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A new army of gothic medieval warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics! Highest quality 28mm resin miniatures.
737 backers pledged £61,344 to help bring this project to life.

September 3rd Update : Pledge Manger soon, Likely shipping delays, more great photos!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Backers,  

We sincerely appreciate your continued patience, and apologise for the lack of updates.

The short version of the update:

The Pledge Manager will be available very soon. We still prefer not to give an exact date, but our external developer has made concrete progress and we hope to put together the remaining elements this week. 

 We are making good progress with completing models for production, and aim to wrap up that phase of the project before October. 

 We are on track to start shipping pledges in October, but it is likely the majority of pledges will now ship out in November and December, and some may not ship until early 2019.  We apologise for misjudging the delivery time frame, and will do everything we can to get pledges shipped as soon as possible. 

 Scroll down for a longer version of this update with more detailed information. 

Here are some photos of resin production sprues! 

Above, the final Burning Rose Accessory Sprue and Specialist Weapon Upgrade Pack. Both these include most of the parts from the original renders, plus plenty more bits we were able to squeeze on! These are included as freebies in the larger pledges, but will also be available to purchase separately at a great discounted KS price.

Above : some of the sprues and components which will make up the infantry squads.

The Castellan, weilding her twin pistols (One of three weapon options included on the sprue!),

And finally something new! These towering stone columns are up to 30mm tall, making it the largest chuck of resin in the Kickstarter!
We designed them when we realised the flying figures would benefit from an option to raise them quite a bit off the table. They will be an add-on option for all backers.

The long version of the Update, for those of you interested:

Pledge Manager 

The Pledge Manager has been delayed because it was necessary to with an external designer on a completely bespoke solution. Existing Pledge Manager options did not include the functionality we needed. This has added cost, complexity and time, but we judged it worth it for the extra features and ease of use. 

As well as an easy squad selection tool familiar to anyone who has used our “custom squad” regiments products, the Pledge manager will include a built in 3D visualiser similar to our “regiments designer”, which will make it much easier to see how different combinations work together. 

When the pledge manager is ready, you will get an email with login details, and your account will be pre-loaded with an amount of credit equal to your pledge. We will be keeping the Pledge Manager open for at least one month. 

 Development of models 

 The majority of parts/models have been at least master moulded now, and we are prioritising sprues we need large numbers of (eg KS special sprues, legs, torsos). Limited production has already started, and full scale production will begin this month, with extra manufacturing shifts dedicated only to KS molds. We are going to make more accurate production information available as the manufacturing process accelerates.

 Likely Delivery Delays 

 We believe in being upfront and honest with backers, and that means giving a realistic assessment of the manufacturing/shipping situation now, rather than waiting till late October. 

October shipping was an estimate based on what we knew when we opened the project. We will start shipping pledges in October, starting with earlier backers who have smaller pledges, but the sheer number of sprues we need to hand cast (somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000) means it is going to take a while to get it all done and may not wrap up until Jan/Feb. 

The order in which individual pledges ship out will be determined by a blend of factors, with our goal being to get the project completely fulfilled as quickly as possible. We will release a bit more information about this when we launch the Pledge Manager. 

 What’s contributed to the delay: 

  • The Kickstarter unlocked a lot of stretch goals, and because we are over excited hobbyists ourselves, we have always opted to improve and upgrade sprues where we can. We also remain committed to the highest quality product possible. This means the design and 3D printing process has taken longer than we anticipated.
  •  Sales of our regular products have increased since the Kickstarter launched. This is fantastic for the long term development of our product range, but means we have been constantly stretched to the limit just keeping up with normal order fulfilment and this has slowed down work on the Kickstarter. We have been training up existing staff, increasing hours, and taking on new team members, but we can only grow operations at a certain speed as it takes time to train people. 
  • A higher than expected number of working days have been lost due to sickness or injury in the past 3 months, which have had knock on delays throughout our operation. 

