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The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
393 backers pledged £41,901 to help bring this project to life.

Pledge Manager now Available - Information for backers!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

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Update #25 : Pledge Manager nearly ready, and production update.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Pledge Manager - We have created a "copy" of our main website" to act as a Pledge Manager, this will allow you to select all your rewards and Add-Ons and either checkout using a Kickstarter Coupon, paying no money, or use Paypal to cover the difference if you want more Add-ons than you pledges for originally.

The system should be pretty easy to use for you guys and also make fulfilment straightforward for us.

We need a few more days to test it out, so we will make it available early next week!

Thanks for your patience.

To give you an idea of the schedule Here is my rough "things to do" image I made up to plan my workload.

All the miniatures we need to make are shown here, with various stages - I will post this image up every few weeks so you can get a visual idea of where we are at with making everything!

Update #24: More firepower for the Support Pulse Mechs!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hey everyone,

I'm back from a much needed few days rest, with the promised Monday update.

I have been working on the support pulse mechs. They now have a "rail" system so either the missile launchers or Autocannons, or any other system I design in the future, can be mounted in a number of different positions and angles.

I tried out the "triple" missile launchers but it looked a bit weedy, so this proposed alternative is 5 missiles in a rotating drum, so which ever missile is on the outside is the one fired, still needs a bit of refining, what you you think?

I also did the Auto-howitzers for the alternatively armed Support Mech. They are a lot smaller than the original Goliath weapon, but there are two and I have added Boxes of extra shells which can be auto-loaded into the drum above.

 With these, and any other renders I post over the coming weeks, they are work in progress, and your feedback and suggestions will be taken into consideration during the process, before anything is sent to print or finalised. So please do chip in with your thoughts!

There will be an update in a few days with details on the pledge manager and process for that.



Update #23: We are funded - THANK YOU - Plus useful info about the next stages of the project!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Good Evening Backers,

We did it! You helped us raise over £17k in the last 4 days for a fantastic end of the project, smashing through loads of stretch goals! So once again from all of us at Anvil Industry - Thank you for your support!

We are taking a few days break to recover and plan out the next few months. and starting next Monday 3rd we will be gearing up the Anvil war machine to complete and produce over 14,000 high quality resin miniatures!

Paypal Pledges and Add-Ons-

We will be setting up some Paypal pledge options on our website for anyone who for whatever reason was not able to pledge during the KS itself, and Paypal pledges will count toward that £42K stretch goal which is £100 away at the moment.

We will also be using Paypal/credit card to allow anyone who wants to upgrade, change or Add to their pledge ammount at any time between now and when we ship the figures, so if you see some photos of a Unit in resin and think "I need more of that" it wont be a problem, and we will honour the KS prices between now and shipping rewards.

Survey/Pledge Manager -

At the moment, we dont know what a lot of you want, so we will be sending out a survey of some kind to find out, and give you a chance to add/amend your pledge, or let us know about any swaps you want. 
We haven't decided exactly how to do the Pledge manager yet, so we are not sure exactly when we will send it out. 

I also want to try and get ALL Units and figures totally finished in CAD before we send the pledge manager, so that you can see what all the Units look like when picking Add-Ons.

Figure Production Plan -

We have set a target of shipping rewards during February 2015. We think this is realistic, however we will not compromise on quality, so we can only promise that we will do our best to ship by February, and that we will keep you fully updated.

Lots of figures need their CAD sculpts finished or extra poses made, and then everything has to be 3D printed - there are various printing options we are looking at, but we hope to have that capability in-house before the end of December.

Once we have the printed masters, we can then make moulds and begin production!

At this stage it is impossible to predict exactly how long everything will take, or the arrangements for shipping pledges, but we will keep you fully updated with our progress and information, and give plenty of notice of each stage as we come to it.

One "unknown" is the tokens/counters for the game, as we have not made somthing like that before. We have done some initial research and tests, and will keep you updated.


So far we have released a preview edition of the rules.

At some point before rewards are shipped out, we will release a second version which expands and completes the core rules, and adds all the currently available Units.

The full "Version One" of the Rules with full stats and missions, we are aiming to release at the same time as shipping the physical rewards, however, it may take a little longer, as we want to ensure we do enough in house play testing and balancing.

Any further questions ??

Drop us a note in the comments below, or send us an email -

Thanks again!


Update #22: The final 15 minutes! Pulse Mech Flight Pack Preview, and 42k stretch goal

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for the huge support we have been getting in the past few days, Its certainly been a rollercoaster ride for us and we are almost home!

Here is the Pulse Mech Flight Pack - Note that this is only at the concept stage, very much work in progress, but you get the basic idea - a fuel tank and several independent thrust nozzles.

It will fit over the back of any of the normal Pulse Mech Miniatures.

This is an Add-On, £5 for a set of Three Packs.

The 42K stretch goal, which I made up 30 minutes ago, as requested by several backers, is a samurai themed body guard commando for Idaho Yoshida, free to all pledges of Shard Strike or above.

Thanks again!