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The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
393 backers pledged £41,901 to help bring this project to life.

Update #56: Production update, and lots of photos of new stuff!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Im really sorry for the slow communication recently, this is actually because I have been working non stop on getting stuff done, so its a good thing!

Firstly, the all important production update! -

Here is the updated chart showing where we are at. If all your pledge and Add-Ons are in the YELLOW section, it either has shipped already or will do soon. 

The remaining Add-Ons which are not in production yet are in the LILAC section, and you can see the end is in sight! 

And here is some shiny new stuff!

Support Pulse Mech with Auto-Howitzers  - 5 separate components, the body and arms are interchangeable with those in the Missile Version, for more posing options.

 The three extra poses of Commando Snipers with Rail Rifles - There will also be a targeting drone included, but there was an incident during the mould making and now I have to re-print it.

 and last but not least, in fact one of my favourites from the KS so far - The Technician, with his monstrous creation 'Preacher'.  Our printer really has done a fantastic job capturing all the detail in the sculpts!

As well as Malik's surgical team I also sculpted a man on a stretcher in rather poor health, which will make a great objective marker or dioarama addition!

Aleksander Malik practically invented Afterlife technology, so the unfortunate victim isn't dead, but may suffer a far worse fate!

And finally..  

The most popular item from the KS has had a proper photo shoot!

 There are loads more photos but I dont want to clutter up this update.

Either check out the Album on Facebook -

Or they are all in our photobucket -

Thanks everyone!

Ill be back next week with more awesome stuff, have a great weekend!


Update #55: Madison Yoshida, Ephraim Bolivar, and Support Pulse Mech with Missile System.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Charlie and Adam are on holiday this week so things are a littler slower than usual, but I still have some good progress to share.

Ephraim Bolivar, Madison Yoshida and the Support Pulse Mech are in resin, and the production moulds will be made on Thursday. This means we will start shipping the main "SHARD STRIKE" pledges this Friday (assuming no problems).

The WarDrone Pack B is printing at the moment and should go in a mould tomorrow, and I will be making it a personal priority to ship those orders which only contain Wardrones ASAP.

In the absence of Charlie, my photography is rather lacking, but it captures all the fine detail well enough! I am very proud of these figures.

Link to the larger original image 

Expect another production/shipping chart update soon!

oh and...


 coming up next :D



Update #54: New Renders - SHARD STRIKE Miniature design completed!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello All,

In case you didnt see her on facebook, here is the finished Madison render - 

 She is equipped with a Customised bladed rail rifle and a compact Thermal Lance, plus the finished Flight Pack, which will be included as a FREE upgrade. Its an optional part which slots in around her power plant unit.

Here is the Fire Support Pulse Mech with Missile Launcher. As well the the weapon I have also modified the armour with additional plates and stabiliser anchors in the feet.

The arms, Head and Missile Pods are separate and the missiles can be moved up and down and rotated slightly.

The Autocannon version will have different body and arm parts, and the missiles/autocannons will fit with either.

I tried to print Madison yesterday but it failed, I am replacing the coating in the resin printer which takes a few days to cure, so I am expecting to get good prints of Madison and the Support Pulse Mech early next week.

This means that the design work for SHARD STRIKE is finished!!

It will take a week or so to get production moulds made, then we will start shipping SHARD STRIKE pledges.

I will be announcing the winners of the "get your miniature painted by Dwartist" competition next week, along with more details.

I'm now moving onto the War Drones pose pack B, then the Autocannon Pulse Mech, then the Instigator, which I am really looking forward to!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Update #53: New Resin miniatures, and KS progress update!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

First up some new miniatures. Women who left their chainmail bikinis at home and brought some serious weaponry instead, expect no mercy!

Here we have the Female Spectre Operative on the left, Gabriela Aguilar in the middle, and a Samurai themed Commando to accompany Idaho Yoshida into battle!

Im really pleased with the detail these figures retain, hope you like them!

Gabriela was already sold as an Add-On during the campaign, the other two miniatures are free stretch goal figures which will be included with all pledges of Shard Strike and above. If you have pledged for something other than Shard Strike and your pledge hasnt shipped yet (see graphic below) and you would like to purchase the two extra figures for inclusion with your pledge, the KS cost is £5. Send us a message on KS or an email with your backer number -

Kickstarter Production Update - 

Here is an updated Graphic with some more green and a few units rearranged.

I am currently making good progress on Madison, and should have SHARD STRIKE completed by the end of tomorrow! Then straight on without a break to the Add-Ons, extras etc.

We have also made great progress with the APC, and should have an announcement on that within the next week, Its looking very likely we can make it available to all backers.




Update #52: CRANE Infantry Resin Unit photos.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello All,

Just a quick update today with some photos of the CRANE heavy infantry unit, which is now in production!

There are five unique torsos and legs, for 25 unique combinations. A new feature of this unit is a small key which makes positioning the torsos on the legs really easy, something I will use with all Infantry from now on.

I am making great progress the last few days so expect another update next week with The Mechanic, Gabriela, and two stretch goal minis - the female Spectre Operative and Idahos Bodyguard, Im nearly done with the body guard sculpt and I am really pleased with how its turned out, but its not quite ready to share just yet.