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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 9 2014
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 9 2014

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    1. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      We canceled the Kickstarter campaign because it was not bringing enough traffic or allowing us to reach more audience. When we launched the campaign, a lot of people bought at our Shopify store because of the publicity, but that quickly died down for unknown reason.

      It is clear that the Kickstarter campaign was not doing us any good at this point, and this is the reason we decided to pull the plug.

      As for Kumostat and Kumo Sensors, we are going to release the PIR and Reed Kumo Sensor on schedule in about 2 months. They have already passed FCC part 15 certification.

      We will keep developing the Kumostat with Display as it is close to completion, and we will post our progress on our blog (http://wirelesstags.myshopify.com/blogs/news). It requires substantial investment especially for the injection mold. How soon we can come up with enough cash to pay for it depends on the sales of our existing products in the near future.

      We listened to our customers to release a high-end variant of motion sensor tag with accurate temperature and humidity sensor recently. At the same time, we released Wireless Tag List iOS app version 2.0 (http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0172/1692/files/top_6_mobile.mp4…)

      A lot of our customers were using our sensor tags to monitor temperature, despite the fact our regular sensor tags were not designed for that purpose and only had inaccurate analog temperature sensor. We also realize that the ADC and reference we use randomly produce a glitch which causes unreliable too hot/cold notification. While we made changes on the server so it can filter out this glitch to some extent (we notice that when this glitch happens the internal voltage reference reading will also suddenly be higher, so using this reading we can discard the glitch reading in software without discarding the data when temperature jumps in reality,) the new variant will resolve this problem completely.

      The new variant of motion sensor tags are specially designed to take accurate temperature and air humidity logs and provide reliable notifications of too hot/cold/humid/dry. They do pretty much same or even better job as products like Netatmo Weather Station, with a lot more compact form factor and at much lower price, not to mention the extra features of a regular motion sensor tags (beep to locate, motion detection/logging). You can store unlimited amount of temperature/humidity data (for regular tags data older than 2 months are removed from server). They also come with version 2.1 motion sensor tag firmware which provides hardware support for a new motion detection mode, in which they will transmit only at motion start and motion stop, i.e. when no motion is detected after a programmable timeout.)

    2. Joshue

      What happened?

    3. Missing avatar


      Hmm cancel ???

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      David N Ulrich on

      Dear CAO GADGETS,

      Will you kindly tell us why you cancelled this KICKSTARTER project?

      Thank you.

    5. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      > would I need to back at the $99 level for Kumostat and Hub together to be able to control the thermostat wirelessly?
      >Can you confirm if there will be an API so that my other smart devices can send commands to the Kumostat?
      There is already API:
      Lower level (JSON/AJAX, need your own client) http://kumostat.com/apidoc.html
      Higher level (Cloud, no need of a client to run): http://kumostat.com/kumoapp
      >will we be able to change it to Celsius temps?
      The display is 96x96 low power TFT you will have full flexibility to output texts and graphics from web API.

    6. Christina P on

      Hello, I'm interested on the Kumostat but have a few questions. I don't have any of your other Kumo products, so would I need to back at the $99 level for Kumostat and Hub together to be able to control the thermostat wirelessly?
      Can you confirm if there will be an API so that my other smart devices can send commands to the Kumostat?
      And the display on the thermostat picture has temps in Faranheit, will we be able to change it to Celsius temps?

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      Can wireless hub connect to any security camera? And apps work for it?

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      Andrew Deme on

      I know this campaign is about Kumostat but the Wireless Tag that these guys provide is a bit of a hidden secret. Just from my house it has a range of about 100 metres and can monitor movement and temperature. I have embedded one into the top my front door and put another tag on the back of my fridge. It does a brilliant job of security as well as telling me when the motor on my fridge is running and for how long. Also have been told the next version of the tag is going to have a .1% accuracy (yep, point one percent accuracy) and be pre-calibrated......and will include humidity. Keep an eye on Cao Gadgets and their Wireless Tags as this technology is about to get really cool real quick....and yep, I am backing them to become a key building block of the 'Internet of Everything".

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      Just wonder do you have Facebook or tweeter or any media page? It can help shear word around the world also on different site.

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      It like Bluetooth vent ^_^

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      Just some though if u can design vent that connect to sensor for it open or close base on room temp it is possible to control each room temp. Everything are connect to tag wireless hub. Ex A room hot then vent close when B room cold vent on let heat coming.

    12. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      I feel that I need to clarify the purpose of Kumostat.

      It is not about taking away programmability from thermostat. It is about the concept of taking extra buttons and display hardware away from thermostat and move them into software running remotely, so you can have multiple installations of thermostat that costs only $30, which is about the cheapest thermostat you can find off the shelf, including those without any programmability. At $30 the main cost is the relay (24VAC switch, which typically look like a small plastic box) cost, which is at least $2 each. The cheapest thermostat typically only have 1 relay inside to turn on *either* heat/AC (need manual switching between heat and AC). Kumostat has 7. (We could offer Kumostat at even $15 if we just make it a single stage.)

