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The original Tomb Raider music by Nathan McCree, extended and re-recorded with a live orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, London.
The original Tomb Raider music by Nathan McCree, extended and re-recorded with a live orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, London.
The original Tomb Raider music by Nathan McCree, extended and re-recorded with a live orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, London.
2,615 backers pledged £194,120 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michele 2 days ago

      @conrad rotho
      I think like you too. Who knows, maybe we have to wait for the E3?

    2. Conrad Rotho 2 days ago

      @Spags Most of people who back kickstarter projects understand that delays on physical goodies can happen. On digital goodies, in the other hand...


      I'm still waiting for an answer to my previous question. 8 days later :/

    3. Missing avatar

      Spags 3 days ago

      I have every confidence that Nathan will deliver. There is too much as stake for him (read his biography). Plus there is the fact that it is very personal to him now that he has met some of those lucky backers.

      In my experience, delays for KS projects are not unexpected (even multiple delays) and one just has to accept that they occur. I would prefer that this project is done right, not rushed. If there are external pressures at play here causing a delay, then so be it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas 4 days ago

      It's just funny how things are... Another KickStarter project, which was funded, in November last year it's about to be delivery already. It's about a new turntable called Mag-Lev. They were able to mass produce a really high-tech TURNTABLE, and here we are waiting for cds, vinyl and t-shirts... Oh yeah, and digital release.

    5. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas 5 days ago

      "No digital release for you" Hahaha

    6. Missing avatar

      Colin Pritchard 5 days ago

      Hello, just came looking for an update. Did the UK CBR happen? Did it go ok?
      Is there news on the digital release?

      Thank you,


    7. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas 7 days ago

      That strategy of playing dead tends to work, but not for too long though. Being smart enough to come back to live in the right moment is the key factor here. Not giving any feedback and follow up just sounds rude to me, and I'll make sure to never ever again jump in a project leading by these people. I don't mean to offend anybody, but it is just my frustration... sorry!

    8. Missing avatar

      Stuart Carrier 7 days ago

      As Diana Ross and the Supremes sing : ‘I’m still waiting...’ what’s going on ? Hangover from the first Jolly still ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Michele on May 16

      Still waiting

    10. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on May 15

      Gosh, even the digital release... Hahaha I'm not surprised at all. That just reinforce my theory, quite obvious though, that we wont get the merchandising even in August.
      Something "unmanageable" will happen, and guess what?!

    11. Conrad Rotho on May 15

      What happened with the digital release?

    12. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on May 14

      @LEMOND Oliver as far as the community knows the worldwide deliver was postponed for August 1st. But, I'm pretty sure we will have to deal with another bad news in the near future. Best scenario we will get this thing mid-September (since will be the Shadow of Tomb Raider's release).
      They finally updated their website and the delivery supposed to be August (from 1st to 31st, who knows?!) Don't expect too much or put to much expectation here... things are though! Cheers!

    13. Missing avatar

      LEMOND Olivier on May 14


      what is the delivery date for france for kickstarters backers ?

      best regards

    14. Nathan McCree Creator on May 11

      @Elsa Guevara You can find out how much you pledged and your backer number by pressing the blue VIEW PLEDGE button on the project homepage. The other information you are looking for is detailed in our recent updates which we publish as and when significant things happen. You should receive an email from Kickstarter when we add a new update.

    15. Missing avatar

      Elsa Guevara on May 11

      I even forgot how much I paid and I don't know what baker number I am. And for the ones who are complaining about the ones who are complaining, everybody has the rigth to know what happened and where or when is the music available, even if you paid 20£ or 150£. Hello?

    16. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on May 10

      I'm excited to see if this promise of having the digital download available will be accomplished. Mostly likely, some bad news email will pop up. Hahaha We have a bunch of believers here.

      I don't really care for downloading this thing, I just want my vinyl and cd. But, I'm pretty sure they wont make it even for August. Hopeless, I am!

    17. Missing avatar

      Michele on May 10

      I'm excited, in two days it will be Saturday, as said by Nathan, 2 weeks after the UKBR we would have had the digital download. I can not wait :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on May 3

      Team of 3 people, please just update the information on the website. Still showing "EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE: May 2018."

