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David Jʼs first solo album in eight years. Described as ʻan accidental concept albumʼ, the subject here is mortality.
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David J

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    1. Creator Kevin Carroll on January 28, 2012

      Thanks for the package, very nice work indeed.
      Hoping that you could help me with two questions:
      1) Was a signed cd of the new album supposed to be sent (didn't get one)?
      2) How do I go about getting the mp3 tracks from the 7" “Tidal Wave of Blood/ Blood Sucker Blues”? Couldn't find any info.

    2. Creator JeongHaeran on September 30, 2011

      Now I'm listening to your new song. It's graceful and poetic!

    3. Creator Zack Spaulding on September 28, 2011

      Sir your 6th solo album is,in one word.......fab! 10/10.

    4. Creator Zack Spaulding on September 28, 2011

      The new album sounds utterly amazing david,and ive only heard the first 4 tracks...listening to it now as i type in fact with a smoke...glorious indeed!

    5. Creator Richard Ryea on September 23, 2011

      Really looking forward to hearing the new music and checking out the live/demo CDs.

    6. Creator Hussun Sami Lyon on April 7, 2011

      LOVE the design of shirt! Very excited.

    7. Creator Cat Mihos on January 15, 2011

      congrats, DJH! looking forward to what you come up with--
      and very happy to be a part of it, much love, Cat
      (Neil's assistant)

    8. Creator Andreas Rath on January 15, 2011

      I am an angel right now, would do the same for an upcoming L&R Album too

    9. Creator Paul on January 4, 2011

      This is a fantastic idea.

    10. Creator Thomas Truax on December 23, 2010

      Best of luck with this David will be looking forward to it. Love from London, happy holidays and keep an eye out for those harlem ritual-escapee chickens!

    11. Creator Derek Doss on December 8, 2010

      I thought it worked via your account also...

    12. Creator David J on December 1, 2010

      I don't believe PayPal is accepted through Kick Starter. If you like we can work something out though? It won't count towards this campaign but we can still get you involved in the reward you choose.

      Please email me at
      Darwin (David's Manager)

    13. Creator Zack Spaulding on December 1, 2010

      Can you pay via paypal?