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VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
VAGO can compress the soft stuffs automatically and get extra space for luggage. All you have to do is plug-in and power on.
9,182 backers pledged $473,098 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Steve Knipe
      about 5 hours ago

      Any update folks? Is this another zano fail?

    2. Missing avatar

      Piroska Kerti about 9 hours ago

      I have never received the product. Would like to get a refund if getting the product is no longer an option.

    3. Har Shone about 10 hours ago

      Never received my product! Would like a refund.

    4. Missing avatar

      Cho EunByul about 10 hours ago

      Refund 환불해줘 내돈

    5. Missing avatar

      Sompong Sinprapaporn
      about 11 hours ago

      Never received my in Thailand but I saw the product on shelf in Apple Store, How the F... would you explain that VAGO team!!!!!�����

    6. Missing avatar

      karen lau about 12 hours ago

      Hi, also made a request to the facebook group, please add thanks :)
      I have made 2 separate pledges. Received one of them, which was only 1 Vago. But the other one which had 4 with extra bags, never arrived.

    7. Charles Ed II Aguilar about 12 hours ago

      i have never got my product.

    8. Florence Hui about 13 hours ago

      I'm in HK and just made a request to add into the Facebook victim group. Please allow me to join the group. I backed the project in KS and never got my product!

    9. Russell Barrett 2 days ago

      What a bunch of cunts! It's scum like you that put people off backing genuine projects from genuine non criminal fraudsters! I hope you all die of arse cancer!

    10. Missing avatar

      Wenli Gan 2 days ago

      Has anyone received a refund? What other action can we take?

    11. Missing avatar

      Pei Shan 2 days ago

      I have not received mine. Please check and send.

    12. george Wijntjes 2 days ago

      with 9182 backers we could go legal at least start a social media campaign..this treatment by Vago is not respectful nor considerate to all the backers. Kickstarter should defend backers rights and support us

    13. David Miles
      2 days ago

      Thieves - scam for certain - no communication shows their level of integrity

    14. Nicholas Pires
      3 days ago

      Three months without an update. This project is a failure and definitely feels like a scam.

    15. Sid Bhasin 3 days ago

      Refund wanted

    16. Missing avatar

      Tony fu 3 days ago

      You may need update the status if you still working hard on this

    17. Missing avatar

      Toshi 3 days ago

      I have not received VAGO yet (from Japan). however, some people in japan received VAGO from Kickstarter.(review>
      Also, another Crowdfunding "makuake" released and people received VAGO. What's going on?

    18. Missing avatar

      Alicja 3 days ago

      Group for disappointed VAGO supporters:

    19. John Lei 3 days ago

      Seem like best option is to call credit card company

    20. Missing avatar

      Nico 4 days ago

      That's absolutely my point! In the terms of conditions is written that the Founder has to update us, he has to inform us in case of troubles, he has to try his best to give us the "product" for what we gave him the money and if he cannot he has to give us the money back or give us an explanation.
      But in this case we don't get any update since 3 month. We ask, we claim and get no feedback. Fact is that they have produced the product and are selling it! It's not the case that they have problems to produce the product. They are selling it already!!!

      I have here only the Terms of condition in german but in german it is clear written: If a backer is contacting his credit card company, Kickstarter will try to clear the matter with the creator. if he cannot provide information that kickstarter will get charge the amount to the bank account from the creator. They have his bank details because they had send him money!

      Everybody has to make her /his own decision.

      As everyone else i waited for month, read the updates and was hoping. Now we didnt get any answer for 3 month, no reaction even the creator was online nealry every day! I saw the commercials on facebook, telling me that vago is selling their product in stores! So it's not the case that they have production problems! They violated definitly the terms of use! Kickstarter has been informed from many of us about this case but do nothing as they say in their terms of use that they give us only the platform but they are not reliable for the project which is ok for me. But I have the right to claim my money back which i did. And i received my money back.

      Again: I understand the way how crow founding is work and i was aware that i can loose my money in the case that the product cannot be produced or something like that. But this is not the case here! Vago is clear cheat on us!

    21. Connie Wong 4 days ago

      How to get back my money ? Refund pls........
      I lost more than $1,000.00 dollars, oh my god !

    22. Jared Lin 4 days ago

      This should not be the case to run this platform.. creators can go missing and kickstarter had their commission and told us to wait for response which obviously is dead communication. If creator can just go missing like this case. Where is the credibility of this platform? In fact all creator can get our funds and go missing just like that. And no one will step in to assist you..we have given them enough time for "a" response.. but we didn't get it.. by consumer right we should already take chance to credit card company for a refund. What's more can we do now?