      We all know you were unable to make it... let's learn how to manage expectations here. Have you heard about "under promise, over deliver"? That should be a good practice for y'all. Cheers!

    19. Missing avatar

      Matt Ellis on May 2

      Hope the composer buffet went well! Wish I could have made it. I've held off listening to most of the sample video/tracks as I don't want to spoil the surprise at release!
      Thanks again Nathan.

    20. Michael Prager on May 2

      I just spent a bit of time reading through some of the comments of the self-proclaimed "real backers" and have to say, it is amazing how full of themselves people sometimes are. I am almost willing to bet that it is mostly folks who have thrown in a leisurely 15 bucks and think for that they now deserve super special attention. I mean - really...?

      Of course, I am as disappointed as the next person that the delivery date of the project keeps moving out, but if you were indeed a "real backer" you would make an effort to understand the circumstances and put yourself into the shoes of the 3 (!) people who are doing the work here - and yes, maybe they underestimated it a bit at the beginning and gave out timelines that were too ambitious to meet...

      Personally, I can say that I met 150 "real backers" at the CBR in London last week:

      People who support this project not because they want to get a download of "some nice old Tomb Raider music to store in a back corner of their smartphone somewhere", but who support it because of a true passion for the beautiful music that Nathan has created for us.

      People who did not go there because they are rich or wanted to be at a Champagne party, but people who scraped together their last dime to be able to make it and overcame their anxiety and concerns about meeting 150 strangers - only because of their passion for and commitment to the project - and their desire and interest to get in touch with the people who are making this happen!

      I feel very honoured that I had a chance to actually spend time talking with Nathan, Tracey and other people engaged with the project effort at the event and hear about their good and bad moments along the way. And I am very humbled by how much passion the attendees showed when I got a chance to chat with them too...

      So again:
      Nathan - Thank you for the music!
      And Tracey - Thank you for managing Nathan and getting all this done in the end ;)
      It has been a great pleasure meeting you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Mick W on May 1

      Having been to the preview I have to say the album is just stunning. For those that are mad about the delay just wait until you get that CD or Vinyl and start playing it. The annoyance will instantly be gone.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sally Berrow on April 19

      @James Harvey: Just because the album is 'in the can' does not mean the album is ready. It means it has been recorded and mixed. Those recordings need to be duplicated and printed onto CDs, vinyl etc. There's also the sleeves for those things to produce, all the other rewards like the posters and the T-shirts... The champagne reception and preparation/delivery thereof was also one of those rewards.

    23. James Harvey on April 19

      @Andrew Field: "At least the album is in the can." Don't you see that this is the reason why backers who made this possible are upset? The album is ready but the people who put their money where their mouth is are suffering whilst the champagne receptions take place in the UK and the US before they can even listen to the product that is already "in the can".

    24. Andrew Field on April 18

      I agree with the last 3 comments. Whilst the delays are frustrating we should not be going overboard with the vitriol. We have been told the album is making good progress, without this project we wouldn't have the opportunity to listen to the Tomb Raider music in this fashion so I am grateful to Nathan and all the backers for the support

    25. Missing avatar

      JR on April 17

      I totally agree with Thomas, Sally, Kevin and Spads.

      I just have to add: thank you Nathan for the great job you and your team have performed so far, and good luck and all my support for remaining tasks. I bet you didn't expect such a challenge when you started this KS project, but that's exactly what makes this project interesting. And even if I'm looking forward to see the final result, I will remain as patient as needed, so just keep going.

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas Smith on April 16

      Nathan, you have our full support! Some people just need to calm down and learn a bit of patience. Delays happen, that's real life - get over it. How can you insult the man who is bringing our dream to life?

    27. Missing avatar

      Sally Berrow on April 16

      First of all, I want to make clear my support and gratefulness for Nathan during this time. I'm so excited to receive my rewards and can't wait to meet you and all the team at the Composer Buffet next week, which I made *as part of my pledge*. I care so much about this project and encouraged all my friends and family to back because I wanted it to become a reality.

