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$6,494 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Lagging Dice LLC
$6,494 pledged of $30,000 goal

Fall seven times, get up eight.


Dear backers,

We have some good news and bad news for you today. Or bad news with silver lining. If you frequent or look at how much we've gathered and how little time is left, it's plain to see that this kickstarter is not going to fund. We're cancelling it today, rather than let it drag on.

Those are pretty bad news, all around. Where's the good part?

We're still determined to bring this game to your table any way we can. We're investigating our options right now, and it looks like with a combination of print-to-play PDFs and print-on-demand services we might be able to pull it off. It might not be the same price, some things (PDFs) might become free and others (physical cards and tokens) might become more expensive, depending on the vendor we go with. We're still finalizing the details on that, and we'll announce it as soon as we can. Our goal is to make this game accessible to as many people as possible.

The number of components in the game may change as well (and not necessarily for the worse). The one thing that's almost certain is that the hardcover book and the other components will have to come from different manufacturers and there will be no big box to put it all in.

The other part of the project that will change is the book. Since we didn't meet our funding goals, there will be less art there than originally planned. Which, in turn, speeds up our timeline (everything should be ready within 1-2 months, since the art was the main reason for the original schedule). This also frees up pages to add more other things. And that's where we'd like to hear your feedback.

What section of the book should we expand on? We have a lot of options here.

The big question is, do you want to see more optional rules or more lore?

Lore such as:

  • More lore about the principal campaign setting, the city of Oroden
  • More lore about other locations, like Promised Land, Grim Peaks or the Lizard Coast
  • More lore about Dark Elves and the Undertown
  • Secrets of the Gates and other ancient artifacts

Rules such as:

  • More detailed wargaming rules for large engagements and victory conditions
  • Theater of the mind rules that can play without miniatures
  • Rules for random dungeon crawl generation
  • Rules for scientific and arcane research that would advance one of the civilizations on Feyhaven

Or maybe you don't like any of those options and want to explore another aspect of this setting?

We're committed to making the best game we can for you and your table. Let us know what you think, in the comments on this project, via twitter @Feyhaven or at our brand new subreddit

Thank you for your support,

Ilya Bossov

Lagging Dice LLC

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    1. Lagging Dice LLC Creator on March 20, 2017

      Duly noted, Lucitie. I can bump these to the front of our to-do list.

    2. Lucitie on March 20, 2017

      Hey there!

      I like these three options for rulebook content to be added:
      --More lore about other locations, like Promised Land, Grim Peaks or the Lizard Coast
      --Theater of the mind rules that can play without miniatures
      --Rules for random dungeon crawl generation