    23. Missing avatar

      ze hao wu 4 days ago

      So nico :). Should people start talking to their credit card company and getting refunds? What's the best action to take at this point. Almost a year since vago got the funds

    24. Missing avatar

      Nico 4 days ago

      ian where is written that i'm not allowed to claim my money back? kickstarter write that if a backer is claiming his money back via credit card company, kickstarter will they to help to solve the case and if the creator is not able to proof that the backer is wrong, kickstarter will charge the money from the creators account.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nico 5 days ago

      Hi Ian
      and what does it mean? Will Kickstarter claim then some money from me or will ban me?
      My money is already back at my account.

      I understand that they are no store and if Vago would not be sell their products in normal stores, i would have say nothing and live with the loss. But they sell their product! they produce but do not fullfill their agreement with us to send us their product for the money we gave them!

    26. Ian Hamilton
      5 days ago

      You should expect a letter from kick starter shortly saying you have violated the terms of use. I tried that once and it wasn't pretty. Apparently just because a creator violates terms of use by not delivering is not an excuse for you to violate them. I wound up having to cancel my claim for a refund.

      Kickstarter is not a store. There are no guarantees, and if you can't accept the fact that you will not might but "WILL" lose money at some point then you need to stay off kickstarter. I have personnaly lost more than $1000 dollars and i am still here. The terms of use basically say that even if the creator turned out to be a total scammer your not to try and reclaim it from the credit card company. The reason for this is that it also takes kickstarters fee from them and they don't like that. The way they see it is that they have full filled there part of the bargain and should not have to lose there commission just because the creator didn't hold up their end.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nico 5 days ago

      I can only recommend everybody to write to you credit Card company! I wrote them 2 weeks ago that i want a refund because i never received a product. I have to sent them a sigend statement with detailed information, the invoice (attached a screenshot of kickstarter) and information if i had contact with vago and asked for refund (attached a screenshot of Facebook where i claimed) and today i got my money back.

      Vago is selling their product in shops and is not reaciting here since nearly 3 month! Do you really think that they will refund any money??? Or send the products? If you check their facebook side, people claim there about the poor quality of the product!!

      If you want your money back, go to your credit card company and try to get your money back!

    28. Marek Kaštil 5 days ago

      Hello! I still didnt receive my VAGO and I want refund please.
      it takes a lot of time and I dont want wait any more.

    29. Emma 5 days ago

      Such a pity Kickstarter won't take any actions to resolve this since we are obivously not getting the product or a refund from the creator.

    30. Darius Yap 5 days ago

      Hi, I want a refund, its been coming one year now. Ridiculous for such purchase.

    31. Jared Lin 5 days ago

      Kickstarter is not taking any action on this Scam project.. I have email them a lot of times and got a general answer like I can find on their T&C list. I don't believe this crowd funding platform have no empowerment over those scam project which is likely to happen. Any advise?

    32. Luca Gobbi 5 days ago


    33. Missing avatar

      baba 5 days ago

      when are you going to send my vago?

    34. Missing avatar

      Z H 5 days ago

      I time to time check on their taiwanese facebook page, many have comment that it's already on sale on retail stores in Asia, so it's a scam

    35. Jonny
      5 days ago

      So is this a legit KS campaign or a Ponzi scheme to use KS backer funds to pay for products delivered on other crowd platforms? I'm confused but that seems to be suggestion below. Especially as all Comms has dried up on this site.

    36. Missing avatar

      Shin yoong bae 5 days ago

      I still haven't got my vego. .

    37. Missing avatar

      Sma Mamo 6 days ago

      Do you know when you will start shipping?

    38. Missing avatar

      ken tong 6 days ago

      My VAGO is well received on time but it was broken after using once!

    39. John Lei 6 days ago

      where is my good or charged my card and no refund or good

    40. Missing avatar

      Koujiro 6 days ago

      Why are we not getting our refund?

    41. Missing avatar

      JY KIM 6 days ago

      Seems Korean consumers who used Korean Crowd Funding Site got the vago.
      And i can found some defectives. At least, they got the VAGO.
      They got the VAGO about at the end of 2016.

    42. Missing avatar

      JY KIM 6 days ago

      @Craig Bauer OMG I'm Korean and they really do the crowd funding here. seems they made some money from Korean consumers again.

    43. Joy Chua 6 days ago

      Report this to Kickstarter

    44. Joy Chua 6 days ago

      Till date still have not receive the items. It's more than 6 months delayed!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jasmine Tan
      6 days ago

      I want a refund pleaseeee

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