      On a less positive note, it really saddens me to see so many negative, and quite frankly abusive comments on here. Nathan and his team are doing the very best they can, and the reality is you really don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Delays are always disappointing, but as someone else has mentioned here, delays on Kickstarter projects are nothing new. I have 3 projects backed at the moment... NONE of these are running on time. Am I worried? Not at all. I've also backed 2 projects in the past with both my rewards delivered. Again, neither of these were delivered on time. I've only ever seen one instance of a backed project not being delivered/cancelled, and that creator is now barred from Kickstarter because they essentially ran off with the money and didn't put it to good use. 'Tis the nature of the beast, and an inherent risk one takes when using this website. If you wish for guaranteed on-time delivery of an item and are not prepared to wait or factor in potential delays, I would advise you not to use Kickstarter in the future. The timelines are always estimates and nothing is guaranteed.

      Nathan has also made clear down below that he's happy to issue refunds if you're not satisfied, so please don't abuse the creator - just ask for your money back. As Spags said, Nathan & co. need our support at this time, not negativity; negativity EATS into creators and makes the situation so much worse. By all means express disappointment, but hurling abuse at Nathan and his team and, rather inexplicably, OTHER BACKERS, isn't on.

    28. Missing avatar

      Freya Fenton on April 15

      Delayed AGAIN, this time so rich fans can go to champagne parties. Nice. If the backers are paying for the parties, why were you charging for tickets in the first place? Surely they should be already paid for?

      I've said it on Twitter and I'll say it on here - as soon as we reached the stage of iPhone raffles (which should not have been held on KS according to their TOS) this started feeling like a cash grab. IIRC we were way over the funding point by then ANYWAY. And now another delay.

      I would lay money down that August gets pushed back to November too, quite frankly. Poor Lara. Pretty sure that Core wouldn't want her Classic IP fans played around like this.

    29. Andrew Field on April 15

      Whilst the delay is disappointing at least the album is in the can. If people want to complain then they are entitled to but this is not the first project to be delayed nor the last. Roll on August

    30. Kevin Manier on April 14

      Saying that this delay doesn't affect me in any way would be a lie… But since it's been announced I got around it. The thing that actually makes no sense to me is how the organisation of everything has clearly been melted together. Now we know that the files have been ready to be pressed for two month, so a release on the 1st of May was reasonable, but then two weeks prior to the release, you just notice that it takes 3 weeks for the vinyle editions to be made ? They would have been done by now if the files were sent 2 months before… But let's say that you got your plans shifted because of some reason related to the disc company itself, a delay would be acceptable. But then, you talk about the unfairness of the British buffet having a premiere listing party over the American buffet (which wouldn't have one since the album would've been out for 3 months)… I don't get it, initially the buffets were designed to be an opportunity to meet you and all the team and give away the gold editions… But over that, you say NOW that you noticed this "unfairness"… couldn't it be noticed from the time you announced the release date for the 1st of May (while knowing the two dates of the buffets ?). With all that being said, I'm actually wondering if Square Enix has something to do with this 3 months delay… Since the first buffet is set to the 27th of April and the reveal of Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set on the 28th and the release date of the album was on the 1st, weren't they afraid that the Suite would overshadow (pun intended) the marketing plan for the game ? By delaying it to August, the album would come out a month before the game and reload the marketing campaign for the game itself that probably would have dried a little… But anyway, in the end, I'm just thinking that previous delays were acceptable since it involved Abbey Road Studios to be booked when you wanted to go, but this one… You say that the buffets are one of the reward tiers… Why would THEY have their rewards before us ? To be fair, shouldn't we ALL have the main reward that we invested in, the album, first ? I acknowledge that you are a small team and that you plan big things… But I think that solutions can be found if you have a strict organisation plan… So I'm just going to call out a domino effect on here and say that you got overdone by the amounts of work to do and won't let weakness show through (which would have probably been received better), I just hope that you will do the best and keep your heads above the water…

    31. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on April 13

      @Dani I was being sarcastic... But, yes we have to wait anyways. It's just this mindset that any delay is "acceptable" just because we are on KS that I don't get it. Creater has being doing whatever he wants and that's it. We are the investors and the ones that made this thing happen, and in return we have been treated like shit (sorry, that how I feel).
      And btw, I don't see any kind of compensation for those who has supported this since May-June last year. We should be more than happy on getting our stuff some day, and that's it.
      I hope I'm completely wrong here.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dani Guerrero on April 13

      @Luciano Well, I will have to change the delivery adress to my office, there is always someone there.

