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€1,317 pledged of €3,000 goal
By Oscar
€1,317 pledged of €3,000 goal

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    1. CTH on

      Please make it ....

    2. Oscar Creator on

      Thank You Alexandre!! Good choise! Happy Halloween everybody!


    3. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Hello, new backer here. I like this projects which reminds me of Amiga/Atari ST games. I like everything you did here, but I will just second David in suggesting you to make the skull-diamonds smaller. Keep up the good work.
      Then, I have a question: what about localization? If you don't plan to have the game translated by pros, at least make it translator friendly.

    4. Paul Weller on

      Lovign the demo and the music is just superb.

    5. CTH on

      come one lets share this bad boy this game is gonna be awesome he puts alot of love into his works

    6. CTH on

      Come on people share this game via Facebook..twitter ..Instagram.. Anything youtube anything to get this funded its a epic piece of work and i need this in my life lol start sharing!!

    7. David Desjardin on

      Oh ok, so there's a meaningful purpose, then definitely keep them. I think just making them smaller would be fine. Other than that, I don't really have any more suggestions. It looks good.

    8. Oscar Creator on

      Thanks David! Are important bonus to gain extra lifes and lifes are most important thing in this game! But i'll try soon to do a smaller version! Thanks for the comment and the suggestion (always precious).

    9. David Desjardin on

      Your game looks pretty good at only 50% completion. Though if you're up for suggestions, I think you should make those skull-diamond things at least 50% smaller. The bright yellow against the darker backdrops make them stand out far too prevalent. Also maybe less of them..? Do they have some kind of significance to the gameplay or are they like just a collectible? If we're just talking a monitary unit to buy new powers/items or used to perform special attacks (like in Ninja Gaiden), then just making them smaller would be fine. If they're just a completion item like in Mutant Mudds, then smaller and less. If they're just for points like in Mario, then I would lose them completely.