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Amy is a girl with ideas like wild horses, she's about to discover how they can help her solve problems.
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The Final Hours

Posted by Sandra Tayler (Creator)

Funding for Strength of Wild Horses closes in under thirty hours. This means I should be dashing around the internet, being extra entertaining, and trying to make sure that everyone who is remotely interested has the chance to pledge before the pledging closes.

Unfortunately I am flat on my back with stomach flu today. It hit me in the middle of the night and this is the first moment I've been sufficiently conscious to write an update. When I'm done writing this I'll likely sleep for another two hours. Sometimes the flu hits like a truck and all you can do is wait for natural defenses to make it go away. Fortunately I have someone to take care of me and make sure the kids get to school.

So instead of making new cleverness to attempt to push funding over the next stretch goal (Only $900 away) I'm going to point all of you lovely backers to some interviews I did earlier in the month, which I neglected to link before. If you think any of the interviews would be interesting to friends and family, please share them. I'd love to give some traffic to the sites who were kind enough to host me.

Over on Kickstarter Conversations, I talked to James Yee at the very beginning of the project. James writes to an audience of Kickstarter aficionados, and so many of his questions focused on the nuts and bolts of running this Kickstarter. The good news is that looking back, I wouldn't really change my answers. There were things I meant to do and didn't, but that is true of any project.

Jim Hines took a more personal approach on his blog. He's a friend of mine, and when we get together we usually end up talking about parenting. This interview focuses on that angle of the Strength of Wild Horses project.

I've never had the chance to meet Maya Lassiter in person, but I've read her blog for years and I love the way she approaches life. Her parenting and creative pursuits all flow into and inform each other. I was thrilled when she agreed to host an interview. Of all the interviews I've done, this one ended up being the most conversational, as if Maya and I were able to sit down and record a conversation. We talk about creative process and fitting lots of things into one day or one lifetime.

Thank you once again for your support. There are three hundred of you now and Angela and I are grateful for every one of you. Hopefully in the next twenty eight hours I'll do enough so that you can all have the desktop wallpapers that are the first stretch goal.


--Sandra Tayler


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