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Anna is a girl who overcomes her negative past experiences, to grow into a new person, free and clear.and learns to trust again.

"Anna Ever After" is a short film project, written and directed by myself, Jonathan Pears. Over the past 6 years, i have been filming all over the US and Europe for commercials and documentaries. In 2012 we had one of our documentaries became official selection at several film festivals all over the world. This has all been leading to this project, a short film narrative, set in Salt Lake City, UT. 

The film is about the choices we make in our lives, and how much of those choices are influenced by our previous experiences in life. How people let their past effect their future to the point where they do not experience the present here and now. Letting the wake steer the ship, and always ending up in the same situations. We see Anna go through these cycles, and as the story evolves, we see her choose to take a new path, choose to not let her past control her so much.

We have some amazing locations to shoot at all over the city, and we can't wait to get the cameras rolling on these great scenes. We have had over 100 submissions to our casting from all over the US, allowing us to grab the best talent that is perfect for the roles. 

With your help, we hope to secure the exact amount of $6,150 - which will allow us to rent specific equipment for the shoot, help in our post production efforts, and create a platform for us to distribute the film online in a 2K resolution. We know that we can make the film look amazing, but we want to make the film really sing, to give people the chance to learn the insight that the film gives, and allow people to become a part of a great creative project. 

We will also be allowing some local film students to become a part of the production, allowing them to get real life experience of the shooting environment and process. This will be a great part of the process, and everyone out there will benefit from this project taking off.

Thanks so much for stopping by the page to see what we are creating, we really hope you can join us on this journey with Anna Ever After....

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With every shoot, there is a challenge and risk. For 3 years, i have been filming whilst in freefall, jumping out of planes with cameras for work and for fun. I also have a long history in action sports filmmaking, working with companies such as RedBull, Oakley, Kia and Chevy. I know how it feels to be under pressure to shoot, to get the shot, and to make it happen when it counts. We have built this film from the ground up, and after the awards and accolades we have achieved, are very confident in delivering a stunning end result.

We will also be shooting with the latest camera equipment on the market, shooting high resolution, and have a solid post production workflow. With the amazing local talent that we are working with, its is now just down to the public helping us finish this amazing production.


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    Level 1 - A huge thankyou! Receive a free digital download of the film in 2K resolution. on the day after the premiere, and on the thanks list on the film website.

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    Level 2 - Receive the 2K digital download from the level 1 reward, and add to that the behind the scens photo pack, complete with stills of the production and locations.

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    Level 3 - Receive all the rewards from level 1 and 2, but add to it a copy of the script, signed by the director, Jonathan Pears.

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    Level 4 - Receive the 2K digital download of the film, the behind the scenes images, and also receive a behind the scenes video pack of the production diary. Included in this will be the video blog from director Jonathan Pears on the day to day making of the film

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    Filmmaker Package - Receive all of the above including a signed script from all of the cast and director Jonathan Pears. In addition to the rewards, you will also receive some behind the scenes technical tutorials on how the film is being shot. Tutorials on working with the Red camera system on set, color grading and more

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    Producer Credit - At this level you will receive a 2K digital download of the film, signed script, production stills, and a credit in the film. You will also receive an IMDB credit where needed. Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to have an hr long video chat with director Jonathan Pears on the production, Plus a copy of the film soundtrack.

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    Executive Producer - The producer package rewards but receiving the executive producer credit. Also an invitation to the premiere in Salt Lake City, plus the opportunity to work with the production team on future shoots and productions throughout 2013.

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