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The best thing since sliced bread, if you lived in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with no sliced bread.
The best thing since sliced bread, if you lived in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with no sliced bread.
1,350 backers pledged $41,144 to help bring this project to life.

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International Shipments


Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of comments in the last few days. Here's an update as to what is going on. I meant to post this last week, but I got a really bad cold and have been pretty incapable of getting work done.

100% of the international packages have been shipped out as of 3 weeks ago, you should have gotten yours by now. 

If you have not received your package please message me. Jesse is monitoring my Kickstarter messages and will sort out what has happened and get you the package ASAP.

We've been doing this for about a week and a half and it has been going very smoothly.


If you're curious what has been going on, thats what the rest of this post is about:

Primarily this process has taken a long time because I've been waiting for the warehouse to let me know that all of the packages have been shipped. I then wanted to give them some time out before looking up peoples tracking numbers because every communication with the warehouse is another thing to keep track of and because the tracking numbers were delivered to the warehouse non digitally (they're literally in an drawer), they need to be located and scanned. This takes a lot of time, time that I'd rather the warehouse spent on shipping out remaining orders. It's especially difficult to go through the weeklong process of finding and shipping number only to find it either hasn't arrived yet, or has arrived during the process (which has happened more than a few times). 

That is done now, the warehouse let us know that all the packages should have gone out, so we can finally get to locating all the missing packages.

Things would have gotten started slightly sooner than now, but the last month and a half has been especially trying for me because my fiancé had to have a number of epidurals and then emergency back surgery that I had to red-eye home from a conference in California for. I've been entirely occupied supporting her recovery and trying to manage the other responsibilities that I had to push aside. Clearly this is no excuse, but I think I'd at least let you know what's been happening in my life. Finally last week I had enough spare time to have Jesse come over and transition the tracking/shipping/communications job to him. He's been able to be a lot more on top of it than I was the past few weeks. Please continue to message me though, as Jesse will be logging into my account and accessing the messages. So if you haven't gotten your package, please message me. Jesse will get on top of it. It may take some time to get information back from the warehouse on the tracking, but thats normal, whenever you work with partners for physical goods there are always delays (it seems). We will find these packages and you will receive them. I'm so sorry it has taken so long.

Thanks for reading, We can't wait for everyone to be happy with their copies of the game :)

-Zach (+Jess +Jesse)

The Definitive Shipping Status Update


Haven't yet recieved your copy of Guts of Glory? Please Read This.

First off, here are the facts of where we are at:

- Domestic Packages to All Backers were sent out. You should probably have them, but some of you do not. More on that in a moment.

- International Packages: Approximately 80% of these packages have been shipped out, including 100% of the higher tier backer packages.

Why is it like this?

I finally got in touch with my friend/contact at the warehouse and he let me know a lot of things that made me feel a lot better about where we are at shipping wise. I've compiled what he told me into a small FAQ here:

Q: Why did the shipping take so long? Why are boxes still being shipped?
A: We shipped these boxes at a very hard time for the US Postal Service. Not only were they dealing with Christmas deliveries, but they just made a deal with to carry all of their packages in exchange for free Sunday deliveries. Whoever made this deal definitely didn't consult the actual postal workers on the ground and they are not thrilled. The postal office we used literally rate limited our packages after we sent the first 400, and told us we could only bring in 50 a day, or they wouldn't process them.

Q: What about International Shipments? Those seem to be taking a ridiculously long time?
A: International shipments are more complicated for two reasons. First off, they have customs forms that need to be filled out by hand. Secondly though, and less expected, was that the USPS has very strict rules about how addresses must be formatted to be accepted by their shipment systems. The warehouse ran into dozens of malformed address issues, and each one was a little extra work that slowed things down further. Additionally, the USPS decided that 'International' didn't mean 'anywhere international', and we have two packages that we just could not send through the USPS despite our best efforts. We've had to send them FedEx at a huge loss ($75 a piece), but at least those backers will be receiving the game soon. Because of that we've adjusted the international shipment locations on our website to only Canada and the UK, and will be slowly expanding back out from there.

Q: Ok, but then Where is my game? I live in the US and you said it was shipped, is it lost?
A: My warehouse contact told me that he isn't surprised given the overload the USPS has been processing that some games haven't been delivered yet. I asked him for a hard date on when we should start looking into lost packages and he told me Monday the 10th. So if you haven't received your package by the end of the day on the 10th, please let me know via a kickstarter message. It turns out we do have the tracking information for all of the packages, just we don't have it in a digital form. On the 10th, if we receive notification from you that your package has not arrived we'll dig into our records and figure out exactly where the package is, let you know, and figure out how to fix whatever is going on.

Q: I emailed you about a change of address for an international shipment. Did that get in before the item shipped?
A: Yes, according to my warehouse contact, we caught these before they went out for the few of you that asked for changes.

