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VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
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    1. Coolant about 10 hours ago

      Has anyone revived anything ?

    2. Bebo about 16 hours ago

      Very disappointing. Will not be using Kickstarter again. No communication, no taking responsibility, no repeat business sadly.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Lam about 20 hours ago

      Where are the items I ordered?

      Send them or offer a refund!!

    4. Peter Sykes Tang 1 day ago


    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Gallagher 2 days ago

      Very disappointing. Will not be using Kickstarter again. No communication, no taking responsibility, no repeat business sadly.

    6. Missing avatar

      beni.wild 3 days ago

      Kickstarter sucks... No help about this fraud

    7. Missing avatar

      Siu-Wai Leung
      4 days ago

      What did Kickstarter help? Nothing?

    8. Jen Arciaga 4 days ago

      Kickstarter is a scam totally shit.

    9. Jeryl Ng 4 days ago

      Hi guys, Creation cell continued to sell their products to other platforms and stores like touch of modern, some Thai online stores too.

      This meant that we have been ignored and scammed.

      Maybe we could dig out all their face and background and shame them on Facebook.

    10. Vac Pac 4 days ago

      KS did what the ate contracted to do!

      Creation cell simply got a half million.

      Why do people want to penalize the company with integrity but allow CC to walk?

    11. Hung Huynh 5 days ago

      I think kickstarter is the real scammer for taking the fee money and just turned a blind eyes to all this crooks. Shame on you kickstater. I will never support any projects again.

    12. Missing avatar

      harry anderson 5 days ago

      any petition that i can sign to stop them selling in touch of modern???what a bunch of crooks.

    13. Josef Horák 5 days ago

      When can we expect to receive Vago? I will have to ask for a refund if I do not receive mine till the end of May

    14. Vac Pac 7 days ago

      So vago gets money and provides nothing.
      KS provides 100% what they promise

      You hurt the wrong people!!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nico 7 days ago

      seems that KS react. My bank called me today and asked me if i still have not receive VAGO because KS wants the money back which i have claimed back... As long as i have not the product and KS cannot proof that i received the product. They will not get money back from me.

    16. Khai Nguyen on May 16

      Well, this then is the last time I'll be backing anything. So much for crowfunding, share economy and all the other buzz words lately. Seems like the whole idea with Kickstarter depends on the honesty of the creator but when the creator is a crock the whole thing collapses. The fact is that Vago and Kickstarter both got our money, with Vago the biggest crock here, but Kickstarter, as a honest company and concept, should have acted. Now criminals like Vago can use Kickstarter as a legitimate platform to fool backers and obviously get a way with it. They probably saw this loophole and took advantage of it. With Kickstarter passively observing this from the sideline, pushing all the responsibility to backers and creators, makes them accomplice to this. Really, really disappointed with Kickstarter.

    17. Kiel Henry on May 16

      Would anyone like to file a class action lawsuit?

    18. KA on May 16

      Some ongoing comments from people following my earlier posts about the futile effort to get the product or your money back.

      Some people said do a chargeback with your credit card company. Depending on the bank, they are unlikely to. This is because the charge was so long ago, the value is too low and/or we have paid a third party (KS) - not the creator directly. My credit company was very aware of the Ts & Cs of KS and clearly pointed KS were responsible, not the bank (buyer beware). I suspect it's not the first time someone has rung up and said they want their money back from KS!

      KS also has a page about refunds/disputes. This effectively tells you the creator is responsible. So perhaps someone knows where their office or house is, and I can knock on their door?

      I'll just repeat myself again from below. Projects like this generate a lot of money. KS receives their 'small fee' (see my earlier post). The product never has to reach fruition or delivery. And most importantly, the creators are enjoying an all-inclusive, extended holiday somewhere in the Caribbean with our money.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sheng Zheng on May 15

      no reply from the creator after multiple attempts were made. kickstarter gave me their generic BS respond. I just contacted my credit card company, which will contact the creator on my behalf. i suggest all of you do the same, just dispute it with your credit card company and get your money back!

    20. Vac Pac on May 15

      This guy is launching soon it seems. A lot of R&D, battery and crazy powerful, shows a gauge for power on FB. One to watch. Updated website.

    21. Missing avatar

      Steve Southerland on May 15

      Don't sell your shit on touch of modern until you fulfill your commit mental here. Shitty way to treat your backers

    22. Vac Pac on May 15

      Chia-Ying Tsai
      Last login May 15 2017

    23. Vac Pac on May 15

      Danny Tam - what your contact?

    24. Missing avatar

      Gary Thomas on May 15

      I just got an E-Mail from Touch of Modern that showed the VAGO for sale. Sent message that I would not buy from them again as Creation Cell did not support the 9000+ Kickstarter Backers! Ask them to remove the item and talk to Creation Cell about following through with Kickstarter backers!

