£5.00 pledged of £50,000 goal
By Simon Balmford
£5.00 pledged of £50,000 goal


These are just a few imagies showing Futuro Houses in a nuimber of locations.

As mentioned before these pods were designed and built in the 60's, only 100 were every made. There is one in the Uk that has been imported from South Africa and lovingly restored to as close to original condition as possible. I've always been a fan of the Futuro although had never been inside one until last December?

So in December last year I caught the tube to the other side of London to see one in the flesh, I was blown away. It was amazing, firstly the impact , it stands out, yet at the same time blends with the setting. Inside it was just as amazing, a large brightly lit space but calm space.  The energy was powerful, part of me just wanted to sit and sip a cocktail the other paint or read. The light is perfect for a studio, but also for a holiday or living space. They feel spacious and full of energy.

So from that visit I wanted to get these back into production.

This project is for people to buy a futuro at a very discounted price.  We will start production once we have taken deposits 10 units. The units can be purchased separately (you have to source everything except the windows and panels) or completed. These initial units will be sold at cost and very much reduced to the prices once production starts in full.

As a Kickstarter backer you will be able to select from the original colours, white, turquoise, orange, yellow and and a limed run of pink and one silver. The completed units will be ready to use after they have been set up at your location, for this you just need to have a suitable plot and arrange carrige.

Risks and challenges

Once we have the funding the moulds will be moved to Dorset to be fully prepared and to start production of the segments. A good friend of mine is involved in shipping and haulage and will organise this, he can also help with arranging delivery to the final destination for the Futuro. Intermediate storage will be in the Midlands and so we are perfectly placed for distribution.

Although I believe we have the practical measures in place to get this project started, it is my passion that will drive this to a reality. That said it will be impossible with out your initial support.

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