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Join forces with Miss Erika Davies. Fund the project that will make completing her first full length album, "Galaxy Lakes", a reality.

Hello Everybody!
Thank you for visiting my project page and for your consideration in becoming a part of completing my first full length album, "Galaxy Lakes".

Originally, I set out on my own to begin the cd creation process and have come to a stall due to the lack of funding.
I would like to reach those interested in becoming a part of finishing this beautifully haunting & quirky collection of my music.

There will be 12 songs,
The track listing is as follows in no particular order as of yet,

2.Jing Me
3.Kicks Ya
4.Robot Girl
5.Deep Sea Dancer
6.I love you, I do - song played in subaru commercial
7.Empty Shell
8.Galaxy Lakes - album title track
9.I wonder
10.Little Bird - my bird ankles sings on this song
11.We Are
12.Two Inches High

I have decided to sign up on Kickstarter with the goal of raising at least $2,000 to help fund my album creation & release. Although the actual costs are much greater than this, I feel that this is a reasonable amount which can be reached and hopefully exceeded with the help of my fans, friends, and family whom have continued to support my music.

A little about myself:

Over the last four years, I have spent my time performing and being a part of the local music scene in San Diego, California.
For the first two years, I began as a coffee house, open mic jazz standard singer.
Shortly after, I began performing with my first duet and full band experience on a small tour of the Los Angeles and San Diego area alongside local troubadour Gregory Page.

With that experience, I set out to create my own music.

I've now been playing my music throughout San Diego as Miss Erika Davies for two years.
All the while performing and writing new songs for my first full length album,"Galaxy Lakes".

Along my musical journey, i've had the chance to appear on NPR,
I've also been nominated "Best Acoustic" at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards and was a performer at the San Diego Music Awards as well.
I also recently sang part of my "I love you, I do" song on this subaru commercial, people loved it.

I am very excited about sharing this opportunity with you!
Many of you have been able to watch me perform and express myself through my live shows and many still have not. Once my album is complete and i've had my cd release, I plan to tour outside of San Diego as well!
With your support, i'll now have the chance of reaching more of you by capturing the heart of my performance onto a beautifully packaged cd for your ears to hear.

Thank you for your taking the time to read this far.
You are the reason that I am able to keep playing music.
If you would like to help me fund "Galaxy Lakes", please select one of the special packages to the right that I have created and forward this to your friends!

Each and every dollar you pledge will go towards producing and releasing my album in April 2011.

** My Birthday is January 20th! Maybe you can help me meet my goal by then!?! **

A little extra information, I am an unconventional seamstress. I've taught myself everything I know. For the last 7 years I've been creating, designing and hand sewing clothing. I have my own clothing line, Spicy Toast and an etsy store,
One of the pledge packages includes a custom made shirt!

You can visit my myspace at
As well as my facebook at

Thank you!

.Miss Erika Davies.


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    Everything mentioned above plus a handwritten lyric book to all of my songs on "Galaxy Lakes", also signed!

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