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A new army of gothic medieval warrior women, ready to purge a galaxy of heretics! Highest quality 28mm resin miniatures.
737 backers pledged £61,344 to help bring this project to life.

Lots of high resolution Photos of 3D Prints and resin casts!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

When we launched this project we promised the highest quality miniatures we have ever produced. Here is the proof.

This update contains lots of close up photos of actual scale 3D prints and resin parts. The final production resin figures will carry over 99% of the detail and crispness shown here.

We have nothing to hide : Some photos are zoomed in so much you can see individual dust particles and the very slight layer lines left by our ultra high resolution printer, which disappear entirely as soon as you put an undercoat on.

The Lord Abbess - 3D print, still Work in Progress.

 Above: Hammer held in with visible blue-tac.

The Lightning Mage  -  3D print, still Work in Progress

The Plague Doctor - Resin production version

Squire Automata : WIP 3D prints, Our unlocked £31k stretch goal! 

 Above : Following their Knight into battle with her Sword, Helmet and Side arm.
Below : Close up of the crisp detail even at such a small scale.

 Finally we have one of our Modular Infantry Knights with a Crossbow! These are production quality resin parts.

We will have lots more 3D prints, resin models and high resolution photos next week!
Team Anvil.

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    1. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      Hi All,

      @Carlo - The Mage is a WIP still, we will make a few changes including looking at the hands and pose. Thanks for your feedback.

      @Fnordlover - It's possible we will make sprues of separate weapons, but it wont be until after the KS is completely fulfilled.

    2. Carlo Spinale on

      Everything looks really great! Though, I wish the lightning mage was a little bit more spindly. She looks kind of... thick. I understand that heroic scale tends to do that, and you cant immitate the art exactly, but she looked a lot thinner in the art. It doesn't help that her pose is also a bit stiffer. Maybe try opening her hands in a claw, and angling the arms a bit more? I have a feeling that would make it look a little bit less like she's just waking up and having a stretch

    3. Fnordlover on

      Those troopers are looking great. Any chance (how many times are you going to have to read sentences that open like that this Kickstarter?) of a sprue of those gorgeous hammers?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael JP Fitzgerald on

      oooh, you know, I wasn't interested in the Lightning Mage from the picture, but that model looks like it will be really fun to paint.

      Also, all the happy dogs showing up in this KS are starting to freak me out.

    5. Missing avatar

      buffa on

      All this is just awesome .The Lord Abbess following is unbelievable !

    6. Anvil Industry 3-time creator on

      @Andy it will be in the "Pets/Familiars" set, along with a bionic ferret and some bigger animals! coming soon :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Andy Thompson on

      The dog on the Lord Abesses base! How do we get the dog?

      Oh awersome minis by the way