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The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
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Update #36: Pledge manager closing and 3D prints.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

We will be closing the pledge manager on Wednesday 4th February, so if you haven't already head over and let us know what rewards you would like. If you need instructions please look through the Kickstarter updates and if you have any issues send us a message. 

The link to the pledge manager is:

Check out the pictures below of the latest 3D print! This one is Alexsander Malik "The Technician" we're really pleased with the detail. 



Update #35: 3D printed tyre!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Its wheely good!


This is a pretty boring update, but want to keep you guys in the loop as much as possible. The Printer is proving frustrating, but we are making slow progress.

We need to try lots more combinations of resins and printer settings, as we received some really awesome prints from Eddie at Zealot Miniatures, and having seen what he produced on a similar machine, I refuse to accept anything less than the same quality in our prints!

Here is our first properly decent print, one wheel from the Republic "Instigator" which I choose as a suitable test print.  The render of the CAD model is next to it for comparison.

bigger image-

You can see the print layers (each 0.03mm thick) in this photo as its blown up huge, but to the eye, they are pretty much invisible. This quality is good, but we are aiming for even better and more consistent results.

PLEDGE MANAGER - It will be closing by the end of January, exact date to be confirmed soon, so please start thinking about completing it if you have not already done so-

Stay tuned for more updates!



Update #34: Printer is coming!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Actually...  The printer is already here! 

I just couldn't resist a dreadful Game of Thrones pun while we wait patiently for season 5!

We are back to work after our break - and we hope you all had a nice holiday season!

AWESOME NEWS - The 3D printer, which we have waited six months for, is here, assembled, and sitting next to me on my desk as I type this, creating a 3D object from a vat of liquid resin!

Its going to take a week or two of testing, calibrating and fine tuning before we can get the best possible resolution prints out of it, but we are confident we now have the capacity - in house - to produce incredibly fine detailed miniatures, and I cant wait to share plenty more photos with you over the come weeks!

I will post an update next week with information about the pledge manager, where we are with the project timescale, and our plans for fulfilment.



Update #33: Merry Christmas from all at Anvil Industry!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)


Today is the last day in the studio before we break for the Holidays, and we would like to wish all our Backers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We spent today engaged in very serious play testing - Tis' the Season to deploy your forces, locate shiny gifts hidden in the ruins, and get them off the other side of the board to your Gift extraction zone, festively gunning down anyone who stands in your way!

 On a slightly more serious note - here is the completed Unity Council Support weapons set- Backers at Shard Strike and above will get everything here, including the bonus extra missiles and ammo box/lid with spent shells.

There are 6 separate stabilisers/legs, three long ones and three short ones, which can be attached in any combination and can rotate slightly to be raised off the ground.  So a total of 13 parts on the sprue.

We are still waiting for the 3D printer, its currently in transit, and likely held up due to the Christmas season. We are hoping it will arrive early in January.

We are back at work on January 5th, and will be working hard to stay on track with the production of the Shards of Liberty Miniatures!

We hope you have an awesome Christmas break and get plenty of painting and gaming in!


Joel, Charlie, Adam and Christina

Ps.. Here is a "Wall-E" themed Assault Droid made from a mashup of different AFTERLIFE bits, Adam made it as a Christmas gift miniature!

Update #32: New Discussion Forum!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately I dont have any new images to show off, but we do have a shiny new discussion forum for chatting about all things AFTERLIFE.

It is hosted HERE on the page.

You can set up a new account easily, or login with Facebook or Twitter. The new forum is a great place for all your photos of painted miniatures, and next year Im hoping we can use it to get feedback on the rules as those develop further.

General progress update -

The upgraded manufacturing space is pretty much finished.

We are still waiting on the 3D printer to arrive. The plan originally was to print a lot of stuff on other machines while we waited, and thus be further along with production, but I have decided the quality improvement possible from doing it in house means its best to put everything on hold for now.

The good news is we have used the down time while we wait to start development of what we need to make the Unity Council APC. We are ahead of schedule on this, so IF it works ok, its more likely we will be able to make the APC available to everyone before we start shipping rewards!

The Pledge Manager is still open, and will likely remain open now until sometime in January, we will still give two weeks notice of its closure.

Thanks for your continued patience!