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The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
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Update #46: Last Chance for SALUTE Pick Up, and new Pulse Mech Bust

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update tonight in the midst of the madness preparing for SALUTE, I have been painting up a statue of Raul Tennyson for our game board, while Chaz is busy wiring it up with LED's! (Photos to come soon)

SALUTE KS Reward Pick up - If you would like to pick up the available elements of your pledge at SALUTE on Saturday, you MUST contact us within the next 24 hours if you have not done so already. As we need to know in advance who's stuff we need to bring.

Pulse Mech Bust -

Some of you may have seen this on facebook, I did a character sculpt Bust of a Pulse Mech Veteran to make something cool for the show, and test out the capabilities of our printer for larger prints (excellent results achieved!)

Here is the resulting bust, flawless casting quality with an incredible amount of detail captured that doesnt come out perfectly at 28mm scale.

A Grey resin test cast on the left, a Regular Pulse Mech in the middle for scale, and the finished product, darker grey with metal filler to increase the weight and leave a better surface for paint adhesion.

We will be making about 50 of these busts in the first run over the next few months, and will have a small number for sale on Saturday, at £16 each.  

As a KS backer, you can reserve one for a lower price of £13 and have it shipped with your pledge. Just send us a message or leave a comment below requesting us to hold one for you.

Tommorows update will be all about the Unity Council APC - I have been keeping quite about it for weeks now, but now that I am more certain we can produce them in large quantities we are ready to unleash it on the world!



Update #45: Pulse Mechs and Commandos starting production

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Backers, 

We got the first Pulse Mechs and Commandos out the mould today and they're looking great! Check out the photo's below, click here to see more images:


The Anvil Team

Update #44: IMPORTANT Shipping Update- Has your shipping address changed?

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to report we have made excellent progress recently, and in a few days time everything from the "Recon" stage of the project will be in production!

This means Shipping of some pledges will start NEXT WEEK!!

If your address has changed, or is likely to change any time in the next few months, its vitally important that you get in touch with us, either on KS or by email - to let us know when you are moving and what your new address will be.


Sphere Link/ Add-On only pledges -

Next week we will start shipping rewards to any backers who only selected Add-Ons, however your pledge will only ship once all the figures are available, so depending on exactly which Add-Ons you pledged for, it could be any time between next Monday, and the last rewards to ship out.  Next week I will put out the list of products with the order we are making them in.

Shard Recon + Cataclysm Wave One
In about two weeks time, most likely just after SALUTE, we will have all the game tokens and counters ready, which means we will ship all the "RECON" pledges with no Add-Ons.

We will also ship a wave to Cataclysm backers, including the existing products as well as Shard Recon.

Shard Strike

There are an extra 13 figures for this wave (plus some stretch goal add-ons), and a lot of the work on them is completed already, so I am hoping to start shipping Shard Strike pledges at the end of May/early June.

Add-Ons plus Cataclysm wave Two.

Once Shard strike is in production, I will work through the Add-On products in order of popularity, and any pledges which included Add-Ons will ship as soon as they are available.

Once we have finished everything, Cataclysm backers will get their Wave Two Shipment. We are hoping to to have the vast majority of pledges shipped by the end of June.

And as an all text update is rather boring, here are some nice photos of two Commando Snipers and a Mauler Drill Adam painted up for our games table at SALUTE!

Update #43: Unity Guard+Support Weapon, Pulse Mech Render, SALUTE and Shipping update.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, but this is a big update with lots of stuff.

If you are attending the SALUTE wargames show in London in a few weeks time, we are inviting Kickstarter Backers to come to our Studios afterwards for a tour, and some gaming, food and drinks - read to the bottom for details.

New KS figures now in production - 

Here are the Unity Guard and Unity Council Support platform with Grenade launcher (shown on a 50mm base), both these Units are now in production, leaving only the Pulse Mechs and Republic Commandos to complete before we can start shipping Shard Recon pledge levels.

Here is the pair of Republic Grenadiers with Missile Launchers which will ship to Cataclysm Backers, its also a re-do of an existing product, so is available now in our retail store.

I have been putting days of work recently into completing the Pulse Mechs, which involved re-doing large parts of the model I wasn't totally happy with, the finished result, shown here ready for posing, I am very happy with, and we should have final resin figures by the end of next week if everything goes to plan.

SALUTE 2015 - Wargaming show and Afterparty/Studio Tour - Saturday 25th of April

We will be attending the SALUTE tradeshow in a few weeks time at Londons Excel center - As well as our usual sales counter, we will be running demo games all day on a separate gaming table, so you can come and try out the current version of the AFTERLIFE rules set!

