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The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
The narrative wargame from Anvil Industry. Fast tactical game play and the highest quality miniatures!
393 backers pledged £41,901 to help bring this project to life.

Update #61 - Printed Mini Rulebook now available!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Backers,

I'm pleased to have an update with all good news, the release of our Mini Rulebook and details of the new REGIMENTS range. 

This morning several hundred copies of our first mini Rulebook arrived from the printers, we are extremely happy with the quality! The 44 page A5 booklet includes all the core rules and all the Unit stats for non-character Units. Everything needed for starter games of Afterlife!

We are making the document available as a PDF download for free, but if you like to have a physical copy of the rules to flick through/consult during a game, its available here -

If you pledged at Shard Strike or higher (or pledged for more than £100 worth of Add-Ons) we are pleased to offer you a FREE copy of the rulebook. as thanks for your support and patience. All we ask is you pay postage, or have it included with an order of product.

To get your free rulebook:

  • Login to our webstore
  • Place an order including the rulebook (it can be just the rulebook).
  • Apply the coupon code FREERULES to your basket (which will deduct £6)
  • Important - please write your backer ID, Kickstarter user name OR kickstarter email in the comments box so we can confirm your elegibility.

REGIMENTS range released - How to use them in Afterlife

Some of you who follow us on Facebook will likely have seen our brand new range of REGIMENTS heroic scale 28mm human infantry parts and kits, many of which have designs which are suitable for use in Afterlife.

Regiments figures are not quite the same scale as Afterlife (see the scale comparison photo on the page) - they are fully heroic scale, so have bulkier arms, legs, heads and weapons, but are roughly the same height as the Afterlife figures.

The Regiments range is a great source of varied and customised figures for Afterlife games, making near future sci-fi infantry, contractors and similar.

Given the scale difference, you have two options for using them in your games

1. Use them along side existing Afterlife models.  

Small differences in scale/proportions may not bother you, in which case you can just mix and match. Treat your Regiments figures as having the same rules as a similarly equiped infantry Unit from the game (Unity Council Marine Corp rules for example, could apply to any infantry figure with medium armour and a rifle).

2. Use them instead of Afterlife infantry models, and alongside Mechs, vehicles etc.

You can use Regiments models as stand ins for your entire armies infantry models. Alongside larger models like the Exo-Mechs, the scale difference wont matter.

In this case, assign any appropriate rules, just make sure your opponent knows what's what, and don't use different Units rules for identical looking Regiments models!

Update #60 - UK Games Expo printed Rules Booklet launch.

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Backers,

In my last update, I talked about how we were planning to spend some time working on side projects to stabilise revenue, and I'm happy to say that generally, the plan we've put in place seems to be working so far.

Work on developing Afterlife has not stopped - We've demoed the game at several shows in the past few months and the latest version of the rules is almost ready for general release, a huge improvement on the currently available download.

We are attending the UK Games Expo, 3-5th of June in the Birmingham NEC, where we will be demoing the latest build of the rules.

Printed Rules

As its looking like it could take some time to make the Afterlife "Proper Rule Book" with all the high quality content we want to include, we've decided its important to get a largely complete and playable version of the rules printed and available ASAP.

The plan, if all goes well, is to have a printed Rules booklet available for the UK Games Expo, with supplementary PDF's available to download over the next 6-12 months as the game develops.

We've decided to offer the printed Rules for FREE to any KS backer who places an order for anything (so we can post the booklet at the same time), or is happy to pay just the shipping cost, and the same booklet will also be available as PDF download.

Regiments Launch and Summer Plans

At the moment, I am working on the launch of our upcoming Regiments range, its a slightly different scale to the Afterlife miniatures, but I will be creating rules and guidance on how to use Regiments models in Afterlife for custom factions, should you wish to.

I intend to work on some new and updated Afterlife models over the summer months, along side expansion of the Regiments range.

Thats all for now, if you are attending the UK Games Expo - do come by our stand to say hello!



Update #59: 2016 Developments, Plans and thoughts

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Update #58 : The Rules!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Good evening Backers, It's taken a little longer than we anticipated, and we've gone through a few versions and format/layout changes, but we finally present :


Main rules and Unit profiles

This PDF is optimized for viewing and reading on a laptop or tablet.

