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The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
393 backers pledged £41,901 to help bring this project to life.

Update #16: Madison Yoshida, Support Pulse-Mech and UC Armoured Personel Carrier.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Good Evening Backers!

At the moment I am working a CQB variant of the Goliath Mech, armed with a Multi-Barrel Grenade Launcher and Thermal Lance/Breaching Ram. Which is coming along nicely. I am hoping to complete it tonight!

Madison Yoshida and the Fire Support Pulse Mech are 90% completed - I will be further personalising Madisons armour and weapons, and refining the design of the Support Mech based on everyone's very useful feedback - I have already moved his arm back into the Mechs and added a fire control trigger.
The Support Mech will have a second pose variant which will be made with twin autocannons in place of missile launchers, and the weapons will swap between the two, so up to 4 Support Pulse Mechs can be used without repeating a pose.

 Next up we have a Work In Progress render of the Unity Council APC!
This vehicle will be around 6cm wide and 10cm long, and will have a separate turret on top. It carries a driver and gunner up front, and six marines in the back. 

The APC is included automatically with all CATACLYSM pledges - Other backers who want one see below.

We have not made a vehicle or model of this size before, and I am not totally sure about the manufacturing method/costs. This means that at the moment, while I cant guarantee full scale production is feasible, the APC is not available to other backers - sorry, however..

The good news is - if we are able to manufacture the APC in large quantities while still maintaining the desired quality level (very high, obviously), ALL backers of this Kickstarter will get the opportunity to purchase APC's at a special Kickstarter price, to be shipped out along with their pledge.

Also - The APC needs a name! Suggestions in the comments please! :)

Update #15: Fire Support Pulse Mech preview, and Painted CRANE Wardrone!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

Here is what I finished off today, the Republic Fire Support Pulse Mech , with shoulder mounted missile system and several different targeting arrays, This figure will deliver seriously precise firepower!
still a Work in Progress, and feedback very welcome, particularly on the design of the missile launcher (quite boxy) and also the fact that his arm is outside of the mechanical limb - This is something Pulse-Mechs can do, what do you think?

I might mix up the missiles in the launches to arm him with several different types, though this would break the symmetry and might look odd.

 Secondly, we have another fantastic paint job by Dwartist -

The Crane Wardrone, shown next to Ellenor so you can get a good idea of how big this thing is!

More to come tommorow including renders of Madison, and the APC previewed on BoLS.



Update#14: Republic Commando Assault Specialists

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Good Morning Backers (because I stayed up past midnight getting these guys ready to show off!)

Here is the Work In Progress Commando Assault Specialists Unit - They are 90% completed, just need finishing touches and extra equipment/pouches added.

If you saw the Beasts of War feature on the "Breach and Clear" Action - These guys are a dedicated Unit trained and equipped for nothing else!

The Assault Specialists are INCLUDED in Shard Strike and Cataclysm pledge levels, otherwise £10 Add-On Price for 4 miniatures.

The Legs and Bodies are separate - allowing for more than 4 unique poses, so even if you are getting one set in your pledge, you can grab another set and not have identical Units.

I will be back in 8 hours to do more sculpting, cheered up by the large increase in pledges we have picked up in the past 12 hours or so.

Thanks all for your continued support!


Update #13: Assassination Pack Add-On!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Good evening Backers!

We have reached 20K and an interview about the game has just gone up on BoLS which should hopefully bring more backers in! Check it out here -

A week to go - I will be sculpting non-stop to get as much done by the end as possible, so stay tuned for plenty of updates over the coming days!

The figures in the Assassination Pack are all named characters, they will have awesome and unique special rules, and will also be the focus of a number of specific scenarios/missions.
Its £25 as an Add-On, (saving at least £15 on anticipated individual figure retail prices), and is of course included for free with the Cataclysm Pledge.

 For the Unity Council we have Raul Tennyson, Jakys Thorne and Lucretia Chang (complete with a compact Railgun built into her arm), you can read all their biography's here -

The Pack also includes the "Civilian gear" Natalya Federici, an important Republic character, and her Nerve-Linked Protos Drone, which she can control remotely from almost any locacation.
Most Drone pilots require heavy sedation and an extensive linking period to transfer their conciousness into a Remote Drone, Natalya is one of only a handful of individuals across the world able to remain concious and alert in both her natural body and her Drone at the same time. (And yes this ability will be reflected on the table top!)

I've not actually sculpted the drone yet, but I promise it will be awesome - it will be roughly based on the Pulse Mech suits - same technology, but obviously an unmanned drone, and it will be more organic looking. I am unlikely to get the render done before the end of the project, but in the unlikely event you dont like it we will swap it out for something else you do like.

Update #12: Afterlife featured on Beasts of War Weekender Show!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hey Everyone, 

A few days ago I flew off to Northern Ireland to hang out with Warren, Justin and John from Beasts of War, and we filmed a segment for their awesome "Weekender" Wargaming chat show, which went out earlier today! 

Welcome to the new backers who have joined us since the show went out, giving the project a fantastic boost in support!

On the show, we talk about the game, the miniatures and future plans, and also have a walk through of the Breach and Clear room fighting mechanic, which Warren describes as "one of the best game mechanics I've seen in a long time."  - Thanks Warren! 

Check out the show here -

The entire show is great, but if you want to skip to the Afterlife segment, it starts from 47 minutes in.

I will be working every waking hour from tommorow onwards, on new miniatures to preview during the remaining week of the project, and I am hoping the availability of the Rules, and Beasts of Wars very favorable review, will help get us to the 30K goal!

We are planning to move around a few Stretch goals as well, so if we get there, some freebies will be thrown in a lot sooner!

Thanks again,