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A new army of gothic medieval warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics! Highest quality 28mm resin miniatures.
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Characters, Cats, Torsos, and Ruins!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Still no progress to report on the Pledge manager, but hopefully some information soon. 

We are continuing at a good pace with production.

About 80% of the CAD sculpting is done, with the remaining 20% mostly needing final touches/extra poses or similar finishing off. We aim to complete over 95% of CAD work by the end of August.

We are making good progress with printing and master moulding. Here are some new photos of resin miniatures!

The Lord Abbess and the Executioner (with big cat from the Familiars sprue)

 The Cyblade Assassins, production miniatures showing the second body pose which we added as a free sprue upgrade. The mini on the right includes the bionic bird of prey from the Familiars set.

 The Squire Automata with the rest of the Familiars/Pets. Those are 25mm bases.

 Detail close up

Here is one of our leg sprues, in this case it's the Gladiators, but all legs will be in the same style.
We are supplying 25mm bases without slots, which means instead of slot tabs, the "sprue" for each leg set is made of various themed bits of rubble which you can use to decorate bases!

And finally, some renders of the torso options we plan to offer. We will do test prints, so feedback is still welcome at this stage.
From left to right in the top row below :
Updated Sci-Fi torso with a few design tweaks, Decorative Rennaissance Torso, the regular one which we showed during the campaign.
A heavier "medieval plate" torso option which also matchs design elements from the robed torsos, and finally the Heavy Gothic Torso.

In the second row, the order is reversed.

As well as these torso options, we are also doing the Robed and Gladiator sprues.

That's all for today, thanks everyone for your continued patience.

We will be back next week with more to show off!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Colin Pinnell on

      daw there's a ferret. Now I have to get that sprue too.

    2. Remi Solanke on

      I can tell it is going take me a long time to decide just what the hell I am going to get and what combinations of parts to choose. My original list was clearly too naïve 😅 there is so much depth of choice etc it is hard to do it all in my head. Fingers crossed the pledge manager comes soon so we can plan a bit better. Jeez October is close 🤩🤩🤩

    3. Jesse C Guiles on

      The new torso is great!

    4. Robert Vee Doby Versluys on

      I’m so hyped for this. Open the manager soon!!!!!! 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    5. Alex Shaughnessy on

      Look much sharper than the original productions. Can't wait.

    6. Atomschlumpf on

      These are absolutely fantastic

    7. Missing avatar

      Raymond Saunders

      I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on these, but my poor poor bank balance, it's really gonna take a hammering when the pledge manager goes live :3