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The best thing since sliced bread, if you lived in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with no sliced bread.
The best thing since sliced bread, if you lived in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with no sliced bread.
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    1. Brian Garber on

      Just downloaded an app for the Apple Store called Really Bad Chess. Are you the developer? If so, glad you're still out there making games :)

    2. Scott Alden

      Hi Zach, I've received one copy of the 2 that I pledged for. Any updates on this?

    3. Missing avatar

      James on

      UK here, got my game through last week. Thanks, its great, love the artwork.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Empson on

      Is anyone still waiting for their game? My second "friend" copy hadn't arrived, so Jesse sent another one, which arrived today. Delivery delay for this one (to New Zealand) was less than two weeks compared to about three weeks for my first one.

      That's me sorted. Thanks, guys.

    5. Missing avatar

      Håvard Skogly Mækelæ on

      Got my copy and playtested it with two friends tonight, teaching them the game as we went along. Excellent fun, and the game turned around fast. Will be bringing this around to social gatherings.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gary Barker on

      I've also messaged for an update, thanks Zach.

    7. Zach Gage Creator on

      Cecil and Bas,
      sorry about that. I was supposed to write the update but I've been sick for a week. Everyone should have received their copies by now, but clearly that hasn't happened.

      Jesse has been working overtime handling international shipments that weren't delivered properly. Please send me a message that your copy was missing and Jesse will figure out what happened and get things sorted out right away.

    8. Bas Goedemans on

      I would like an update aswel.
      Haven't received anything yet.

    9. Cecil Karner on

      Seems there have been no Updates on this since early February. And I am not really interested in wasting my time again by reading a ton of comments to figure out the shipping status when I remember the last time I did that there was a promise of an update that never happened (not that is suprised me as this was not the first promise that wasn't kept).

      Fact is I haven't received anything yet and by now I am not even really interested in playing this game anymore. But since I paid for it I demand to receive it even if it is just to give it as a present to somebody else who doesn't have the bitter aftertaste that whole experience left.

      So will there ever be an official update on when they will send out the game to all backers. Or was the definition of "International" only Canada and Mexico, but didn't include the rest of the world?

    10. Dustin Hildebrandt on

      Just got mine here in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Well worth the wait, love the high quality pieces and great gameplay! You guys did a great job even if it was delayed. People need to have more patience!

    11. Éric Fournier on

      Chiming in from Verdun, Québec. My copy just got in, so I'm guessing Montréal and the surroundings got theirs too.

    12. Sandra Marie McMullen on

      Officially showed up!! MAN that was a long wait... and now I have to wait until the end of the month because I'm not in the country anymore haha. But I'm glad it did. Thanks! Can't wait to play!

    13. Sandra Marie McMullen on

      Waiting patiently. My family is on vacation for a week... maybe it'll turn up when they get back. I'll be back to visit my family in June, with maybe a visitor coming down in May. But, then it's going to be not again at least until December.

    14. Zach Gage Creator on

      If theres one thing I learned about making a physical game it's that human beings are complex fallible creatures, and when you make a physical product, you have way more human beings in the process, and planning for all of those extra contingencies is the hardest part.

      For a digital game you have one person responsible + an app store which isn't really a person

      For a physical game you have a team of creators, a team of manufacturer managers in Canada, a warehouse of manufacturers in china, a shipping company in china, a receiving company in america, a warehouse in america, a post office in america, postmen who deliver packages, individuals who receive packages.

      I'm just glad that aside from the delays, people seem to think we did a pretty good job with the rest of it. Ultimately that is the part I can control directly. For any other projects I do in the physical space, I'll take a lot more managerial steps to try to control some of the extended network of people.

    15. Zach Gage Creator on

      This isn't a one of us is right situation. It's a I am wrong, the warehouse is wrong, we're doing the best we can to get everyone their game situation. This kind of delay is unacceptable and we're doing the best we can to fix it. You're frustrated and you should be.

    16. Zach Gage Creator on

      Please keep in mind that all I can do is pester the warehouse (which I don't want to over-do), and keep asking for information that I then forward to you guys. I'm confident that everyone is doing their best, and I'm really not happy about all of this either, there's just not a lot I can do besides do my best to make sure that everyone gets their copy of the game, which is what I'm doing.

      I 100% agree with you that I've a bit fallen off the ball the past 3 weeks, but it has been a really trying time for me, and thats no excuse but it is the truth. I put health of my family over continuing to stay on top of getting kickstarter rewards for the past month, and so I totally agree with you that if I was in your position I would be very frustrated, but there's not much more I can do beyond what I did a few days ago (which was transitioning the work to Jesse, who is in a better position to take this over time-wise).

