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A new army of gothic medieval warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics! Highest quality 28mm resin miniatures.
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More Resin Photos, and Pledge Manager Preview Video

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Good afternoon everyone,

The long-awaited Pledge Manager is still not quite ready, but we are making good progress, what's left to do is a small amount of product set up, integration with payment/shipping gateways, and testing to ensure it all works as intended. We hope to have another update at the end of the week.

For now, here is a video screenshot showing how the unit builder will work. The 3D render updates in real time, you can rotate and zoom, and one you are happy with the selected parts, just hit "Add to Cart" and start configuring another unit!

 project video thumbnail
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There are over FIFTY THOUSAND different combinations of parts in our modular system, and that's not including any of the specialist or melee weapons. Our builder will allow you to quickly see how any desired combination looks when assembled.

Here are some photos of new resin production parts!

The Assault Knights

Cyborg Surgical Assistants Front

 And back

 Cyhounds - Four different poses and two tail options for each hound are available. 

And finally, Almost every head sprue, including the Veteran Heads which will be available as an Add-On for all backers.  The only ones not shown are the Gladiator and Medieval helmet sprues.

We originally planned to do head sprues with 7 heads, but a smaller number of sprues with some mixed. We decided in the end to 6 heads per sprue, but offer a wider range of sprues with mostly just one kind of head/helmet.

We also have a huge pile of storage boxes full of production sprues, which will continue to grow over the next few weeks as we prepare to start shipping rewards next month.

That's all for today, thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Team Anvil

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Looking forward to the pledge manager. I need those mechanical doggies! :)

    2. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      Hi Michael - very soon - I am conscious we keep saying that and we are as frustrated as everyone by the delays with the pledge manager, it has proven to be more work that we anticipated. We are confident it will be worth it though for what it can do.

    3. Michael Cartwright on

      When do you guys plan to give us your next update? Very keen on playing around with the previously mentioned bits mix and match interface.

    4. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      @BaronBlackthorne - Thanks very much.

      A small number of sprues will be available as "add on" purchases - things like the veteran heads, certain pistols.

      Everything else will only be available in the squad builders. you could select a few different squads all with different options, and then mix and match them to make squads with more variety.
      We will not be offering the majority of parts as separate sprues during KS pledge fulfillment. The reason is that it adds significant potential complexity and work to the packing and shipping operation, which could delay shipping rewards and lead to administrative chaos and lots of picking errors. We have enough experience of our Regiments range (which is all available separately) to want to keep it simple for now.

      When we put the range out for retail, all the different sprues will be available separately.



    5. BaronBlackthorne on

      This is looking fantastic! I hope to see the pledge manager soon.

      Quick question. Will there be any functionality in the Pledge Manager to select only certain sprues whilst omitting the rest? For example if I just wanted 10 sprues of heads and not the rest of the model, could that be done? Or if I wanted to add more variations of weapons sprues for more variety, could that be added on as extras?

      Cheers =]

    6. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      Morning all,

      Thanks very much. We are certainly very excited to start shipping these out next month!

      Samuel, I can see what you mean about the eyes. They are heroic scale sculpts so facial details are exaggerated to helping with layering and washing painting techniques.
      I think they look more normal at regular size. In these photos they are about 6 times larger than life, depending on your screen!

      Thanks all,


    7. Remi Solanke on

      Tantalising update guys! As usual the sheer scope of combinations possible with your modular system is both intimidating and exciting! I am sure that when it is done we'll all spend hours trying different looks out like a character creation screen in a videogame

    8. Crimson Ghost on

      Simply Stunning you Guys always come through. Limitless options and clean sculpts. Perfect. Well done.

    9. Missing avatar

      Samuel KOHN on

      Is it just me or do the eyes looks weird ?
      Maybe it's just because of the photo but to me they looks like they are squinting or have their eyes closed.

    10. Missing avatar


      Very nice indeed!

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve Tudhope on

      And so my metal Sisters begin the long march to the display cabinet.
      Looks really good.

    12. Joshabi


    13. Fredrik Cagerhammar on

      just wow !!im really imprest great work guys !!