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INNA jam got a kitchen and construction is under way! We need your support to buy necessary equipment to make our jam. thank you!
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dafna kory

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The latest word on the street... I mean... internet!

The latest word on the street... I mean... internet!
(p.s. our kickstarter campaign is getting closer - just reached 61%!)

from Bi-Rite Market, a very sweet write-up by Alli, a buyer I work with very closely to keep their shelves well-stocked with jam. Bi-Rite Market was one of the first stores to carry INNA jam!:
[TIMEWARP 2 YEARS BACK: Alli stops by my little jam-tasting setup on the street in the Mission to sample some INNA jam for the first time:]

from me, a guest post published on the Good Food Awards blog, about the life of a small-scale food producer, the hunt for the elusive commercial kitchen, and a proposed new law in California that is causing quite the stir:

from SF Weekly. I've been called a lot of things, but "bespeckled" is a new one! (not that it isn't true...):

from Michael Lamotte / From the Source, a [black & white] visual survey of local food:

more soon!