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The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
393 backers pledged £41,901 to help bring this project to life.

Update #51: Important info - address changes. and CRANE update.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

First an important reminder for anyone who has MOVED HOUSE.

Its NOT sufficient to change your address on the pledge manager or the website, we wont see it, as we have already printed your invoice.

If you have moved house since filling in the pledge manager you must EMAIL us with the new address, so we can manually reprint your invoice with the correct address.

We are sending this out as a few people contacted us to make sure we had seen their updated address, and we hadn't. If you have moved address, and have not had a response from us confirming the address change, please email us to check.-

Thanks very much!

To make this update slightly more interesting, here is today work on the CRANE guy. I have added leg and arm armour, rounded out the helmet (still might round it out a bit more), and made the main gun slightly smaller.

I am also changing the attachment in line with good feedback, to have a hinged "steady cam" style mount on the front of the chest, this will take the weapons weight, add stability, and also allow more interesting poses.

Update #50: New CRANE Infantry, and KS completion/shipping info graphic.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Two Important Items in today's update, CRANE infantry ReDesign and Shipping/KS completion information -

1. Original CRANE Infantry design scrapped - I have gone back to the drawing board.

Here is the original WIP design I previewed during the KS -

 Im unhappy with it for a few reasons -

  • They are not very Sci-fi, and dont fit the background of the game or the Corporation they are employed by.
  • They dont mesh, design wise, with the CRANE Wardrones and other planned CRANE units.
  • The design is boring, and quite similar to the Unity Guard.

SO..  here is the Work in Progress of the new version.  Its the same style of infantry, but much more high tech industrial looking, and shares design elements with the CRANE Wardrone. 

The Heavy rifle is mounted directly to the chest armour, to absorb recoil better when firing huge volleys at distant targets, which is where they excel.

 As an apology for the delay this is causing (and the delay in general) I am increasing the Unit size from four to FIVE, for an extra FREE bonus miniature.

I hope the majority of backers will be very happy with this change, however if you really liked the old design, or really hate the new design, I am very sorry, and we can replace the CRANE figures in your pledge with either more Unity Guard, more Spectre Operatives, or another Unit of similar value, just get in touch with us to discuss.

I am hoping to have a preview of the completed Unit by the end of this week.

2.Info Graphic showing in detail what is left to complete and what needs doing.

We are making steady progress through the remaining figures in the campaign, and thanks all for your continued patience.

I have made a list, showing all the Units in the order they are being put into production. Where Units are not yet in production I have also put some notes on where I am at with the design process. 

As we complete Units I will post updated versions of this image, so you can see when your pledge is likely to be shipping, as soon as the Yellow area covers all the figures in your pledge.

We have already shipped all Cataclysm backers their Wave 1, and all other Pledges which contain figures in the Yellow section.




Update #49: Commando Assault Specialists and more!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks, but we have a good one today!

The Republic Commando Assault Specialists are completed and in production, including the Thermal Lance bonus figure who I decided to include with this Unit.

Here are the Three sprues that make up the kit, it now includes enough Assault Shields for the entire Unit, plus two extra shotguns, the Battering Ram and extra Breeching charges.
The five Legs are interchangeable with those from the normal Commando set, but ALL are new poses.

The Assault Shields are optional, here is the Unit without them. The new Thermal Lance is on the right.

 And with the Shields, which easily glue in place - they have little arm strap hook things for secure attachment.

 Another view of the Unit.

 Hope you like them as much as we do, and YES the Assault Shield Sprue will be sold separately in the near future.

We have also completed the Missile Launcher UC Support Platform, which is now in production -

 And finally what I have been working on for the past couple of days (lots of tweaks and refinements as well as new equipment). Ephraim Bolivar, the Mechanic-

 I am hoping to get a successful print and resin copy early next week.

There are now only eight miniatures left to complete before we can start shipping SHARD STRIKE. 

I will post a more detailed update on likely shipping schedules/completion of Project stages next week.

Thanks for your continued patience!


Update #48:Markers, Tokens, and Shard RECON assembled!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hey guys,

The last few weeks have been full of mad preparations for SALUTE, and the day itself was a blast, We won the "best sponsored trader game" award for our AFTERLIFE display tables and demo game, which was a fantastic surprise.

We have finished tidying and reorganising the studio, ready for a blitz on the KS to get things shipping asap.

Our shiny token sheets, made in the UK, turned up yesterday, so we now have everything we need to start shipping out SHARD RECON pledges.

As well as the miniatures, the set includes 4 D10 dice, 30 double sided tokens (20x Hidden/Suppression, 6x Smoke/Electronic Warfare 4x objective/hidden objective) a 20x coloured resin activation markers.

We were originally going to make the activation markers as card counters, but these 3D coloured resin markers, sculpted in the shape of the faction logos, are much nicer looking, as well as being easier to put down and pick up quickly. They are supplied in a 'sheet', so need snapping apart and some cleaning up. You can also easily paint/drybrush them to make them look more awesome if you want.

Here's everything in the set, fully painted up by me (Council) and Adam (Republic)

Note that the miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled, and the set include lots of basing bits (not shown), but does not include the Hyper City Base toppers shown, used for our Studio armies. Just to avoid any confusion.

Full size high Res image available on Photobucket HERE

We will start shipping out Recon Pledges (where possible) at the start of next week, as well as the Wave One shipment to Cataclysm backers.

I am taking a break this week from digital sculpting this week (to give my hands a needed break) but toward the end of next week, you can expect the next lot digital renders and 3D prints! I am hoping to make rapid progress now that SALUTE is out of the way.



Update #47: Unity Council Armoured Personnel Carrier!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hi all,

Due to uncertainties about the manufacturing process I have been sitting on information about this part of the project, but we have made good progress recently and I am confident we can put it into full scale production.

Information for Non-Cataclysm backers who want to get their hands on an APC will be available in a couple of weeks once we have fully figured out production at higher volumes.


  • Hollow and lightweight but strong.
  • One piece body construction means almost no assembly is required, no gaps or warped parts, and mould line clean up is minimal.
  • Very finely detailed, and the casting quality you would expect from us!
  • Our first ever Vehicle kit, and I'm very proud of it! 
Enough words, here are the photos.

Full size images are available in our photobucket here -