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Two groups are aiming to rob precious pieces of art. Trouble is, it's the same painting. At the same place. At the same time.


First of all, thank you SO much for having a look at our page! 

We are a group of final year Film Production students at BCU, hoping to shoot our short film dissertation in January, and are looking for help to make it the best it possibly can be. 

SO! The film... 

Double Take is a short film about two groups of thieves attempting to rob the same art gallery at the same time for the same piece. One group of robbers is a team of elite thieves, all practiced and all trained, brought together by one boss to collect the art. The other is a group of small-time robbers; 2 are used to robbing corner shops and the such, and the other, Joe, is roped in to help pay off some debts. Of course, it can't go well for either of these groups, so let the struggle begin! Will anyone be successful? Or, rather, will anyone make it out alive? 

Sounds awesome! 

We sure hope it does! We spent a lot of time at the beginning of the project trying to make sure that we stayed clear of the common stereotypes that you come across with student films, such as drama, graveyards, blah-blah... 

So, where do I come in?

Good question! We as a production team are a group of 6 students, and as the stereotype goes, we don't really have bank balances that stretch past an occasional sandwich and bus ticket. 

When the film was written, grandeur images of art museums and large get-away vans and expensive art pieces were scattered all over the place, but alas, that is for Hollywood (or for when we win the lottery). What we really need is some finance to pay for the essentials, such as transport for the cast and crew, feeding everyone on set for 5 days, and props & costumes. We really want to get the best out of this project, and we know we can do this if our crew is happy and fed and the cast looks fantastic. 
We also really want to get some quality props. Getting some decent looking guns, some beautiful art, and if we can, comission an artist to create us some wonderful works of art. Without any budget, there would be 6 people trying to rob an art gallery with bananas. As hilarious as that may be, that isn't what we were looking for right now. 
The set itself will cost us a fair whack too, as we are starting from scratch. That's right, from scratch. We are using one of the studios at our university and building a set, so getting some fancy-looking art and what not is going to require more than a trip to Poundland sadly. 


As you are being so damn fantastic and helping us out BIG time, we are (hoping) we've got a great set of rewards for you.
Fancy a decent prop-gun? Totally available.
Always wanted to be an extra in a short film? You got it! 
Want a bit of a giggle, and want to see some hilarious film bloopers? It's all there!!
Please do be aware that if you're ready for your close-up and want to be part of this project, it might be best if you are in Birmingham or the surrounding area, as we aren't able to cover travel costs. Any questions, message us! 
We really can't say thank you enough for supporting this project!

If we are vastly lucky enough to reach our goal, we do have some interesting stretch goals that'll really enhance the quality of this production. BUT before we reveal all, help us get to £300. THEN we shall spill the beans! 

Thank you SO much for taking your time to read all of this, we all really appreciate it! 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

If life were perfect, this section would have a big N/A written all over it, but whilst chocolate doesn't grow on trees (in ready-to-eat bars for all the 'technically' points) there are some issues.

As with any project there are some risks. One of our main risks is time. As we are quite limited with the studio space that we have, we only have 4 days to shoot our internal shots. So, if people forget their lines, or equipment decides to have a breakdown, we might not get it all done. The producer, also acting as 1st Assistant Director, will try her best to stick to schedule, and plan ahead. See what scenes can be shortened, where can we scrape some time... if worst comes to worst, we will have to book out more time in the studio, but this will cost a LOT more (feeding a cast and crew alone is mucho expensivo) and we might not get it to look 100% exactly the same. But we will do our best!

Ahhh the English weather. One of the most unpredictable things, as you all know, so this is another issue. We only have 2 exterior scenes, so this isn't too major, but if it rains when we need sun, we obviously will need to come back and reshoot, again, costing money for transport and food etc.

We will plan in advance as much as we possibly can. We have a fantastic crew and cast who are dedicated to this project, and will be able to do whatever it takes to get this filmed. We will get there, we just hope it gets done on time! There isn't anything really stopping us, we are within our limits and know that if we work we can make it!


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