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BANG is a new kind of paper that prints stories, cartoons and art instead of news. Launching in Portland this summer!

BANG is the world's first Entertainment Paper!

It's an exciting new reinvention of a classic medium, and will begin publication in the Portland, Oregon area this summer! It taps into the vast well of otherwise-ignored talent both here and elsewhere, and prints the best of it!

Each month hundreds of stories, cartoons and art will be sent through the BANG website. The entries that stand out in quality and entertainment value will be published with compensation, gaining the authors a bit of exposure they otherwise wouldn't have been able to find.

Always interesting, and full of surprises, BANG is the kind of paper people will want to read from cover to cover. And the fact that anyone can get in BANG if they're good enough will cause the word to be spread, and has the potential to turn the paper back into the center of the community they all once were.

The intended target for BANG is a broad one: anyone 13 and older who enjoys a good story. BANG will cover a wide variety of genres: fiction and nonfiction, humorous and serious, short cartoons and longer graphic novels. There should be something to suit every taste in each issue.

BANG will also be more reader-friendly than the traditional paper. Stories will be printed in their entirety and not broken up into scattered pieces. Ads and content will never get in the way of each other, restricted to separate columns.

Shipping targets for BANG include the requisite locations of cafes and bookstores, but many waiting rooms will also be on the list. There are several papers competing for attention at cafes, but currently no one is going after this kind of captive audience – and BANG's content is suited to do so.

This is real and is happening! The first issue of BANG is already fully funded, and a publisher and distributor have already been found! The funds from your contributions will go toward a marketing campaign and to pay the starting salary of our first sales representative (speaking of which, we have a sales rep position open...but you have to live around here).

We are also still taking submissions, and it's not too late to find a spot in our first issue! Just visit our website for rules and guidelines!


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