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VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
9,182 backers pledged $473,098 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Juan Pablo Volpintesta
      about 9 hours ago

      so, those were $40 spent to learn to be more careful :) Nice scam guys!

    2. Missing avatar

      dan about 17 hours ago

      Still nothing?

    3. Shelby B. about 19 hours ago

      Creation Cell - Last login Jun 18 2017

    4. Missing avatar

      Tom Toth 1 day ago


    5. Hannah Leigh Joy Foster 2 days ago

      please respond to my email! Have paid for a product over a year ago and still not recieved! :,(

    6. Missing avatar

      Ross Lowry
      2 days ago

      Where is my product?

    7. Thomas Florez de Uria 2 days ago

      Same thing....I have also stopped using kickstarter since this project failed.... extremely disappointed...

    8. James Luk
      3 days ago

      Can we get a refund?
      I'm moving and nobody responding to my address update?!!!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ng 4 days ago

      I have stopped using kickstarter since this project failed.... very disappointed.

    10. Bryan Cho 5 days ago

      Some months ago, I contacted Kickstarter staff. They Insisted they are only agent. We should contact Got damn that creator to get our product. Fucking Kickstarter should have reponsibility but they only said The rick is our own.

      If you can make some nice video and good voice, you get steal money from people through Kickstarter very easily. Let's go for it.


    11. Dax Ventura Sayon Velando 5 days ago

      Same here... no product... very disappointing...

    12. Missing avatar

      Mike L
      5 days ago

      total disappointment......

    13. Missing avatar

      Shigenobu Nishikawa 6 days ago

      received nothign. I contacted and asked kickstarter support, even they did nothing. Both this project and kickstarter are not trusted people. Refund please.

    14. Viking Sojé Berggren 7 days ago

      OK, so no backers got anything. Have people that bought it elsewhere got it?

      Found it on

    15. Keigo 7 days ago

      Even kickstarter cannot be trusted.

    16. Keigo 7 days ago

      I'm no longer going for kickstarter other then company who have record of history of success and trust else no matter how interesting it will be a NO NO

    17. Missing avatar

      jinpyo on June 18

      any update? please refund

    18. Eric JF Kleijssen on June 18

      no reaction to message (4 weeks!) - where is the product or where is the money? this is rediculous

    19. Missing avatar

      Karen Pasig
      on June 18

      Please refund immidiately Ort Kickstarter please start reacting instead of sending standard mails! Thank you!

    20. Missing avatar

      on June 17


    21. Marmæl
      on June 17

      Refund, please.

    22. Rodney Hunt on June 16

      No links on their website work, they have our money now so it does not matter, absolute total scam this is, no product to people who paid to get this thing going, lowest filthy scum ......�

    23. Akbal Randhawa
      on June 16

      I have written to Kickstarter and after the first standard reply I got another saying they will be in contact with the creator but still nothing. I have lost much more on failed projects but this one annoyed me the most as it isn't a failed project it is a successful one that seems to have decided simply to not honour the contract. Extremely dishonest and should not be allowed to happen.

    24. Missing avatar

      Virginia Tang
      on June 16

      It's honestly projects like this that have deterred me from pledging for more projects that might really need pledgers to get things going.
      Disgusted with the project owners, like this one, who have scammed people who have supported them!

    25. Missing avatar

      on June 16

      When do I get my VAGO?

    26. Luca Busolli on June 15

      Please tell us what's going on.

    27. Martin Moalli on June 15

      Where is my product ?? still nothing...

    28. Bryan Teh on June 14


    29. Missing avatar

      Ben Lowing on June 14

      Fraud Fraud Fraud! this campaign is nothing but fraud.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sergio Dantas on June 14

      Any updates????

    31. Vac Pac on June 13

      Chia-Ying Tsai
      Last login Jun 13 2017

    32. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin
      on June 13

      stealing scum. all we would have needed is an update to tell us your situation, but it turns out you're happily selling your product and refuse to acknowledge us or deliver what you promised, because you are thieves and conartists. you'll feel the pain of your dishonesty at some time in life, when it catches up to you and people you care about see how worthless you are.

    33. V-For Vay on June 12

      Have not received. Survey done since Jul 2016. Let's group up and sue the company.

    34. Eric JF Kleijssen on June 12

      have not received anything at all - after rounding up Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects I will terminate my accounts.. too many scam projects - waste of time and money!

    35. James Wong on June 12

      I think you need to fill out the Survey.

    36. Kevin Soss
      on June 12

      How Do contact a Tawanese Attorney To SUE these People - We ALSO need the name of the stores that they are SELLING OUR FUINDED Products TOO!! They have a responsibility to provide us with our Products that we paid for... HELLO KICKSTARTER!!!! YOU ARE NEXT!!!

    37. Yigal Ziskand on June 11

      Truly shame on you! No updates, no product, no reply.

    38. Missing avatar

      miu3112 on June 11

      anything update????/ still no follow-up, before have email but now is nth else

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ng on June 10

      Anything we can do ?

    40. Mara Cheng on June 10

      No response from them. Still have not received product. Totoally horrible that they are selling their products elsewehere while still not giving backers the items we funded them for.

    41. Hini Albert
      on June 10

      Shame on you!

    42. Missing avatar

      Raymond on June 9

      Unethical Taiwan entrepreneurs ! All of Taiwan is shamed by you.

    43. Chan Wai Chan on June 9

      Still nothing , pls refund.

    44. Missing avatar

      Charmaine Lin on June 8

      Still nothing

    45. Ruben Torres Jr on June 8

      I want a full refund !!!!!

    46. Laura Kasakoff on June 8

      Any update? Wtf.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand Brandon Yu on June 8

      1 of 3 i funded only delivered goods , wow...pls send product or refund

    48. Missing avatar

      armir perez on June 8

      Signed that petition. Remember now, their full NAMES and FACES are on this kickstarter campaign. These idiots must think we are too stupid to notice the touch of modern website with their products sold on shelves in the Asian market. Like I said, their FULL NAMES and FACES are on this kickstarter campaign. With 9,182 ANGRY backers with pledges totaling $473,098, these creation cell idiots have become very popular people now

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