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A place where anyone can go to upload and search statistics.

Hi Everyone,

Here is the current progress:

Here is a statistic created within Statpedia, and displayed in beautiful Statpedia interactive search:!/kickstarter  

Here is a 1 min demo video:

Here is a 5 min demo video in more detail:

The description is as simple as the title.  Our objective is to build a collaborative search engine for statistics.  We have taken the Wikipedia concept and applied it to statistic search.

Anyone can visit Statpedia to create a statistic.  Sources are required to make sure credit is given where it is due.

Although it has cost much more than $500 to develop Statpedia.  We are really struggling right now.  Initial release is is expected around mid December.

There are currently 4 individuals diligently working on Statpedia including myself.  We truly believe we are creating a valuable tool for the world.

All funding to statpedia goes directly to paying those individuals working on the project so we don't end up on the streets starved to death.

Funding this project is fifty people like yourself making the plunge saying, "Okay Statpedia seems like a cool concept, I am willing to pay 10 dollars for this object on the internet."  =)

Any additional funding will be put towards the most cost effective first class individuals money can buy.  No Statpedia employee will receive more than $20,000 in annual donations working on Statpedia full time.  We need food, shelter, and internet at the bare minimum.  

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

A main risk is being able to afford the necessary server computers once statpedia is released. We really want to make sure that statpedia is always running smoothly for the world.

Many of the risks have been eliminated since the project development stage is at a stable progress level. Although there are minor bugs, they will all be addressed as soon as possible. There are good honest hard working people at Statpedia. We all work our hearts out to build this beautiful concept.

Figuring out how to get a Wolfram Alpha search link as a default search display box and fact checker against anyone's uploaded statistic is a challenge.

Incorporating Matlab, or R, or Octave as a place where people can upload their datasets and graph them correctly is another challenge.

Allowing people to upload csv, excel sheets, and google docs to then interpret their data into statpedia format is yet another challenge.

I have no doubt in my mind that we will overcome any challenges we face at Statpedia. We maintain the mindset that we can build anything.


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