    25. Missing avatar

      Arun Sengupta on May 15

      this product is for sale on Tough of modern. Contact them and let them know about the fraud that has been commited

    26. Tobias O.
      on May 15

      TIP: Chargeback Kickstarter - unless they start hurting from it it won't ever change.

    27. Tammy on May 15

      Worst company ever!!!

    28. Emil Chan on May 15

      What the fucking guys, I got nothing !! I want my money back!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Sara Marinho Dias on May 14

      Where are the project owners for this BS ?? Bunch of scumbags !!

    30. Danny Tam on May 14

      I've participated in about 40 crowdfunding campaigns across multiple platforms and this is the first where I've fallen victim to a scam. It's rather unfortunate, because the product had promise and quite frankly, lots of utility.

      My colleague and I founded a startup, and we're in the stages of designing our first product. While unrelated, I won't rule out revisiting and producing a similar, and improved product over the Vago should any backers ever be interested, I'll be sure to incentivize all former Vago backers, who like me, have been duped.

      Will be keeping tabs on the comments on this page should there be any progress contacting the creators, but attempts look rather futile. Bravo for all the internet sleuths here who've made good headway.


    31. Rodney Hunt on May 14

      This is one great big con & KS are also responsible, you can still buy it on their website.... no integrity, dishonest crooks .......Refund required ..

    32. Vac Pac on May 13

      So for "service" on this page they would like to know which platform you are requesting service for: KS or ID.


      Conceited disrespectful unprofessional arrogant thieves.

    33. Vac Pac on May 13

      Chia-Ying Tsai
      Last login May 13 2017

    34. Missing avatar

      on May 13

      Nothing for me and like Sankt fuck the KS already!!!

    35. Sanket Sonavane on May 13

      Its seems no one got anything from this campaign. I have also lost faith in crowd funding as a platform. unless there are some governing rules that also safe guards the backers money to make refunds possible incase of fraud i am never ever backing any projects on any crowd funding platforms its been a waste of time and money and patience.

    36. Jonny
      on May 13

      Did any of the 9000+ backers receive their VAGO or was this just one big con?

    37. Vac Pac on May 12

      Last login May 11 2017

      It's these guys who need all the negative attention, not KS. KS did their job. Creation cell DID NOT.

      They log in, do who knows what, read the negative KS posts then log off laughing?

    38. KA on May 12

      Hi RodV

      As I pointed out in their pathetic response, KS only care about their 'small fee'. They don't care if you actually receive anything or not.

      As this is the second project where they have received my money and not delivered anything, it's only done one thing - turn me against ever using KS again.

      To be honest, I think Kay S is just a robot, as I am sure everyone receives the same automated response!

    39. Missing avatar

      RodV on May 12

      Thanks, Kay S., for the clarification of the refund situation with the Vago project. While I understand Kickstarter's inability to refund money on flaky enterprises, it does seem to me that KS could offer a stricter warning to those thinking of backing any given project. What I'd like to know from now on is the percentage of entrepreneurs who successfully fund their idea and then fail to deliver within a certain amount of time (two years, perhaps?). I understand there are risks, but it would be great to be able to quantify. If KS were to report upfront that, say, ten percent of projects have not delivered the goods within two years, I could take that number into consideration before I commit any funds.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ross Dyer on May 12

      No response to e-mails, last update more than a year ago. Rip off. No more Kickstarter for me.

    41. KA on May 11

      That was the response I eventually received from Kickstarter. Seems they like to take their 'small fee' but couldn't care less about our money.

      Felt I should just start a campaign myself. Raise half a million. Run away with the money. As there seems to be no responsibility from anyone! That seems to be the case here!

    42. KA on May 11

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)

      May 11, 12:41 AM EDT

      Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the frustrating experience you've had with this project.

      Each project on Kickstarter is an independent work by a creator. They receive payment directly at the end of a successful funding period in order to fund their project and fulfill rewards. That money never actually passes through our hands — we only receive a small fee.

      If you’d like to see if a refund is possible, we recommend reaching out to the creator directly. If you don't hear back from the creator after a bit, feel free to follow up with another message or comment. It's possible the creator is responding to many messages from backers, along with trying to work on their project and fulfilling rewards, so it can take a while to hear back.

      If you’ve already tried that and haven’t received a response through Kickstarter messaging, you might want to consider reaching out through other channels such as social media or the creator’s own website, where available.

      As funds are disbursed directly to the project creator, we're unable to facilitate refunds. That said, I hope that this matter is resolved soon and am here to help if you have any other questions or concerns.

      Kay S.

    43. Jet Carman on May 11

      WHAT THE FUCK?! Its been a fucking year. NO EMAILS NO NOTHING since December. I want my money back

    44. Missing avatar

      Sma Mamo on May 11

      Scam? I have 60 USD lost?
      Were I find help for refund?

    45. Jimmy Quach on May 11

      Anyone got their product yet?

    46. Missing avatar

      LEE HYERYEONG on May 10

      돈내놔 이쉐키들아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ

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