What we are doing to keep the project as on track as possible: 

  • Delaying all our planned non-Kickstarter releases where possible 
  • Implementing a Saturday casting shift on at least 3 weekends a month, dedicated only to KS production. 
  • Hiring new staff between now and the end of the year to increase output. 
  • Upgrading our manufacturing area with more space and new equipment. 

It is in our best interests to get the KS fulfilled as quickly as we can, because we can free up our schedule for lots of other exciting projects we want to work on (and which we know many of you are looking forward to). 

 We said it before, but just to be absolutely clear - no Kickstarter items will be offered for sale anywhere until after the last KS pledge has shipped. 

We ask for your patience and understanding, and fully intend to make these miniatures worth the wait! 

We will be happy to answer any more specific questions you have. 

 Thanks once more for your support.

Team Anvil

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    1. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      Hi Robert,

      I must point out that our models are not called Sisters, for good reason.

      1.They will be compatible with the female regiments range, which is in development and of which the daughters are the first models. They are generally not compatible with the existing range of Regiments figures.
      3. I should probably list one of the many super impressive and detailed character models, but personally, I really like the crossbow option for the basic infantry.. :)

      I am hoping next year I will have time to put aside to actually paint up a small force of Daughters with my favorite character models.

    2. Robert Vee Doby Versluys on

      Oh so i have new questions.

      1) Will the Sisters be compatible with the Regiments Range?

      2) Will the Sister’s Mech be comparable to certain Engines of repentant nature from certain companies?

      3) what models are you most excited about ?

    3. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      Morning all,

      Thanks for kind words and encouragement!

      @Scarlet - We planned the project quite carefully to ensure a reasonable profit for us and a good deal for backers, and I think we got it right. In the event it does turn out to be more expensive to produce or ship the pledges, we will take the hit, as we have a positive cash flow from sales of our regular miniatures (not the case with companies relying on just their KS income) so the risk to backers really is as minimal as it can be.

      There are something like 25,000 different combinations of basic infantry parts, not including the specialist, heavy or melee weapon options. The 3D visualiser will allow a preview of any combination. If we relied on built up example models and photos we could manage perhaps 50 combinations at best.

      @Robert - Yes, you will get a credit amount in the Pledge Manager, but you can overspend and pay the different with a credit/debit card. :)

    4. Robert Vee Doby Versluys on

      Also, will there be a possibility of increasing our pledges? Or will we have to stick to our original pledges?

    5. Robert Vee Doby Versluys on

      Still very excited to get this. I’ve been back and forth a lot over what exactly i want to get from ya’ll. Keep up the good work and keep us updated. Hopefully the new hires can make the process fast enough we get them sooner

    6. Scarlet

      I appreciate that you guys want everything to be perfect, but I'm also concerned that this is taking so long. I really think it's a red flag for a lot of kickstarters since the more time passes the more risk the creator will lose track of the funds, overspend, etc. I have had positive experiences with Anvil though and I'm hoping this isn't more than just a small hitch.

      Also full 3D visualizer in the pledge manager? I really think that's unnecessary, but I guess it would keep the comments from being bogged down with a million "does x part fit with y part?" questions.

    7. Missing avatar

      John McDonnell on

      Thanks for the update guys. I'm sure they'll be worth the wait. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephan Flint on

      Thanks for being honest. It´s good to know now, how the project goes. Take the necessary time. I like to wait longer, if I get a great product at least. :)
      Great Minis so far

    9. Missing avatar

      Raymond Saunders

      Take as long as you need, I'd rather have finished high quality miniatures than a rushed job.

    10. Carlo Spinale on

      Thank you for the high level of transparency you've brought with this update. It's much appreciated, and very insightful to see exactly how production is progressing.

    11. Atomschlumpf on

      Thank you for being honest about what's causing delays and just giving information really.

      I've backed the Empire of Men Kickstarter from Archon studio and communication has just been atrocious. Delays have not been addressed other than "its going to happen" so just giving us information is very appreciated really, and comes across a lot more sincere.

      Take your time, I'm sure all your backers will appreciate the quality they're going to get.

      Also that accessory sprue is just fantastic!