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Join forces with Miss Erika Davies. Fund the project that will make completing her first full length album, "Galaxy Lakes", a reality.
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Erika Davies

95 backers pledged $2,914 to help bring this project to life.

Update #20....A pebble in the road.....

Alright! This is going to be my last update before cds are shipped off, I promise.

It has been a crazy process, making this cd!
As for my last update, all of the outer cases are ready to send out to you kickstarter folk. I just need to fill them with Cds! Unfortunately there has been another pebble in the road..... the Cd manufacturing plant sent me my Cds over two weeks ago and they all came to me damaged by a poor quailty printing job :(
This left me to have to first contact which was and still is a lengthy process (to obtain a refund) and also to find another way to print my disks.

Luckily, I am an artist.
I make my living through the handmade and I cannot deny that I am partial to creative souls. With that, I've decided to do away with the big companies and hired a local carving artist FAWA ( whom is going to hand make me a stamp and teach me how to print them using a roller and speedball waterbased inks at what better place? My live show at a local handmade shop "Make Good" ( this weekend! 
The image of what she will design from is attached below.
Just as soon as they dry....i am shipping them all in one day!!!!! :D Believe me, I want you guys to have them so very badly.
I am so sorry for the delay which has been beyond my control.

Thank you for taking part in the creation of...... "Galaxy Lakes"

.Miss Erika Davies.
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