      Since 2013, after Wireless Sensor Tags have become somewhat stable, we have licensed the server software to multiple businesses and individuals, some of them have already running their version of the Cloud service. Some examples are:


      For building managers or where interested people who do not want to rely on our cloud service, we have already, and will continue to offer the option to run their own private cloud service. However for 99.9% of our customers, they just need a working system and have never asked about running their own cloud service. Business is there to meet customer's needs, and we do believe we have done that.

      If this project is funded, we will offer free license fee to anyone who want to run their private cloud. To protect our IP from being replicated by our potential competitors, our server side core IP will be bundled and shipped inside an actual hardware and the customer just need to pay the actual cost of doing that. We make all our profits from selling the hardware and have no plan to make profit any other way.

      The beauty of cloud connected product such as Google Map, Netflix, Roku, ChromeBook, is that they allow the hardware cost to be lowered, which benefits customer as much as businesses that make these products. Think about that everybody used to have to pay $200~$300 to buy a GPS navigator, like those from Garmin? (and more than $2000 if bought from a car dealer?) Thanks to Google Map + your iPhone which constitute a cloud connected product, everybody is now probably spending next to nothing to get the same and even better GPS navigator. We just want to do the same thing for HVAC control, because we believe that everybody will benefit from it (not having have to pay $200~$300 for a high end thermostat = Garmin, instead pay $30 = GoogleMap + part of your cellphone to get the same thing + additional feature, like automation from events on the Internet, and automation algorithms that use multiple wireless temperature and motion sensors).

      Honestly, at about $26 (which is what we will get from $36 after fees to Kickstarter and order picking/packing/shipping charges) we make probably $5 per each Kumostat hardware sold. We offer this aggressive pricing so that more people can benefit from this concept of cloud connected system. If you have concern about security, privacy, "what if the service is down?" like I promised before, you just buy your own server hardware with a copy of Windows Server OS installed, and ship to us, we will install our cloud software IP for you for free, and ship back to you. You then have the responsibility to maintain/keep running your server.

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      Steve on

      I have been using this technology for over a year and the product does everything I wanted and more. The support team have been amazing at taking on my suggestions to improve the product and functions, and for me they have never failed to deliver a quality product. I have three tag mangers and 10 tags and all work perfectly. The kumo sensors are amazing I have been beta testing the PIR sensor for 4 months it has never failed and gives instant alerts and I will be buying more to cover our 16 work buildings. well done

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Deme on

      Sure this technology may not suit everyone but I for one am really impressed with what Cao Gadgets have done and they are definitely not 'fly by nighters.

      I was an early adopter with their Temperature Sensor technology and it just keeps getting better and now the ecosystem is getting bigger, which means I now have more tools in my toolkit.

      This stuff is subtle in how it can be configured and used and has ended up for me being suprisingly powerful and if you have any gadget geekness about you at all, worth backing.

      Just wish there was a pledge where I could buy more sensors !!

    15. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      Hi Waldo FB:

      Thanks for your $1 pledge and sorry to hear that you are dropping it. Hope everything is well with you and you will find something that you love.

      CAO GADGETS customer support

    16. Waldo FB on

      That's where you are wrong; everything does not, only a few hardware items trended that direction, their adoption has slowed, and many communities have demanded they open up the services
      or moved on to new hardware without those limitations (I present android vs iphone as case 1).

      And many of the things you cited as example are not hardware, but software services, nor actually related to cloud technology. A few examples you claim would 'just stop working' are just plain wrong.

      I don't think you are helping yourself or anyone here with your 'like it or not' attitude.

      Constructive criticism and suggestions are expected at kickstarter. This is not another e-store to market products.

      I will not be backing your product, not because of the technology you have presented; rather because your closed mindedness, if it represents your company, is disheartening.

    17. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      Hi Waldo FB:

      We have been running our Wireless Sensor Tags cloud service since August 2012 (see http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/22/cao-gadgets-wireless-sensor-tags/) and more than 3000 people bought and used our hub (Ethernet Tag Manager) and we have never charged service fee to anyone or stopped our cloud service except during server upgrade or maintenance.

      Like it or not, these days everything from your cell phone, cable TV, Gmail, ChromBook, Roku, Apple/Google Maps, to our competing products like Smart Things (which has shorter cloud service history than ours) and Iris from Lowes, all depend on a "proprietary cloud service" without which these product will stop functioning immediately.

      So I suggest that you express your grievance not here where only 52 people is backing, but toward these companies like Verizon, AT&T, Google, Lowes, Smart Things because then you will reach a larger audience.

