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Can't remember where you parked your car? Don't worry! Your iPhone 4S will, AUTOMATICALLY!
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FMC Smart

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Update 1.2.0

The 1.1.2 update was released last week and from the user feedback it appears to have successfully addressed the battery drain issue.

We’ve also submitted the 1.2.0 release to the AppStore with Dropbox syncing and Street Sweeping notification. Please send us an e-mail if you’re interested in helping us beta-test.


    1. Creator Josh Murdock on April 23, 2012

      Sounds great - I'll share with my blog followers and test it out for myself.

    2. Creator Wolfgang Scheffler on April 16, 2012

      I can confirm that the battery drain issue is solved

    3. Creator FMC Smart on April 16, 2012

      @Wolfgang, There was a bug introduced in 1.1.2 that sometimes did not re-enable Celll Tower Monitoring after saving a parking location. This prevents the auto relaunch from happening and can cause subsequent parking locations not to be saved. We've fixed this in the 1.2.0 release after a user sent us a copy of their debug logs and worked out the issue. Additionally in 1.2.0 we re-wrote the code for pairing with multiple devices in order to support Dropbox. Sorry for your troubles please try our 1.2.0 release when it gets released or send us an email to join our Beta test.

      @Markus Thanks for confirming!

    4. Creator Markus Schiegl on April 16, 2012

      Can confirm the battery drain issue seems to be fixed on my device, too - though the battery could (or should) last longer without a doubt.

    5. Creator Wolfgang Scheffler on April 16, 2012

      To which bug do you refer: Not saving the last parking position? Or unable to pair with two devices?

    6. Creator FMC Smart on April 16, 2012

      @Wolfgang, I think this was a bug we introduced in 1.1.2, we've fixed it in the 1.2.0 release. Please try again once that update is available.

    7. Creator Wolfgang Scheffler on April 16, 2012

      Sorry, First sentence must read does not save....

    8. Creator Wolfgang Scheffler on April 16, 2012

      I am very disappointed. Very often it does save the latest parking position but a previous one. I relied once on the app during The Masters and and had a Hard time Findling my car. I am also unable to pair the app with two devices. If I try to do this the app crashes,