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INNA jam got a kitchen and construction is under way! We need your support to buy necessary equipment to make our jam. thank you!
INNA jam got a kitchen and construction is under way! We need your support to buy necessary equipment to make our jam. thank you!
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INNA shrubs are back! Spring Social on 3/22! salt-preserved meyer lemons!


Spring Social! Saturday March 22, 10am-2pm! Emeryville!

It's starting to feel like spring - flowers everywhere you look, the first of the asparagus at the market, the garden coming to life. To celebrate spring and the ever lengthening days we'd like to invite you to come to our kitchen for a Spring Social!

Come taste our new crop of recently released shrubs (I think this year's shrubs are better than ever), our entire selection of jams, and our limited edition salt-preserved meyer lemons, plus a few other surprises.

We'll be joined by our friends who make some amazing foods: 
gluten free sourdough bread from Bread SRSLY
homegrown olive oil from Other Brother
avant-garde ice cream from Bootleg Creamery
small batch organic pickles from Emmy's
meat and vegetarian rillettes from Wooden Spoons

Saturday, March 22, 10am-2pm We're located at 1307 61st Street in Emeryville right on Doyle Hollis Park. hope to see you! 


Our shrub process takes nearly a year: we make the shrubs using fresh fruit in the summer, cure the fruit-vinegar-sugar mixture through the fall, and filter and bottle the finished shrubs during the winter. This slow process allows us to capture the fresh fruit flavor, extract the most flavors from the fruit, and mellow out the vinegar. This results in a balanced and fruity single-varietal shrub that tastes like the fresh fruit from which it was made, with an added layer of complexity from the acidity and flavors of the organic apple cider vinegar we use.

We're so pleased to announce that after many months of work our new season of shrubs is finally ready and has been released

This past summer we added two new fruits to our repertoire and made them into distinctive and unique shrubs: organic zee lady peaches from Linden, California (makes a fantastic fruit soda) and organic early girl tomatoes from Watsonville, California (great with bourbon!). Both of these shrubs are a limited edition - available while supplies last.

We also made brand new shrubs using triple crown blackberries from Davis, California and organic albion strawberries from Hollister, California. Try these berry shrubs in a refreshing fruit soda (a great option for non-alcoholic drinks at a gathering or dinner party), or as a base for a salad dressing.

We have also restocked many of our favorite shrubs: polka RASPBERRY shrub, QUINCE shrub, black mission FIG shrub, royal blenheim APRICOT shrub, and meyer LEMON shrub! Cheers! 

 INNA pickle: salt-preserved meyer LEMON

We’re salt-preserving meyer lemons! They’ll be ready in a couple of weeks. Our lemons are made with less salt than traditional preserved lemons - they are meant to be eaten in their entirety: rind, fruit, and juice! (No need to rinse off excess salt as with traditional preserved lemons - simply use them as they are).

Live in the Bay Area? You can reserve a quart of unpasteurized salt-preserved meyer lemons (email us: - local pickup only). A quart will probably be a year’s supply of preserved lemons… You could come by and pick it up during our Spring Social!

Live outside the Bay Area? We'll also have our preserved lemons packed in 12oz shelf-stable jars so we can ship them around the country. We'll let you know once they're available online!

Salt-preserved meyer lemons are an old-world method of preserving lemons - they're made from organic meyer lemons and kosher salt that have been cured over a period of time to develop their flavors. They're amazing with any steamed veggies (asparagus, green beans, kale, broccoli, etc), chicken tajine, fish, pasta, lentil soup, fava beans… They brighten up any recipe and add a savory umami touch, a pop of brightness and acidity, and some saltiness, too! In our home kitchens preserved meyer lemons are a secret weapon - simply chop up a piece or two and mix with your dish, serve whole pieces of lemon alongside meat dishes, or add the juice to a salad dressing!

INNA shrub Launch Party next Saturday & other news...

Hello there!

So many things to tell you about! I guess I better get to it:

• We're launching our new line of shrubs this week, officially releasing them on our website & kitchen store on the first day of spring (Wednesday 3/20) and hosting an INNA shrub Launch Party and Spring Social at our kitchen this Saturday (3/23). Please come by if you're in the neighborhood! Our friends from Nana Joes Granola, Emmy's Pickles, and Bread SRSLY will be joining us with lots of delicious things to taste and buy. You'll be able to taste all 6 of our shrub flavors (straight up, or mixed with seltzer into a refreshing soda), all of 22 of our jam flavors, our resurrected salt-preserved meyer lemon INNA pickle, and a few other delicious things in the works.

• If you haven't yet picked your kickstarter jam reward, please stop by and pick it up. We're here Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm. If you're coming to the party please pickup your jam! I'd love to get this delicious jam onto your toast!

• New winter citrus jams! we've added our meyer LEMON, ruby GRAPEFRUIT, and POMERINE jams to the website!

that's all for now. Hope to see you at the party!


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extra meyer lemon class added: Saturday 2/23

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