Rules Summary sheets

This PDF is only seven pages and contains a summary of the entire game rules plus all the Unit and weapon Stats. It's ideal for printing out at home and using as a quick reference during your games.

What's not included - We decided not to include certain elements from this release of the rules, so that we could release a working version as soon as possible. These rules don't include -

  • Credit (points) Values for the Units
  • Vehicle/Aircraft rules
  • Missions

We will be releasing a second version as soon as possible, with the Credit values, vehicle rules and some basic playable missions. There will then be a follow on PDF with the missions for the SHARD STRIKE story arc.

In the meanwhile, this is the complete rules, so you can start learning the mechanics and trying out simple test games - the forces supplied in the Kickstarter pledge levels are (roughly) balanced. In our test games we've tended to just make sure forces look balanced and it generally works.

While you are waiting on "official" narrative missions, we encourage you to create your own! The simplest of all being "kill all opposing figures" which is what has often happened in our test games.

We've had a lot of fun in the studio playing and testing this build of the rules, and we are sure you will enjoy it - PLEASE if you have any comments, questions or feedback, let us know ( as you can directly influence the next version and eventual printed rule book.

Many thanks,

Anvil Industry

Update 57: Competition Winners announced, Lots of photos of finished kits, and final shipping update!

Posted by Anvil Industry (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Its been a month since the last full update, and I'm pleased to have pretty much all good news!

1. Firstly our "Win a painted miniature by Dwartist" Competition Winners.

The five winners, chosen at random from all backers who pledged over £100, are-

Franklin (429), Ugezod (338), Lee (312), J Gogarty (425), Frozen North (422).

Congratulations! I will contact winners by email with further details next week.

2. ALL regular miniatures for this KS are in production, and almost all rewards will be shipped by the end of next week!

Cataclysm wave 2 - Currently the only hold up is production of the APC, I'm hoping to have this also completed by the end of next week, but cant be 100% certain. Once we have the APC's ready, Cataclysm pledges will be packed up and shipped immediately.

UC Armoured Personnel Carrier -  I wanted to offer this to all backers during the campaign, but this has proved to be impossible. It will be available at retail later in the year, and at that point, ALL  backers will receive a discount code, allowing the APC to be purchased for a bit less than normal retail price, should you wish to add it to your collection!

3. Lots of pretty photos.

The completed Tracer Recon Unit

Tracer Support Unit - 

 back detail of the Exo Skeletons

 The Assasination Pack - Natalya and Protos Drone, commando Sniper for scale, the Drone includes eight components and is around 45mm tall, -

 close up with Idaho's body guard for scale - 

 Side view - I tried hard to get an interesting and dynamic pose with this model, and hope you all like it! The "Sword" is an optional attachment and can easily be left off the mini. 

 The rear view, showing the Pulse Mech derived power plant and the Rail Carbines in an alternative "retracted" position, the weapons are incredibly poseable. 

 Here is the entire Assassination Pack - Natalya Federici and the Protos, Vargo Federici (new pose) Jakys Thorne, Raul Tennyson and Lucretia Chang.

 and finally - the might CQB Goliath! As well as the original designed options, I also found space on the sprue for an open helm head and a "short" pattern Howitzer, so shown here are a couple of different assembly options for the kit. The foot can be posed on the supplied rubble, or left in the air for a walking forward pose.

The Goliath is fully interchangeable with all the components from the original Goliath Kit, so they can be mixed and matched, and I will hopefully make a 3rd variant leg pose at some point in the future.

I hope you like all the new stuff! I am VERY happy to have finally finished the design phase, after more than one year of working on nothing else! 

Thanks once more for all being so patient with me!

4. Rules and Missions -  

The rules and mission pack took a bit of a back seat in the last few months, as I choose to focus on getting physical rewards shipped as soon as possible.

Now that I have finished the figures, the manufacturing and shipping will be handled by Charlie, Adam and Christina, freeing me up to work on the rules over the next month or so.  I dont want to rush and release an unfinished final set, but Ill get them out as soon as I can - so we can all get playing! :D


All the miniatures from the KS (except the exclusive Ellenor of course) will be released in our store in a number of waves, starting at the end of this month and throughout September. The best way to keep up to date with the retail releases, and of course any new stuff we are working on from October onwards, is to "Like" our facebook page -

or sign up to our newsletter on our website.

I think that's everything for today. Thanks if you scrolled and read this far!