If you are planning to attend the show - be sure to get your ticket in advance and save some money -

Backers who are attending the show can collect all the miniatures from their pledge which currently exist on the day - BUT only if you let us know you would like to do so, as we need to put the figures together in a named bag for collection before the show.


The Anvil Studios are located about a 30 minute walk (or good public transport links) away from the Excel center, so when the show closes at 5, we will provisionally be hosting a Studio tour/gaming and pizza night in our Studio, giving you the chance to have a look round, hang out with us and generally talk about all things AFTERLIFE.
If you are interested in coming along to this, please message me (either KS or email) to let me know, so I can get an idea of potential numbers.

General shipping update, including Split Shipping for Cataclysm backers -  

Almost all the miniatures for the "Shard Recon" pledge level are now completed, so we will start shipping of the pledge level before the end of April, assuming the cardboard tokens get to us on time.  

We are trying to get your KS rewards out to you as soon as possible, so we are making modifications to our original shipping plans -  

Partial shipment - any backer who places a regular order for any of our existing products will get all the available miniatures from their reward shipped alongside it. but ONLY if you let us know with a comment/email that you have pending KS rewards, we don't have an automated system for identifying KS backers.  

Auto Split shipping for Cataclysm backers - As it previously stood, Cataclysm backers faced the longest possible wait for their rewards, which isn't really fair as you contributed by far the largest chunk of money. We have decided to split Cataclysm shipping into two waves. The first wave to ship will contain the figures from "Shard Recon" plus all the miniatures from the existing range. This wave will ship in the next few weeks as the final figures are completed. The second wave will include the Extra figures from Shard Strike plus all the Add Ons 

 Unity Council APC - We are currently conducting top secret manufacturing tests, and hope to make an announcement about the APC soon, we hope to ship it to Cataclysm backers with their Wave one shipment, and simultaneously make it available in the webstore, with a special discount for KS backers.

Kickstarter Miniatures at SALUTE -

We have decided to offer a limited number of the new infantry sets for sale on the day as a one off, at full retail price, as part of our promotion of the game. We thought long and hard about this, as I know its not good form to let anyone have KS stuff (even at full retail price) before some Backers get them, however, Salute is the single biggest opportunity we have in the next 12 months to showcase the game face to face and build up interest from potential players, and its thus really important for the future success of AFTERLIFE, so if you are offended, we apologise and ask for your understanding.  We will only be selling kits which we have a surplus of - it wont slow down shipping of backer rewards at all (which is depending on my completing the sculpts as fast as possible!)

Retail release of Kickstarter Miniatures - 

The current AFTERLIFE product range contains ten separate kits, and as part of this Kickstarter, we are creating another THIRTY which will be released for retail sale. Releasing all the kits in one go would be logistically extremely difficult and also not maximise news coverage of the game, so we are going to be releasing them in groups over a period of several months. 

Kits will be queued for retail release only once we have physically manufactured and put aside (and in many cases shipped out) enough kits to fulfil all backer rewards.  This means in some cases, products will be available at retail before they have shipped to all backers (some of whom will be waiting on yet to be completed miniatures) but it wont slow down reward shipment in any way.

I think that's all for this update, which is probably the longest yet!  Now to get on with posing some Pulse Mechs!

Thanks very much 

Joel and the Anvil Team.

Update #42: Republic Commando Snipers with Rail Rifles!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello all,

We decided given our troubles with the first 3D printer we purchased, that it would be sensible to purchase a second similar machine to double our chances of making good progress with the printing! 

These figures, the pair of Republic Commando's with Rail rifles, are the first figures from the new machine, so far it hasn't given us any problems at all.

This means we have made good progress in the past week, and I am hoping to maintain the rate of development.

More information on our progress- 

At the moment we are starting to gear up for SALUTE - the UK's biggest trade show, and an amazing opportunity to promote the game and new miniatures.We will put out more details about the show, including details for backers wanting to pick up KS minis at the show, nearer the time (the 25th April).

We shipped the first miniatures from the KS yesterday (Hooray!), to a backer who placed a regular order on the website, so we could easily piggyback some of his KS figures with that parcel. 

We are hoping to start more general shipping out over the next couple of weeks, for people who only purchased Add-Ons from the Shard Recon Pledge level.

We have finalised our cardboard token designs and will be sending them to print this week, we are using a UK printing company so hoping for fast turn around.

As soon as we get the tokens, we will be able to ship SHARD RECON to backers!

Thanks everyone!