    17. Zach Gage Creator on

      I'm assuming it's not 50 a day because im not sure the warehouse sends a truck every day, but I totally agree with you roughly on your math, and thats why my update was posted Feb 5th. Since then I've been trying to get info from the warehouse about when 100% of the international boxes were shipped, and 2 weeks ago they let me know, so I waited till this week and we'll be posting an update

    18. Sam Chan on

      Come on Zach...
      50 a day, that's plenty enough. Do the match. Just even consider that all 1350 are international backers and ignore that they could do 400 for the first batch: 1350/50 = 27 days. All of your excuses are falling flat. You've got 40 working days in 2 months.

    19. Zach Gage Creator on

      Keep in mind USPS isn't exactly a franchised organization, it's a government organization with lots of small offices that all do their own thing.

    20. Zach Gage Creator on

      The postoffice told the warehouse manager that "they could only process 50 a day because if he brought more their manager would think they weren't doing their jobs in a timely manner and had let stock pile up"

      USPS is very weird, it's not really built for bulk shipping like this. It was even hard to get the number of packages we needed. We had to barter with them. We had some extra packages of one type that we bartered in exchange for the right kind of packaging

    21. Zach Gage Creator on

      no the actual post office. From my update:

      Q: Why did the shipping take so long? Why are boxes still being shipped?
      A: We shipped these boxes at a very hard time for the US Postal Service. Not only were they dealing with Christmas deliveries, but they just made a deal with to carry all of their packages in exchange for free Sunday deliveries. Whoever made this deal definitely didn't consult the actual postal workers on the ground and they are not thrilled. The postal office we used literally rate limited our packages after we sent the first 400, and told us we could only bring in 50 a day, or they wouldn't process them.

    22. Sam Chan on

      Since when does USPS limit the amount of international packages? You mean warehouse limited the rate for whatever reason. Don't blame the USPS. If USPS did, no international business can be conducted.

    23. Zach Gage Creator on

      and its totally fair to be irritated, with me, with the warehouse, whomever. It's my project and I have to take the blame for things. This has been and incredibly long trying experience, and I am irritated as well. I'm trying to make this work the best I can, and I understand that it has been frustrating

    24. Zach Gage Creator on

      I'm sorry about that Sam! I agree it totally sucks.

      According to the warehouse we're rate-limited by the USPS on how many international packages we can send at a time, so the international kickstarter packages were still prioritized over the international shopify orders, but the domestic orders continued out because they didn't impact the international shipments

    25. Sam Chan on

      I am still irritated at the fact that you didn't stop sending out online store orders (domestic or not, that's not an excuse) and prioritize the international kickstarter packages. Normally it would be fine, I wouldn't care that much that non kickstarters are getting theirs first. But not when THREE whole months have passed.

    26. Zach Gage Creator on

      (victor and brian)

    27. Zach Gage Creator on

      And yes, I've definitely learned a lot about this whole shipping in the blind thing. I didn't think it would be such a big issue, but I also didn't anticipate so many shipping problems. I was expecting like 1-3%, but when you add all of the shipping errors that the warehouse made on top of it, we've run into a lot more problems. In the future I would be much more careful about how I design what exactly is being shipped out.

      For example, shipping multiple copies seemed to be a problem.
      Even worse was including extras (If i could do it again i'd have just added the kickstarter reward cards into all the boxes at production time instead of keeping them separate)

      anyway, thanks for bearing with us on this

      (p.s. victor, you really should have gotten your 2nd copy by now, im so sorry, this is getting a little ridiculous, please message me so jesse can forward that to the warehouse :[ )

    28. Zach Gage Creator on

      Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of comments in the last few days. Here's an update (we'll be posting a similar actual update later today, but I noticed a lot of people were commenting so i thought I'd say something):

      100% of the international packages have been shipped out as of 2 weeks ago, you should have gotten yours. If you haven't please message me and we will get on sorting out what happened and finding the tracking number.

      I've been waiting for the warehouse to let me know that all of the packages have been shipped, and then gave them some time out before looking up peoples tracking numbers because every communication with the warehouse is another thing to keep track of and because the tracking numbers were delivered to the warehouse non digitally (they're literally in an drawer), they need to be located and scanned. This takes a lot of time, time that I'm hoping the warehouse is spending on shipping out remaining orders. It's especially difficult to go through the weeklong process of finding and shipping number only to find it either hasn't arrived yet, or has arrived during the process (which has happened more than a few times). I know it's really frustrating to not know where the packages are, but I promise you will get yours, and I promise if there was a better way to do this I would do it that way. We're doing the best we can to get all of these packages out, this is the first time we've done this, and I think this shipping was a bit more complicated than I thought it would be, and a bit more complicated than the warehouse thought it would be.

