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A sifi book about a man who finds something very powerful in alaska that changes everything /politics/religion/war/personal relations. Read more
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on February 25, 2014.

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A sifi book about a man who finds something very powerful in alaska that changes everything /politics/religion/war/personal relations.

About this project

              MY STORY

  My name is Richard Gentry. I write SIFI story's. I live near Corvallis Oregon. I have a great ambition to write a story that might change things now. I think this one will help me do that. I will also be posting excerpts from the novel as they are finished. The donations will be used for editing  and graphic art as well as a new computer.


 This science fiction story is about a man who finds something amazing in alaska that has such an impact on this crazy world we live in that it changes everything, from politics to science to personal relationships and how it changes nations. The singularity has already happened somewhere/sometime we can't wait for it to happen here, this planet  needs help NOW. Sonny and his discovery will change everything.

The story is outlined and half written, but will be finished soon. I need professional editors and art work. It will be published on amazon kindle...  I feel the universe is screaming for this story to be told. With your help it will be. Its writing itself, i sit down and the words just flow, i love it. Yes i know I need an editor as my spelling needs serious help, and a computer with a spell check that works.

              Heres a few chapters of the first draft

    Sonny had been watching this magnificent display for about five minutes when suddenly it started showing symbols crossing the surface. It started with dots that looked like ones and zeros similar too computer language and progressed to geometric shapes. Then it switched to symbols flowing across its surface he could not understand. This process took no longer then a minute when it suddenly went blank leaving the surface gleaming in the mine.  

  Sonny noticed the bear was still diligently working on the door. He hoped it was strong and went to get his shotgun. He sat with it across his lap in front of the thing he had found. When he looked at the surface again it had words in English across it. In big bold letters it said. “Please touch the surface "

 Heres a little more…Chapter 9

Sonny was walking in a delirium; his mind was going a thousand miles an hour. He was asking himself if this was real. Could he change the world with sings help? Was Sing real or had he had something bad for breakfast and was hallucinating.He dismissed this as just his minds way of explaining this whole amazing experience. He was asking himself questions like “ am I the man to accomplish this total transformation of the way the world works.” “Can I do this in a way that creates supporters and not enemy’s?” “ He realized though that this was impossible as the powers that be, weren’t going to like what he had in mind”. “But others would support him in a big way”.

He knew many people wanted off this mud ball they lived on and were sick of war. In earlier times we had places to go to get away from the kings and other bosses of the world, but now there was no place to go, as the planet was filled with the mental illness that had become humanity. He thought we should have grown out of this insanity we have been living with for far too long.

He knew that humanity needed a kick in the ass, but he wasn’t sure how he was going to do it yet.He also considered the possibility of one big rock from space destroying everything humanity had accomplished. He knew Sing would stop it for now, but he wouldn’t be here forever.

He needed to consider how he would change the United States and then the world. He knew the US wouldn’t be easy but he wanted the rest of the world to come to the changes he was going to implement voluntarily, without death and destruction. Sing would be a big part of that, he thought.

and a little more

   Sonny was standing in the well of congress. He was thinking about the history that had been made here. The room was empty because of the things he had gone thru to get here. Some things funny others not. He had fought the military and police making them seem foolish before arriving in washington DC and the Politicians historically were cowards and had evacuated Washington, His first step was to bring back all of the politicians to this room, but first he had to prepare the room.

Risks and challenges

The risks are minimal but I am sure there will be some, as all projects have problems. I need art work and have yet to find some one with the vision i have for the cover. But as the novel gets closer to completion I'm sure to find the right artist. There are many editors the would do what i need done ,but they want money, that is where you come in. This story depends on me to write it and then rewrite it and then rewrite it again. But i am up to the job. this project WILL be finished and put on amazon. The challenges have been writing a positive novel that moves the human race forward and not into some dark apocalyptic ending. Humans are not bad just misguided. I personally would like to see humanity progress, not fall into oblivion and war.

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