      Don't want to make a fuss here. Is just... there are things I don't understand why were not planned better, like the time needed to press albums. It's something so basic and it should have been known since day 1. But ok, what is done is done. I will wait patiently.

      PD: Some kind of compensation would be nice.

    33. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on April 12

      @Dani Totally agree... but, be careful they might consider postpone the delivering due the fact that "August is a terrible month for delivers" LOL Their website isn't updated yet, still showing May 2018.

      Also, I actually feel sorry for the guy that is expecting playing that on his wedding. Fingers crossed for that dude. Let's pray everybody.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dani Guerrero on April 12

      I'm still waiting for the public announcement in social networks for the new release date of the TRSuite. I'm dissapointed, not because the delay, but because the misinformation around it and the explanations gived. I understand there are some events around the world, and it takes time to put all together, but there are almost 3.000 backers waiting for the rewards and they keep getting delayed. I'm not sure how many people would attend this events (100 people maybe at most?), but... what happens with the rest of us? I don't see why the rest have to be affected of this "buffets". Also, August is a terrible month for delivers. Most of us will be on holidays, and probably I won't be home by then. I don't know, I put myself more than 100 bucks on this project, and I think I have the right of being not happy about this; and that a new release date I think is important enough to make a big announcement about it, and I'm thinking that this isn't done yet because some people will be mad as myself. This silence strategy is not helping either, and I find it upseting.

    35. Kevin on April 12

      Firstly, I‘ve not been sent by anyone other than by myself as I care deeply about this KS and seeing all the negativity triggered me. Not agreeing with you and sharing my own different opinion, is absolutely no evidence for your allegation. Secondly it would be wise not to suggest that you being angry about the situation means everyone in the community is. A few have voiced their opinion so far and there is no evidence to suggest that the majority is with you on this one.

    36. Missing avatar

      Spags on April 11

      @Luciano I have no association with the Creator, other than backing his project. It is an irrelevant detail, but for what it is worth, I backed at the Medipack level (jewel CD & digital download).

      The point remains, getting angry isn't going to fix things. If the Creator posts an update in the future saying that they can't delivery anything at all, then feel free to vent at that stage.

    37. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on April 11

      Clearly some people has been sent here to calm down the community. Thank God those peacemakers still around!

    38. Missing avatar

      Spags on April 11

      Again, I'm not suggesting that backers shouldn't be disappointed, but as the minority comments here from Tristan, Kevin, Jodie and myself, I think it is important to remain calm.

      Also, the suggestion that the digital download should be available may sound reasonable from our perspective, but we don't know how this would impact things from the perspective of Nathan's team. Things are not as simple as just pressing a button and everything has consequences.

      As was noted (by Kevin I think), jumping onto the comments in anger or to try and change things will not help the situation; it will only make matters worse. It only means more delay for Nathan as he wades through it all and it will also simply add further angst and indecision to him and his team, which could potentially result in a more rushed or incomplete project down the track. It is best to just accept it for what it is and keep looking forward to your rewards.

      Remember that we are Backers. At this time the Creator needs our support to get on with things, not the opposite.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jodie Newson on April 11

      Hi Nathan,

      Disappointed for the delay but I will wait patiently. However please promise me and make sure the album is out for August as I want it to play at my wedding on the 25th August!

      Many Thanks,

    40. Kevin on April 11

      I didn't respond to A comment specifically. There were multiple different complaints raised so far. It was meant more general and I'm not missing the point. I can read and understand what complaints have been raised. I still don't agree and believe too many people are way to fast with complaining without knowing all the details involved. Just re-read some of the comments and I'm sure you'll understand if you look at it objectively. Feel also free to re-read my comment until you understand.

