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Going to Papua New Guinea to build, eat, craft, document, and learn with the Sawiyano Tribe. Creating relationships, essays and art.
Going to Papua New Guinea to build, eat, craft, document, and learn with the Sawiyano Tribe. Creating relationships, essays and art.
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Ticket Research, Conversation, Reading & Writing!

Hi Everyone!

The planning for the trip to Papua New Guinea is going great! I have been researching airline tickets and am in good relations now with Bethany's Travel Agent! Cross your fingers for good deals!

I've also been doing a lot of reading and preparing my mind for this trip. David Abram's The Spell of the Sensuous has been an amazing influence on me these past couple of weeks. Still on the list to reread is Yi-Fu Tuan's Space and Place and Escapsim, Jung's The Earth Has a Soul, and Ponty's The Primacy of Perception

While reading, I am also continuing to write this book that will capture not only some of the experiences of this trip, but also some of my previous travels as well. I'm about 50 pages into the introduction and it is a bit jumbled to be honest. Definitely some editing to do, but it's been great to get all of my thoughts out on topics like: care, perception, experience, and our relations with Others. It is also possible that one of my good friends, Ryan Hageman, will be designing the book! I'm so excited!

It has been a great feeling these past weeks, preparing and discussing ideas. There have been many friends willing to help out and lend a hand in conversation and I am extremely thankful!

When more news comes I'll keep you in the loop!


All my knowledge of the world, even my scientific knowledge, is gained from my own particular point of view, or from some experience of the world without which the symbols of science would be meaningless. The whole universe of science is built upon the world as directly experienced, and if we want to subject science itself to rigorous scrutiny and arrive at a precise assessment of its meaning and scope, we must begin by reawakening the basic experience of the world of which science is the second-order expression. (...) To return to things themselves is to return to that world which precedes knowledge, of which knowledge always speaks, and in relation to which every scientific schematization is an abstract and derivative sign-language, as is geography in relation to the country-side in which we have learnt beforehand what a forest, a prairie or a river is.

- Maurice Merleau-Ponty


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      Beth jacobs on March 30, 2012

      Brian, this sounds like a great way to open yourself to the amazing experience ahead. Enjoy, ~Beth J.