all the options are correct, and your shipping address is accurate and complete.

If you have problems or questions during any part of the Pledge Manager process, please read through the information below, and if your question is not covered, email us at

Whats included on Sprue X?

Particularly the "Rifle one" and "Rifle Two" options.  To help make your choices in the Pledge Manager, renders showing the contents of some sprues are included at the bottom of this update.
We have also included a photo showing every head sprue, including two head sprues which were not previously photographed - the Gladiator and Medieval Helmet sprues.

Design Changes and Work In Progress models

We have made changes to the design of the Heavy Grenade Launcher ammo feed, and the Ion Rifle (compared to the original project renders). The renders on the 3D viewer are the latest versions which will be in production.

Certain models only have concept art and are described as "Work In Progress" in their descriptions. Please only include these models if you trust us to make the final version awesome, and are happy if it ends up looking a little different from previously shared renders. You can also wait and put your pledge in only when we have final resin photos of those models, but we cannot guarantee when we will get them done by.

Will I get an email confirmation?

Not yet but we are working on it. Pledges are being received fine- 275 of you have already completed the Pledge Manager!

Can you list sprue X for sale separately?

No. With the exception of certain specific sprues which are already listed, we are not making sprues available to purchase separately during the KS fulfillment process. This is to make fulfillment faster so we can get everyone's rewards shipped asap.

Can I swap sprues around, or have a combination not shown in the Manager.

In most cases, no. 

Our priority is to ship high quality product and get everyone's rewards out as quickly as possible. For this reason it's vital we keep fulfillment as simple as possible. We are working as hard as we can and are very aware we are already running behind our planned schedule. 

There are ways you can use the Pledge Manager with multiple squads to get more mixed options. Either use the 5 woman squad builders, or make two 10 woman squads with different options and mix up the parts - all arms are compatible with all torsos.

If a combination of parts which cannot be done using the Pledge Manager is really important (we understand, as wargamers, that sometimes it is), and you don't mind your pledge shipping likely being delayed, you can email us and we may be able to sort something out.


We are really keen to start shipping product out as soon as we can - we are working with our web developer to get the picking lists for each pledge printed in a way which is compatible with the new tracked shipping system we intend to use. We are not certain exactly how long it will take but we will let you all know once we start.

We would like to take the opportunity once again to apologise for the project over run, and thank you all for your patience and unwavering support.


As we promised from the start to be open and honest about how we are getting on -
This morning I crunched some numbers in a spreadsheet and worked out that so far, we have about £20,000 worth of DotBR stock in storage waiting to be picked and packed.
I had hoped to have a bit more than this by now, but it's a very solid start.

Once we have a more complete list of what people have actually ordered (rather than our best estimates) we will be ramping up production volumes as much as we can.

Our hope is that the delays starting to pick and pack orders (while we developed our bespoke back end and Pledge Manger) will result in a considerable smoother picking/packing process which should speed things up once we get going.


RIFLE ONE contains the 5 poses shown here

While RIFLE TWO contains the 5 poses below

Below are the melee/pistol arms (5 poses shown, actually 6 on the sprues) - with sockets which allow a melee weapon or pistol to be attached at various angles. The arms can also be rotated at various angles. Some combinations look great and some less great, so it is worth dry fitting them before gluing models.

 Below is the Sergeant arms sprue included with the Burning Lance squads - it contains a telescope arm, pointing arm, and optional "rifle up in the air" arm (to be used with a spare rifle from another squad). You also get a power plant with range finding Sextant, and three pigeons for sending messages.. The 4 Heavy weapons (choice of two pairs) include arms with the same cloth upper sections, and power plants with integral ammo.

Below is the new Heavy Grenade Launcher ammo feed - a slightly more modern style replacing the initial "exposed shells" feed. The reason for the change is because we found it very difficult to get the previous design to both look natural and be cast in a way which would not easily break. The new design is considerable more practical.

Head Sprues

Here are two sprues not previously photographed in resin, showing the variant designs for Gladiator helms and Medieval Helms.

 And the photo included a few updates ago showing all the other sprue options. 

 That's quite enough for this update - we will be back soon with more - Any questions please comment here on on the main KS page.

Thanks again,

Team Anvil.


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