Q: What happened to the orders for the Friend and a Friend Editions, and the Surprised Art Collector Edition? I got shipped the wrong thing.
A: There was an error in the shipping system in the warehouse where all of these orders got collapsed into normal "one copy of the game" orders. So people who backed for 2 copies, 5 copies, or a special signed + random art copy, only got one normal copy.
The replacements have already been shipped out, so you should get the proper packages for your backing level soon. (random art people will get a whole new copy that is signed and has art in it. You can keep your "bonus" vanilla copy :) ).

I hope that this information helps. I certainly was comforted to hear a lot of it. It's especially nice to know that we have tracking numbers on everything.


And now for something completely different:

We're co-hosting a launch party for Guts of Glory with our friend Eric Zimmerman's new game Quantum, which is a completely amazing dice-based space combat game.

The party will be this Thursday (tomorrow!) at the NYU Gamecenter at NYU Poly in Brooklyn. More info is at their website here.
We'll have a designer panel where Eric and I talk about our games and making them moderated by the amazing Margaret Robertson (@ranarama on twitter). There will also be Prizes, a DJ set by our own Jesse Fuchs, and a space to play and buy copies of the games. The poster, designed by Jess Worby is below.

Thanks so much for bearing with us on all of this. The response to the game from those of you who have received it has been really positive, and hopefully more of you will have that experience soon. I'm mortified it had to be slightly marred by this shipping debacle. As it has gone with this project, we're always learning.

-Zach (+Jess +Jesse)

Apocalypse Now


haha. ahh. I’ve been waiting over a year to use that joke. Not worth it.

Anyway- The shipments have arrived in our warehouse!
Here are some photos!

Jess, Jesse, and I will be going up this Sunday to sign the ‘Signed Copies’, bring up the pins, pack the boxes in other just-slightly-larger boxes, and make sure everything is good to go. We hope to have everything mailed out on Monday.

That means, it is FINALLY time for the Kickstarter Rewards Survey. You will be receiving it shortly.

Three Very Important Pieces of Information: 

1- If you do not live in the US and did not add the correct amount for shipping
Before you fill out the survey, please do so. You can add money to your order by clicking here, and buying a credit for the correct amount. On the survey you will see a box at the bottom where you should place the order number you receive. If you did in fact pay the right amount and don't need to do this, just put N/A in the box.

2- If you backed us at a tier receiving either a mouth board or a framed piece of artwork:
We will send out an additional survey soon asking you to order the work you’d like from most to least, so that we can sort it out on our end. Those artworks will be mailed separately and probably slightly later because all of our energies are going to make these game boxes get out as soon as possible. Please still fill out the survey we send today in its entirety, as that is what we will use to ship you the game. If you backed us at the Surprised Art Collector level, your artwork will be sent in the game box, and there will be no additional survey so you will be surprised.

3- Please fill out the survey promptly.
If we don’t have your information by Sunday, we can’t guarantee your particular order will go out on Monday.

Thanks so much for bearing with us on this, everyone! I am so proud of this game, and so excited about this all finally happening.

-Zach (+Jess, +Jesse)

What an adventure!

'Whew. I almost can't believe I'm finally writing this. 

Way way way way overdue (sorry sorry sorry!), we are finally 100% done and in production

A few weeks ago we received the first boxes off the line (and our last time to make changes). Unfortunately there were a few changes we did end up making (card misprints, and some final Rulebook tweaks). It took a few weeks to sort everything out, but we're very happy with where we are now, and everything is finally perfect.

We've also been working hard on putting together updated tutorial and rules videos, which we've posted at We've also updated print and play files for the manual and the misprinted card (tissue), which are available at the old link I sent out.

We absolutely cannot wait to get this game out to you guys (and we can't thank you enough for sticking with us!). We were told that it will take 15-18 days from now to finish producing the replacement components, and then ~45 days for the boxes to make their way across the ocean to us. This puts their arrival smack in the middle of november. Obviously this is later (again) than we intended, but it does give us a healthy amount of time for us to get the boxes to you long before Christmas (thank goodness).

As for the game components themselves, they came out amazing. It's been a long road, but I think when you finally receive your copies you'll be very happy. We couldn't be prouder of what we made.

- Zach (+Jess +Jesse)

p.s. I think once this process is complete we will need to do a big writeup of all the lessons we learned about making a board game from scratch. It's been a massive learning process for all of us.

p.s.2. Here are some photos I took of the components!

A short/sweet update

Hey everyone good news!

We received the Hard Proofs, and the look good!

We had to do some small revisions on the box top and bottom once we saw exactly how they were folded and what the margins would be, and there was a minor to-do with the cards, but everything has been sorted out.

We gave production approval on July 3rd, so assuming all is well with the first boxes off the line (our final approval point), we expect to be shipping within about 90 days of the 3rd. Hopefully by mid october you should be finally receiving your copies!

We understand 90 days might be more time than you expected, but it's great news to finally be out of the proofing stage and into full production. It takes Panda approximately 45 days to print the game (usually 55, but we started on some components early while we were working out other issues to speed up production). Then it takes another 45 to have the copies shipped from China on a large slow boat. So even though 90 days seems like a long time, it's actually the shortest amount of time there could be, and we've worked like hell to get to this point- so we're pretty excited!

Just a tiny update this time :)

-zach (+Jess +Jesse)