      On top of this, the last month and a half has been especially trying for me because my fiancé had to have a number of epidurals and then emergency back surgery that I had to red-eye home from a conference in California for. I've been entirely occupied supporting her recovery and trying to manage the other responsibilities that I had to push aside. Clearly this is no excuse, but I think I'd at least let you know what's been happening in my life.

      We're being proactive about it though. Finally this week I had enough spare time to have Jesse come over and transition the tracking/shipping/communications job to him, and he should be able to be a lot more on top of it than I was the past few weeks. Please continue to message me though, as Jesse will be logging into my account and accessing the messages.

      So if you haven't gotten your package, please message me. Jesse will get on top of it. It may take some time to get information back from the warehouse on the tracking, but thats normal, whenever you work with partners for physical goods there are always delays (it seems). We will find these packages and you will receive them. I'm so sorry it has taken so long.

    29. Sam Chan on

      What's more frustrating is that he makes it seem unreasonable for us to ask for "tracking" information.

    30. Missing avatar

      dray on

      I understand the difficulties to make that kind of kickstarter happening, the game is very late and i'm disappointed more because i want to play it. i backed some kickstarter or indieGOGO and they always keep track of what they send and when. you seems to be totally blind on it and i hope you'll learn from it. I'm sure the game is great and i hope to play it soon :)

    31. Sam Chan on

      Still no package. And we're in April... This is ridiculous.

    32. Victor Agreda Jr on

      Also wondering about the "you and a friend" 2nd copies & when to start being concerned... Any updates?

    33. Sandra Marie McMullen on

      Still nothing here - I've actually moved to Seattle in the past week, but the address I originally listed is my family's address so i'm having them watch for it.

    34. Brian Nolte on

      Any update on the "You and a Friend (and Friend, etc)" backers who only received 1 copy?

    35. Zach Gage Creator on

      Hey Sam, Sandra, and James I just got word that all of the international copies have been sent out and you should have your copies soon. I'll be posting an update next week letting you know when to contact me and let me know if your copy is missing so I can track it down.

      Although some people placing orders recently may have received their games first, it's because of domestic and international orders flowing out of the warehouse at two different rates. I'm sorry if things aren't going quite as smoothly as I'd like, but I'm confident you'll all get your games soon. It seems like 95% of the orders have been delivered

    36. Sandra Marie McMullen on

      Still waiting on my Canadian copy as well :(

    37. Sam Chan on

      Still no package in Canada. People who ordered from your website are getting the game. This isn't right.

    38. Missing avatar

      James on

      Still waiting on a UK international delivery. Can't wait to get it :)

    39. Cesar Abraham Dominguez Garza on

      Finally got my copy here in mexico!!, thanks!!

    40. Dylan Sabin on

      I forgot to chime back in and say that I've received my copy and it is even more glorious than I thought it would be. Very much worth the wait, it's been a cornerstone of our game nights for two weeks now. :-D

    41. Sam Chan on

      How's the International shipping going? I wish you shipped the game in logical groups, because at least you would know the status for each region. I am from Canada... You guys manage to ship the game to someone in Australia/Europe/New Zealand quicker than to someone who lives 6 hours away from New York... sigh...

    42. Missing avatar

      David Empson on

      The first of my two just arrived in New Zealand. Not sure whether this was the original one, or my "friend" copy, as it was shipped after Zach mentioned the error with the multi-copy reward levels. This one was shipped on 7 Feb, so it took 14 to 16 days to get here (allowing for the date line and possible weekend arrival).

      I haven't opened the box yet and won't have time to play it for a couple of days, but I like the professional look of it. Well done Zach and the team!

    43. Missing avatar

      Martijn Weezepoel on

      ive got my copy, its been the longest wait of all of my kickstarters, I Realy hope the game is worth it.

    44. Ryan Filsinger on

      I got my international copy end of last week. I was really impressed with the components/packaging and quality. There was definitely a lot of care and work into this project. After I played through the first round with my wife she said "I like this game because I'm tired of sheep and wheat".

      Only major complaint was that the timeline fell apart considerably way too many times.

    45. Zach Gage Creator on

      Hey guys!
      No more news with international orders yet. Unfortunately I won't know when you should start asking me for tracking info until we've shipped out 100% of the international orders, which i'm still waiting for from the warehouse. These orders do take a lot longer to process, and the only thing I can do is ask for your patience. I'm sorry this stuff takes so long, hopefully the orders will arrive very soon.

      I'll definitely post again when 100% of the orders are out and give you a timeframe for requesting info.

    46. Cesar Abraham Dominguez Garza on

      im waiting for international shipping too!, just saying :D not that im not aware of the situation, but if theres some news regarding international shipping i'll like to hear it :P

    47. Sandra Marie McMullen on

      Ah okay so what time do us International people reach out if we don't get our copies?

    48. Philip Storey on

      My copy arrived (Vancouver, BC)! Gonna try it out tonight.

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