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VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
9,182 backers pledged $473,098 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Piya Suri about 2 hours ago

      Again I requested Kickstrater must take respond of this case. At least KS should take any action to show backer otherwise how we can trust in KS system

    2. Arunwadi Nui about 4 hours ago

      I saw VAGO being sold in shops in Bangkok,Thailand. Why it has no reply from kickstarter ?

      We could at least get a reply or a refund.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anson Ngan about 11 hours ago

      I still haven't received the stuff, please deal with this ASAP!

    4. Kevin Johnstone about 11 hours ago

      half a mill fraud.... kickstarter takes a cut....... the rest of us lose money.

      quite the nice scam yah got going there kickstarter.

    5. Missing avatar

      about 13 hours ago


    6. Missing avatar

      Takaaki Miyamoto about 14 hours ago

      I have not received it yet.
      I'd like you to ship it immediately or refund it!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Leah about 16 hours ago

      Refund please

    8. Franz-Robert van Vugt about 18 hours ago

      Think it's definitely time for another status update guys!
      Imho delays are natural, especially with kickstarters. However: in order to not unleash the fury of angry backers: Make sure you keep us up to date frequently and stay honest..

    9. Missing avatar

      david rabinowitz
      about 18 hours ago

      Can I get a refund please!

    10. Pym about 19 hours ago

      Refund me too ! Am waiting some news from you to give my money back

    11. Jack Bolous about 21 hours ago

      I'm greatly disappointed in the lack of professionalism that has been shown in the Kickstarter. I was hoping that this would have been a great asset to my traveling but now I see that it has made my wallet smaller and not my luggage.

      It's most likely pointless to ask but I would like to receive a refund. Please provide a route to go about doing that.

    12. Krzysztof Dragowski about 21 hours ago

      What goes around comes around. You will get what you deserve!

    13. Daniel Hu about 22 hours ago

      Give me my money back...

    14. Missing avatar

      chefzaa 1 day ago

      I need refund!!!!!!!!

    15. Lesley 1 day ago

      @ Hout Francis

      The YouTube video was basically saying how badly received the product and communication is for the 'dream product'. Then going on to say how customers (in China) are loosing faith in Taiwanese companies as a whole and results in the preference of Japan and Korea. More or less.

      It was in Chinese mandarin but spoke a little quick so I may have interpreted it a little differently than what was intended.

    16. Missing avatar

      우경하 1 day ago

      Refund me!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mireya 2 days ago

      So, Kickstarter won´t refund any money or in such case becamo responsible for what it promoves in it's website. This is wrong, if we choose to come to this page is for that security, which we don't have.
      How can we sue an offshore company?
      There is no way.
      I'm very pissed.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mireya 2 days ago

      I want a REFUND!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jodi kabler 2 days ago

      Refund me!

    20. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      The video says that the people have been complaining that Vago has raised almost $1million but supporters have not been receiving their products even though Vago has been selling in stores in several different stores/countries.

      It also says that the bags connecting port has been breaking after a few uses and that it's taking longer than 10 minutes sometimes and still not all the air has been removed from the bag.

      Basically the product is crap, the company is crap, and their customer service is crap.

    21. Michael Pang 2 days ago

      @HOUT FRANCIS, The video says that some of the backers from TAIWAN (Where VAGO is located) have received Vago in December/early January. However, they have encountered problems such as...
      - Vago taking more than 10 minutes to compress bags
      - Vago valve breaks after a few usages
      - Vago not being able to fully compress all the air out of the bag

      Kickstarter needs to take action and at least tell Vago to give us a respond. I do not mind waiting for another few months as long as I can get a product that is reliable/usable. However, the communication part is extremely poor for this project.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joseph T DeRanieri 2 days ago

      Reported to Kickstarter and they did a cut and paste reply which had nothing to do with my cobcern.

      Everyone needs to contact Kickstarter and flood their email so they take responsibility.

    23. Kit Manuel 2 days ago

      Has anyone report this to their cc company?

    24. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lee 3 days ago

      When will your company issue any updates to all backers??
      It has been a long time!!!

    25. Foo Hon Lim 3 days ago

      Vago has indicated that they will not refund KS project and has not promise a delivery date. Almost all of us are scammed by Vago.

    26. Raid Al-Tamimi 3 days ago

      Guys, please don't spam refund requests, it's no use.

      We simply have been robbed.

    27. Missing avatar

      Rachel Kibble 3 days ago

      Because I haven't received my order and due to the lack of communication I would like a refund please.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tamara Gray 3 days ago

      Well...this seems to have been a waste of money. Has anyone actually received anything?

    29. Missing avatar

      HOUT FRANCIS 3 days ago…
      It would be helpful if someone who has to time to translate this short video concering Vago.

    30. Chiong Yong Sen 3 days ago


    31. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Yavitz 3 days ago

      This is the last I invest in an overseas project.... Vago has gone dark...

    32. Wen Fei Huang 3 days ago

      I also want a refund. This is taking so long..

    33. Cooper Lee 3 days ago

      Silent for more than 3 months now? Bankrupted? Hellooo? Where is my stuff? Vago - Best lying tool!?

    34. Missing avatar

      Werner Rob Kapferer 3 days ago

      Refund please.. This is ridiculous.

    35. Missing avatar

      Justine Chow 3 days ago

      Last resort, messaged the creator via his personal fb…

      If still no reply, AMEX chargeback will be lodged

    36. Justin Law 3 days ago

      I want to refund!!!!!

    37. Féline Lux 3 days ago

      Still got nothing. I want a refund too.

    38. Lizzy Breakwell 3 days ago

      Has anyone from Australia received anything yet?

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Nguyen 3 days ago

      I would like a refund please. Thanks

    40. Alex 4 days ago

      I am also requesting a refund.

      You guys suck

    41. Kristy 4 days ago

      Hi Vago, can I have my refund please? This really isn't working out.

    42. Stefanie Van Leiden 4 days ago

      Total lack of communication and not receiving anything. Please send me the product shortly or refund.

    43. Tung Luong 4 days ago

      Hey guys here is an example of other kickstarter's going downhill. We can potentially file with the FTC against Vago and Kickstarter. I believe Kickstarter has to have some way to vet these people.

    44. Missing avatar

      savion b
      4 days ago

      Due to lack of communication and since I haven't received anything. Please send me the product or refund.

    45. Alan Rogozin 4 days ago

      Due to lack of communication and loss of trust in this campaign, I also am requesting a refund here. Thank you.

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