    18. Waldo FB on

      Also, you didn't so much answer the questions, so I'll sum it up based on your response:

      Without the proprietary cloud service, no automation, scheduling, or other functions will work.

      There is no indicators on the device or local to the home to show its current settings or the current temperature it's sensor detects.

      Without the cloud, the only thing you can do is turn the settings up or down in 5 F steps

    19. Waldo FB on

      Perhaps you forget where you are posting, and the demographic of this community. We are very comfortable with technology.

      And, I think you are missing the point of why most purchase a programmable thermostat in the first place. We use them to save money and AUTOMATE our environment.

      I, and everyone I know, program them with ease. And there is plenty of products commercially available that make it even easier, even from a remote device such as a smartphone, or an API in various forms. The majority work without any external service.

      What I'm seeing that sets your product apart, is simply that you've placed all the logic and interface on your cloud service, making the device useless (or at least equivalent to a $5 off the shelf manual thermostat) unless the end user continues to use your service, and providing of course you maintain that service or remain in business.

      You could, in a few months, decide a subscription fee is required to continue operation. And from the looks of you charging thousands for a license to a closed source cloud server (with extreme restrictions and hardware encryption), you have the intentions of monetizing the service down the road.

      You can also state as much about security as you want; we all know that clouds are larger targets. And no target is safe once it gets big enough.

      For an operation as critical as maintaining the temperature in my home or office (we hit -40C and +40C here), I cannot trust your reasoning, or your device.

      Please take this as constructive; people are rapidly becoming aware of the weaknesses in proprietary cloud 'only' technology.

    20. Carlos Alvarez on

      I currently use two Wi-fi thermostats and have for a few years, so I thought some of these experiences could help people thinking about this. I have the Radiothermostat models sold under the 3M brand at Home Depot for $100 each.

      First off, we absolutely love the remote features. We can reduce our cooling costs when we are gone for the weekend, but also come home to a house that is pre-cooled on our way back. Sitting on the couch or in bed, the temp can be adjusted if it's off a little without getting up.

      The Kumostats have a feature we've always wanted, so I ordered them. The ability to have a remote sensor. Both our family room and bedroom are far from the thermostats, and the temperature is different there. So they often are too warm or cold. If we're cooking in the kitchen which is part of the family room, that area gets hot, but the thermostat is in another room. The remote sensors will solve that.

    21. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      >I would like to order Several Kumo Sensors both PRI and Reed if you can add that option.

      Unfortunately Kickstarter does not allow multiple quantities to be offered. We are working on a pre-order system on Shopify to allow place pre-orders without such restrictions.

    22. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      I don't know about you, but myself has never used programming feature on a conventional thermostat. Those small buttons are simply too difficult to understand.
      I usually know about the current temperature by check if I am sweaty or cold. I am too busy to care about the exact number.
      If it is so valuable to know the current temperature number at the location where the thermostat is installed, just hang a thermometer.

    23. Waldo FB on

      Also, if it is manual, how does one know what the current temperature is, and what it is set to?

    24. Waldo FB on

      In other words, without your cloud it's a manual device; no scheduling, automation, or other functionality will work?

    25. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      Kumostat by default is in what we call "local mode" it just uses its internal digital temperature humidity sensor to control HVAC. The up button will raise set temperature ~5F above current temperature, immediately turn on heat. Press twice to raise 10F above (and turn on 2nd stage heating if configured), and so on, the down button press cancels up button press. See the "Locally" tab at http://kumostat.com/kumostat.html#step1k
      Kumostat will enter local mode if the hub cannot be reached. If you need to configure the wiring to define which wires will be energized for each heat/AC stage (see http://kumostat.com/kumostat.html#wiring) you still need to talk to the Kumostat through the Hub, at least initially, using the app.

    26. Waldo FB on

      Will there be an option to completely disconnect from the cloud in a permanent manner? And how will these behave/be controlled in extended internet outage (say weeks)?

    27. CAO GADGETS Creator on

      Thanks for the comment. The hub and the server shares a secret key, every time the hub connects, the server sends a random number and the hub put that with the secret key and use SHA1 (secure hash) to generate a session key. This session key is used to encrypt all communication between hub and server. The secret key is protected by the MCU's firmware copy protection.

    28. Missing avatar

      William on

      This looks great! But I have some concerns about privacy and using the 'cloud'. Are the communications between my hub and the cloud encrypted? Is online access to the users cloud data encrypted? I don't trust that the information couldn't provide clues about a user's movements that could infer opportunities for break ins or habits that invite opportunities for taking advantage. It's a much bigger topic that just wireless tags but deserves discussion here too.

    29. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      I would like to order Several Kumo Sensors both PRI and Reed if you can add that option. Many thanks

    30. Carlos Alvarez on

      How can I order multiple items? I'd like to get two Kumostats and one PIR, but Kickstarter won't let me select multiple items or come back and add an additional one.