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Lords of Discord is a turn-based strategy game set in a fictional fantasy world in which players control armies of mythical creatures. Read more

Cheshire, UK Video Games
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Lords of Discord is a turn-based strategy game set in a fictional fantasy world in which players control armies of mythical creatures.

Cheshire, UK Video Games
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Lords of Discord is a turn-based strategy game set in a fictional fantasy world, inhabited by two opposing races: Humans and Demons, as well as the odd goblin, orc, giant spider and other nefarious creatures. Lords of Discord has breathtaking gameplay, incredible graphics, hand drawn characters and a carefully detailed plot and in-game reality. Drawing inspiration from games like the Disciples and the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Lords of Discord is a title made by strategy gamers, for strategy gamers.

Game features:

  • turn-based strategy gameplay 
  • two playable races: Humans and Demons  
  • two intertwined campaigns, 12 missions each 
  • 3D world, gorgeous graphics and high quality animated characters 
  • 3 types of landscape with terramorphing ability  
  • 3 types of hero 
  • system of character development with around 30 units in each race 
  • dozens of global spells for each race
  • engaging battle system  
  • a huge number of usable items such as artefacts, potions, wands, etc.  
  • hot-seat, real-time and play-by-mail online multiplayer

The battle system is one of the distinctive features of the game. In Lords of Discord once a battle begins the characters remain stationary and only a combination of strategy and planning will ensure victory. Warriors have different attack ranges, using melee weapons, ranged weapons or magic, it's up to you whether to gang up on a single enemy or attempt to divide your attacks equally across the battlefield. Each battle is like a game of chess, the slightest mistake can lead to total defeat or at least heavy losses.  If you've chosen your squad wisely, however, you may walk away from battle relatively unscathed.

Before organising your squad of warriors you'll first need to choose a Hero. Heroes lead the squads into battle and have different characteristics and skills according to their class. They also possess the Leadership skill which affects the number of warriors allowed in a squad. Some heroes gain skills that allow them to fly across the terrain, avoiding obstacles, others skills may strenghten armour, increase damage, use magic artefacts etc.

There are 3 main classes of Hero:  

  • Warlord - close-combat warrior relying on his strength and skills in battle.
  • Ranger - quickly moves around the map, often used for the exploration of unknown areas. In combat effectively kills enemies with a bow.   
  • Wizard -  rains down on the heads of enemies the forces of the four elements.

The hero's squad consists of six units including themselves. The way you form your squad determines how often you will emerge victorious from battles. Should you hire ordinary warriors who attack the enemies standing next to them in melee range, or a titan who is much more powerful but takes up two slots in the squad? Should you hire archers who are among the first to take their turn in combat, destroying the most dangerous enemy sorcerers, or perhaps mages, not so swift but capable of dealing great magical damage to the whole enemy squad? Maybe it would be a good idea to get a healer who will support and save the lives of your warriors fighting on the front line? Or, maybe it would be best to leave your Citadel and set off in search of mercenaries from among other races?

After a warrior gains enough experience, they unlocks the potential to become a new sub-class, next in the chain of development, who not only has better characteristics, but is like a whole new character with a different look and new abilities. By growing this way, a common archer can become a deadly assassin, armed with hand crossbows and poisoned bolts. A seemingly unremarkable squire can level up into a heavily armoured Templar who is immune to mental spells and wields a formidable mace that no other character can.

The Demonic race are more than a match for the humans with their various units. The monstrous, yet vulnerable Beast, for example, at its higher levels can become an almost invincible Archdemon, who can face a whole army alone and wipe them out with his great sword or magic attacks, dealing damage to all enemies at once.

To upgrade warriors, a certain level of experience alone is not sufficient. Sometimes you'll need enough gold for the construction of a special building. Each warrior class needs a certain type of building to unlock higher level transformations. In addition to these, there are support buildings, such as the Thieves’ Guild for the hiring of thief heroes, the Wizard’s Tower for learning and using of global spells etc.

Terramorphing is a key game feature by which the player takes control over gold mines and mana mines on his territory of the map. To transform foreign territory (neutral or belonging to another race), the player needs to hire a special hero and use him to conquer the land. It’s possible to do it even within an inch of a hostile citadel, robbing them of their last resources.

 Aside from mighty warriors who help your hero in their journey, there are a variety of items which makes adventuring a little easier, potions for healing, protection or enhancing scrolls, magic staffs, mascots, ancients books, unique weapons and armor sets. All of these can be looted from battles with enemy heroes or neutral creatures, gained as rewards for completed quests, found in hiding-places or bought in one of the magic shops scattered across the map. Take a look at an alchemy lab below. 