    41. Aenima on April 11

      You are missing the point completely.
      The problem is not the delay. It is the prioritization and the timeline on that project.

    42. Kevin on April 11

      Allow me to express a different point of view for the sake of variety of opinion. Complaining like this won't change anything. There is a delay. It's the way it is. Move on...seriously. You didn't buy anything. You helped make a project come to life and you will get rewards for that. Don't forget that. It’s not like you went to a store, gave them money and bought something. This is NOT what happened. And any release date on KS is an estimate. I hope you know what that word means, otherwise feel free to look it up. Also a delay on KS is nothing new. It happens on so many projects and you should really give Nathan the benefit of the doubt and take a chill pill. I’m not seeing anything on this KS that is worth reporting. I backed GBP 150 on this. Do you see me being outraged? You don't know him personally. You're not involved in the project. I'm sure he's not delaying for fun or to anger us. He likely didn’t get up this morning thinking ''Oh, I know how to screw over my backers''. We’re getting your rewards soon enough. Am I disappointed by the delay? Yes, who wouldn’t be. But I’d rather have him do it right than rush it. If that means waiting 3 month more. So be it. We'll get there.

    43. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on April 11

      Fun fact, if I'm not mistaken, here are the number of bakers that have signed for that buffet:

      Total of 36 backers (around 1,4% of the people supporting the project) gathering around $27,500 (around 14% of the total amount).

      So, YES makes a lot of sense wait for the party. Not to mention that we don't know how many bakers out of those 36 people are from US.

      I can see that the decision making process here was spot on! Kudos!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on April 11

      Kickstarter should take some actions here. They cash in, and we bakers have to pay the bill!

      Money has its value on time, you know?! This project got around 20% more INVESTMENT than what they were aiming for.

      Bakers should be the first to receive their stuff as well as the priority over parties. I can't handle that!

    45. Missing avatar

      Michele on April 11

      I feel teased like so many who have supported the project. I subscribe what was said by the other supporters and by Sebastian Lenz, the digital download should be the priority, the party could be there before or after, it does not matter.

    46. Missing avatar

      Luciano Vilas Boas on April 11

      SO "our friends in the United States" represents 26.23% of the people that has been pledged here.

      What about the other 73.77%, the VAST majority???

      This decision does not make sense whatsoever! It's a top down decision that has been taken without even asking the poor bakers what they think about it.

      No consideration for those who fought and supported this project when we were unsure if we would make it or not!

      Ego wins here!

    47. Tristan High Cultist of Cthulhu on April 11

      It is disappointing but I’m not mad about it, I’m ok to wait for the new release date. I knew what the risks where when I put down my money. If anything I was more impressed by what I heard in that YouTube clip.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Lenz on April 11

      @Nathan McCree - You didn't mention that you are too busy to release the album.
      You wrote: "We are also aware that by releasing the album on the 1st May as previously planned, it somewhat spoils the Premiere airplay we had planned for the Composer Buffet Reception in San Francisco on 14th July 2018, and so delaying the release until after this makes it more fair for our friends in the United States."

      That's a different story as teh one you told here in the comments. Why didn't you set a release date after this event as soon as you scheduled it? You wrote, this date was set in August 2017 so you did know that this might be "unfair" and the release would be after this event... :( You also don't honor only the few backers who paid for those events but all the people who are able to pay for these events and participate even if they don't have backed the project here! Please keep that in mind. What I call really unfair is the fact, that you set the expected delivery date to may for all the people who order the album on your website. They shouldn't get the album at the same time with us backers who paid for this almost a year ago..

    49. Aenima on April 11

      Not sure why we'd be in the minority. There are several of us complaining, not everybody comes here to write comments and this KS only had a very little number of comments when it ended. So I wouldnt draw any conclusion besides there is a highly legitimate complaint which you cannot just dismiss like this.

    50. Nathan McCree Creator on April 11

      @Spags - Thank you very much for your understanding. Gratefully appreciated.

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