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HerocraftBy Herocraft
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HerocraftBy Herocraft
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pledged of £60,000pledged of £60,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, November 8 2013 12:41 PM UTC +00:00


Posted by Herocraft (Creator)
Hi All,

So we have two pieces of news for you. 

Firstly, it seems we didn't make it to our total. There are many reasons for that, we definitely made mistakes before and during campaign, and we are going to study those mistakes intently. 

The second piece of better news, we are not going to lay down our tools just yet! We are considering a few options now: 

1. Self-financing. It's not easy, as the project is quite expensive, but since we managed to reach this far with money from our own pockets we can try to do it again. It will definitely postpone the projected release dates, but we believe it’s better late than never. 

2. External-financing. During the campaign we received a few offers from other companies and individuals willing to invest in the project. Negotiations may take time and both parties need to weigh all the pros and cons before moving forward. Each of us has different points of view about the future of the project: how it should look, what the core gameplay should be, should it be freemium or premium amongst other things. Of course sometimes the two parties can't can’t agree and have to part ways. 

3. A new Kickstarter campaign. We don't know when that could happen or if it would happen at all but it’s something we are considering. We can try to improve the project, make it more appealing to the audience, better spread the word and build a community - things we didn’t focus on before that we can try now. 

4. Steam, Early-access. While we we didn’t make it here on Kickstarter, we are doing quite well on Greenlight. 

 We've made it to the Top 100 projects and maybe we can participate in an “Early Access Program”. This allows you to buy the alpha/beta version of the game and help provide testing and feedback, and funds to finish the game. But it’s Steam who choose the projects for this program, not the fans, which provides a bit of uncertainty. So, that’s it. 

We want to thank all who tried to make this project a reality and as good will gesture, we’d like to give out a few of our games for free. Backers can send their email address in a private message and in 1-2 weeks we will prepare a free game for you for PC or Android.

Best Regards, 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stuart Dickey on

      Sorry this didnt work, I was really looking forward to it. It certainly seemed intriguing.

    2. Ido Hammer on

      You already have my vote on Steam Greenlight, and I'll be happy to get the game on Steam Early-Access. I just hope it gets chosen. :)

    3. Peter Jacob on

      If you have another go at it be sure to send us another update here.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jon Olav Abeland on

      If you ever get it out I will buy. Early access or not :) Good luck

    5. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      All the best for the future: take what you feel is the best course!

    6. Saodhar

      Good luck! I hope you'll start a new Kickstarter campaign - and a successful one this time.
      The PayPal option mentioned by Patrick Carisson is fine too.

    7. Patrik Karlsson on

      You should give us a paypal adress, I'd be happy to pledge the same amouth that I did here without hesitation, and I'm sure many others as well.

    8. Georgii Portnichenko on

      Good like to you! If you consider to make another run we`ll gladly support! Make it real:)

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Johnsen

      First of you guys rock!!!!!!

      Second please come back but you should try an american based kickstarter - easier to get funded via amazon it seems - i hope amazon uk wakes up soon. But whatever route you take ill be there to back,preorder,cheer you on and spread the good word.

      A long time fan


    10. Pavel Zhdanov on

      Sorry to hear that..

    11. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Sorry to hear that! :-(
      I just liked your FB page, and will check on this early access. You surely get here some beta tester, and it is surely a good thing. ;-)

    12. gandalf.nho

      Sadly about this, hope you guys can finish this game

    13. Alex Podgoredsky on

      Wish you best, guys!
      Hope you can do it in the future.
      Tell us if you need some help.