If you're greedy, you could even try to resell items, running from one shop to another hoping to get the best possible price and additional profit. On the other hand nothing prevents you from hiding near the shop to wait for an enemy hero and robbing him without batting an eye.

Some items have unique abilities, for example Vampire Shackles allow you to drain part of an enemy's life with each attack, the Wrath of Hurokana Dagger paralyzes enemies with overwhelming fear and the wearer of Enki’s boots moves through dense woods as easily as on the well-paved roads.

As in most role-playing games items and artefacts that you worshipped at lower character levels become useless at higher levels. For example, an Elven Bowl with every turn restores 20 points of health - pretty useful for an inexperienced character when they only have 100 health points, but worthless when your experience grows and your health points are closer to 500.

This game wouldn’t be complete without multiplayer, so we are a planning to make a few options for a fans of multiplayer battles. 

The first is a good old-fashioned hot-seat multiplayer. So grab your friend, huddle round your computer or pass round your smartphone or tablet and jump into the world of mythic creatures and mighty warriors.

Friends stood you up? Don't worry, with automatic matchmaking you can search for matches in online multiplayer and play against real opponents or create your own game and invite your friends.

We understand that playing a turn-based strategy game can be time-consuming, so for players with a limited time we're creating a “play-by-mail” option. Log in, play your turn and then get on with your day, log back in when you're ready. You can start several multiplayer battles at once, so you'll always have turns available when you come back.

Finally, it doesn’t matter what your favourite device is or where you are, at home, on the bus, at the office or being dragged around a shopping mall, there's always the chance to play against other players as the multiplayer will be available on each platform! 

Best of all, multiplayer modes will be regularly updated with new maps, and should the game prove successful we will create new races to play as too.

We are planning to release the game in June, iOS is the first targeted platform and every two months we are planning to release for another OS from this list (Android, PC, Mac, Linux). Initially, there are two races in the game: Humans and Demons, each of them has a unique set of heroes, warriors and spells.

For those who eager to become acquainted with the world of Lords of Discord we will prepare a dedicated 12 mission campaign for the Human race, fans of fire and brimstone can do the same with a Demons’ campaign a few months later when we update the game with a free add-on. 

For players who wish to test their strategic skills we are going to prepare 10 skirmish maps to play against AI or live opponents in multiplayer battle and expect to add new maps soon after release.

If the game proves a success we are planning to add new races as free add-ons, while we already have a set list of races, which includes Undead, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs, we are interested to know which race you are keen to get first, leave a message on the page and we will include this in our decision.

The smartphone and tablet games industry is growing rapidly, attracting new players all the time, most of whom can fairly be described as non-traditional gamers. This has led to an increased demand for all things cute and cuddly, casual, bite-sized gaming. All of this means it's becoming increasingly difficult to take risks, to create something truly grand and revolutionary, to cater for real gamers who also want something to play on their mobile device. Moreover we really don't want to use the now ubiquitous freemium model, just pay once and get the whole game, no need for further in-app purchases, just pure up-front fun.

 We've been wanting to make this game for a few years now, the staff members who feel passionately about it have been working on concept documents and artwork in their own time, desperately clinging onto the dream of making this game a reality. Kickstarter would enable us to secure not just funding for the project, but show us that there is a market for this type of game on smartphones and tablets.

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Risks and challenges

Game Development is a tricky and timely process, which involves many people from a variety of areas: programmers, artists, game-designers, animators and testers. Lords of Discord is deep in the development process, but there's still some work to do, including the following: AI (artificial intelligence) for the battle arena, some graphical and content work for the Demon race, various visual effects and the game engine requires optimization. Add in our intention to make the playing experience as smooth as possible across mobile and desktop platforms and you will see this project is an ambitious one.

But don't worry, with 10+ years of game-development experience behind us and we are quite confident in our strengths and ability to release this project as planned, but one should always bear in mind that every game is also a research project, where many obstacles and difficulties are hidden from you during the development process until you hit your head on them!

Bearing that in mind we've set the official release date for the first platform as late Q2 2014, to make sure we have time to test and optimize the game and give you the best possible experience.

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    Digital illustrated storybook (pdf / 30 pages / printable edition / 170 DPI) + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS.

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    Co-producer of the game, you will be able to write a part of the story line in campaign mode, design a map and your statue will be placed in a Citadel of your choice + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS.

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