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VARMiNT - a short film's video poster

VARMiNT follows a filthy & curious feral child, whose obsession with driving a tractor becomes a problem for a local farmer. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on August 11, 2011.

VARMiNT follows a filthy & curious feral child, whose obsession with driving a tractor becomes a problem for a local farmer.

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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About this project

Video Update #1: VARMiNT Introduction & Inspiration

Video Update #2: Location Scout, Sonoma, CA

We're making a short film and we need your HELP!

The Story

VARMiNT is live-action short film that would be best classified as a dark comedy, some might say morbid, but we think those people are just being negative.

VARMiNT follows a filthy and scarred feral child, who survives by scavenging food from farms.  The only things he's got to his name are a pair of tighty-whitey underpants worn backwards and a baby blanket (which scarcely resembles a blanket anymore in its condition).  After being hunted like an animal by two not particularly domesticated farm boys, the VARMiNT escapes to a family’s farm where he becomes enamored with driving a tractor and all of the troubles, which follow.


"What is a Varmint,” you might ask? Well, Varmints are abandoned and orphaned children left to survive on their own, feral children, ostensive.

Historically, children haven't had much success living in the wild without adult’s protection and loving care. But, in recent years and largely attributed to relaxed FDA regulations on preservatives in baby formulas, there has been an alarming increase in the survival rate of these most unfortunate youngsters. In fact, it has become a public health concern.

Legislation has bounce back and forth on this controversial issue of just what to do with Varmints, and with good reason…Varmints can be destructive and even dangerous! They're known carriers of disease including Cyclosporititus, for which there is still no known cure. It is a decision with difficulty of the highest order. There are those of us in the international community who see this unfortunate situation as a tragedy, and those of us making this film that see this as a comedy, albeit dark comedy. And for this reason, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please help spread the word before this infestation gets out of control!

Help Us/Help Yourselves/Help You

VARMiNT will be shot on premium HD cameras with premium lenses (Sony F35 w/ newly released Leica Summilux-C lenses, for the camera geeks) courtesy of BandPro Film & Digital Inc. and shot on location at a beautiful vineyard in Sonoma, CA thanks to our kind friends at Scribe Winery (we highly recommend you try their wine sometime!) You can count on this to be a beautiful film!

Principle photography is scheduled to begin in late August and with your support we should be able to complete the film by December, “it’s our next Christmas picture!”

While we have secured the majority of our budget, we need to raise additional funds. And that's where you come in! We’re reaching out to the wonderful Kickstarter community for donations to help us pay for things we haven’t been able to get donated like: lighting & grip equipment rental, sound equipment rental, insurance, permits and fees, safety experts, stunt coordinator, studio teachers, travel expenses, lodging for our cast/crew, craft services (food so our lovely crew doesn't mutiny) and the list goes on and on and on...

Our team prides itself on making the most of its resources and every dollar that's given will show up on the silver screen. We can promise you that!

Personally, we are financially invested in the project and have already received great support from successful industry professionals willing to donate their time, effort, knowledge and equipment!

Please help, become an honorary Varmint today by donating to this project and helping us make our dream film a reality!

VARMiNT Website:  Check out our website at for up to the date news, info, pledge shout-outs, photos and more!

VARMiNT Location Scout:  Scribe Winery, Sonoma, CA - Photos taken by our talented DP, Mr. Randy Wedick

VARMiNT Shooting Location:  Scribe Winery, Sonoma, CA

Check out VIDEO #2 from our location in Sonoma, CA HERE!



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    Congratulations you just became an honorary RAT! Sure you may have been responsible for decimating the world population in 1400 and people will squeal and shriek when they see you, but you're going to receive a custom VARMiNT rat button and an online thank-you credit on the official VARMiNT website & the director's personal twitter account!

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    You should feel so lucky; you're an honorary PRAIRIE DOG! The next time you poke your head out of that burrow you're going to be envy of your prairie dog “town,” with your own custom VARMiNT prairie dog button, a digital download of the completed film and an online thank you credit on the official VARMiNT website & the directors personal twitter account!

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    Let's face facts: you're ugly and you steal cat food, but that's all okay now because you're an honorary OPOSSUM! In addition to all of the previous rewards, you're going to stuff your pouch with a DVD copy of the completed film, a custom VARMiNT opossum button and a thank you letter from the writer & director on VARMiNT letterhead! You’re going to want to “play possum” with this one!

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    You're looking sharp in that furry tuxedo: you’re an honorary SKUNK! People won't mind your odor problem because in addition to all the previous rewards you're going to get a "Special Thank You" credit in the film, your choice of a Blu-ray or DVD copy of the completed film and a custom VARMiNT skunk button! Wear it proudly.

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    Congratulations! You're an honorary PORCUPINE! Keep your quills down because in addition to all the previous reward, you're getting a "Very Special Thank You" credit in the film, a custom VARMiNT porcupine button and a Creative Growth for Everybody T-SHIRT in your size! Proceeds from Creative Growth for Everybody contribute to the support of the artist and Creative Growth Art Center, the world’s oldest & largest non-profit visual art center for disabled adults, located in Oakland, CA. Now doesn’t that make you feel good!

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    Hot damn, you obtrusive little menace! You're an honorary RACCOON! Nobody's going to mind that you're probably carrying rabies because in addition to all the previous rewards, you're getting your hyper-sensitive little paws on an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit, a hand written thank you letter from the writer & director, a pack of 3 production stills, a custom VARMiNT raccoon button and an invitation to the film's wrap party! No more scrounging for food for you!

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    Stop eating the neighbor’s cat and howl at the moon, cause you're an honorary COYOTE! In addition to all the previous rewards, you just got your teeth into an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit, a PRIVATE SCREENING of the film in Los Angeles for two* and the elusive custom VARMiNT coyote button Hhhhooowwwwwllllll!!!!

    *(screening only: the rest is on you)

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    Get ready to start scratching your head for lice, because you are an honorary FERAL CHILD! King of the VARMiNTS! In addition to all of the previous rewards, as king you're entitled to human food, a piping hot PIZZA fresh out of the oven and directly to your home (even if it's in a tree)! Your going to get a delivery of fresh flowers and a highly coveted custom VARMiNT feral child button! You’re top of the food chain now! In addition, you will receive a signed copy of the script from the director and writer! Your a true patron of the arts and your generosity knows no bounds!

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    Dust off your dirty little feet, put on your fine linens and walk with a strut on your white carpet with pride, because you’re now an honorary GOLDEN FERAL CHILD! Not only are you King of the VARMiNTS, you’re the chosen one! In addition to all of the previous rewards, if you live within a 25-mile radius of the director’s house (or if he’s traveling near your home town), he will personally come over to your house and wash, wax and polish you car to a mirrored finish. In addition, a script signed by the entire cast & crew, as well as a specially selected prop from the VARMiNT prop room. In addition, we’ll come up with something worthy from the film. How’s that for elbow grease!

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