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INNA jam got a kitchen and construction is under way! We need your support to buy necessary equipment to make our jam. thank you!
INNA jam got a kitchen and construction is under way! We need your support to buy necessary equipment to make our jam. thank you!
474 backers pledged $27,929 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. dafna kory Creator on

      thanks Melissa! thanks Steven! the pickles are made by Emmy's pickles - they're good! dills and bread n butters, and some other stuff too. I think they sell them at some places around here... checkout their website?


    2. Missing avatar

      steven friedland on

      you are so great! congratulations! i have given so many jars of jam away i am going to get some for myself now.
      pickles? what kind? are they good? as good as mom's? really? where do i get em?

      xx Steven

    3. Missing avatar

      melissa pearlman on

      Thank you for the update and pictures. So awesome! I can't wait to try the apricot jam and to buy more tayberry (my favorite).

    4. dafna kory Creator on

      Thank you Rudolf! hooray!

    5. RMP on

      The jams arrived in Norway today. Already tried the Jalapeño one with goat cheese.

      This is quality stuff dafna! I'm very impressed!

    6. dafna kory Creator on

      Hi everyone! thank you for the sweet (and spicy!) comments! It's so exciting to hear of my jams being enjoyed all over. so glad to hear that the spicy jams are a hit! xo

    7. Missing avatar

      Sarah Christensen on

      Breakfast today was a bagel with the flavorfall pluot jam. It was just the right level of sweetness with the little bit of tartness.

      I think I might have to try the plenty spicy jalapeno tonight w/ cream cheese and crackers. That sounds like a yummy late night snack.

    8. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Wheat Thin + cream cheese + plenty spicy Jalapeno = marvelous! :) I've tried the other two as well- polka raspberry is really fresh and lovely tasting, but pluot and jalapeno are my favorites! so happy I was able to participate in this Kickstarter :)

    9. Pam Stout Rieser on

      Just received my jams today! I tried the Polka Raspberry! It is so good!
      Thank you.

    10. Gelato Maestro on

      Received ours today. Thanks.

    11. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      I got mine in the mail today, but am waiting for proper cracker/bread/cream cheese acquisition before opening and taste-testing. Self-torture! Errrrg.

      They were packed very securely and I can't wait to try them! :) Thank you.

    12. Wayne Romero on

      Received my jam as well! Asked for Fresno Chili instead of the other options. It's spicey, sweet goodness! I'll have to send some out as presents. I hope all goes well Dafna you have an excellent product.

    13. dokuchan on

      I received my jam and it is DELICIOUS. Hooray for INNA!

    14. Pam Stout Rieser on

      I am so excited for you! And I can hardly wait to taste my jams! :)

    15. Sondra Bernstein on

      CONGRATS!!! Way to go!

    16. Juliana D. on

      Dafna-- Kudos on such a successful fundraiser! We at Youth Business America are so very proud of your hard work! You're just jammin' it out! (And on a personal note-- I can't WAIT to try my jams... I already have the flavors picked out ;). -- Juliana (Board member, YBA)

    17. Missing avatar

      marilyn pomeroy on

      Congratulations! You made it.!

    18. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      I miss Cali quite a lot- this will be a fun (read as: delicious) way to be reminded. :)

    19. Jenn Knaus on

      Congrats!!! So exciting and such a happy beginning!

    20. Missing avatar

      ginny farmer-Tomich on

      WooHoo! So VERY exciting! I hope to come visit sometime when I'm in the area and look forward to your jam + cheese after Lent.
      Very best wishes-ginny

    21. dafna kory Creator on

      thank you everyone! this is totally awesome and completely humbling. I'm in awe of all the good in the world, and can't wait to get into that kitchen and make some jam!!

      touched by your support,

    22. Pam Stout Rieser on

      Way to go! Can't wait to taste that jam! I am very happy for you!

    23. Arno Hesse on

      You got it! Congrats, Dafna! The new rewards are almost like prepaid purchases - made it a no-brainer to contribute.

    24. Beth and Vincent Muller on

      I am so beyond excited for you Dafna and the Whole Inna Jam crew. I have been watching and sending out success vibes. Hooray and hooray and more hooray!

    25. RMP on


      Congratulations Dafna!

    26. Matt Englund on

      Excited to hear more news!

    27. Blue Chair Fruit on

      Can't wait to see the new dreamy jam kitchen! ^Kate

    28. Jenn Knaus on

      I LOVE your jams! Found them at Bi-Rite and have successfully converted several others into INNA jam lovers, too! Best of luck!

    29. RMP on

      I predict $28,000 by the end. You have to send us pictures of the Kitchen when it's done!

    30. Wiebke Wiechell on

      There will be a cracker, cream cheese & INNA jam tasting session in Berlin soon!

    31. Tupelo Hassman on

      Love from Bradford and Tupe! Go!

    32. RMP on

      I've backed so many projects in KickStarter but I can't remember being so excited about any of them as I am about this one. This better be a hit!!!

    33. dafna kory Creator on

      Hi Rudolf! thanks for your message! Yes - absolutely, when I send out the surveys to get the shipping addresses you'll also have the opportunity to choose which jams you'd like to receive! The spicy peppers jams are my favorite - great with meat and cheese especially!

    34. Missing avatar

      Melissa Heinrich on

      Best of luck! What an exciting venture!

    35. RMP on

      Is it possible to choose which Jams we want? I'm really keen on getting 3 Jalapeño and 3 Chili Jams. I bet they'd go really well in Mexican inspired dishes. I can't wait to try them out and maybe import them to Norway and Denmark myself.

    36. Matt Englund on

      Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


    37. dafna kory Creator on

      Hi Yolanda! Thank you for your kind words! you can find INNA jam in LA at the following stores:

      Auntie Em's Kitchen | 4616 Eagle Rock Boulevard | 323.255.0800
      Erewhon Natural Foods Market | 7660-B Beverly Boulevard | 323.937.0777
      Lost & Found | 6320 Yucca Street | 323.856.5872
      The Detox Market | 8380 Beverly Boulevard | 323.782.0421
      Two Bits Market | 210 W 5th Street | 213.627.2636
      Village Gourmet | 4357 Tujunga Avenue | 818.487.3807

      (full list of stores here:

    38. Yolanda H on

      Have never heard of Inna Jams. I live in Los Angeles. I loved the video, it inspired me to make a donation. Where can I find your jams down here? I will spread the word.

    39. Claire on

      It will be one sweet smelling kitchen!

    40. Fred Hempel on

      The Fresno Pepper jam is truly out of this world! What a great project. We definitely need more jam.

    41. Paula Scoggins on

      great video and project. good luck!

    42. Nicole Kramer Easterday on

      VERY excited for you! You can do this!

    43. Missing avatar

      daniel umansky on

      good luck!!! love you!!!
      dani, yael & yuval

    44. Missing avatar

      Nicole Dula on

      INNA jam just makes life better! Best of luck!

    45. dafna kory Creator on

      Hi Martin! for 1 jar of jam to Australia please add $10 for international shipping. for 6 jars of jam to Australia, please add $40 for international shipping. Thank you!

    46. Martin Rudat on

      How much extra to get a jar of jam Down Under (Australia)? I know a few people who'd probably go for a jar of spicy jam. =)

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