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Can't remember where you parked your car? Don't worry! Your iPhone 4S will, AUTOMATICALLY!
Can't remember where you parked your car? Don't worry! Your iPhone 4S will, AUTOMATICALLY!
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    1. FMC Smart Creator on


      We're sorry for any troubles that you've experienced.
      We'll send you an email offline and help you work through any issues that you might be having.
      If you take a look at our reviews we have hundreds of glowing reviews and have an average of 4 1/2 stars.
      We have not had any complaints of battery life drain since our release April 2012 update.
      Of course if you want a full refund, please just let us know.

      Best Regards,

    2. Sally Crispo on

      I truly have to say that this is the worst project I've backed on KickStarter. The item doesn't really work, and my phone was drained all the time. I had to stop using the whole thing. Can't win them all....but this didn't come close. I'm with Joseph on this!

    3. FMC Smart Creator on


      The excessive battery drain has been fixed since April (updates 12 & 13). Since then we've released 7 updates with various feature requests, enchancements and bug fixes. The most recent update hit the App Store 4 days ago. We'll continue to support & improve our app. The next update will include support for the native iPhone 5 resolution.

      It's not possible for a third party app like ours to disable the Bluetooth functionality to your Jeep. iOS applications are all sandboxed and have zero ability to affect changes at the system level.

      Please contact us offline and we'll try to resolve the issues you're seeing.

      If we can't or if you're not satified with the results we'll give you a full refund.

    4. Joseph Binotto on

      The only kickstarer project I regretted to have backed. Not only was the software plagued with excessive battery drain but it totally disabled my bluetooth connectivity with my Jeep. I tried several times to make it work but to no avail.

    5. William Hammer on

      Sorry still some residual... after the Jimmy Buffett concert...

    6. William Hammer on

      The product has been working fine when I need it. What is nice now is that my new 2012 Toyota comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and I do not have to keep the dongle in that vehicle. It recently helped me find my car after a Jimmy Buffett in Chicago. I needed all the help i could get, and the driver was able to find the car using the app. (I was not in top driving condition) Great job, nice when I go somewhere I am not familiar with the area.

    7. FMC Smart Creator on

      Alex, It looks like your dongle shipped out January 31st. Some other users also recommended that we start to ship out instructions with the device and we done so for since about mid-Feburary or so. We'll email you a promo code for our app. We hope you find our system useful.

    8. Alex Bitterman on

      I thought this sounded like a great project! What a scam! I received this little USB thing in the mail, with no explanation of what it is, what it's used for, or how it's used. I also never received the app, so therefore the USB dongle is useless. I wish I could ask for my money back!

    9. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Sterling, In our 1.2.0 release we added the ability to name each car and the location of each car is also stored. This was a requisite in order for us to implement Dropbox syncing. You can use this feature with or without enabling Dropbox syncing enabled. The 1.2.0 update should be approved sometime next week.

    10. Sterling B Ely on

      Thanks again guys, this thing is great. I only wish there were a way to identify/name each FMC device so users can easily track multiple vehicles.

    11. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Haavar With iOS there is no way to enable the "Find My Car Smarter" functionality using your Hands Free Kit. iOS is architected such that 3rd party developers have zero access to traditional Bluetooth devices (Hands Free Kit, a Human Interface Device, A2DP stereo, etc). It is only with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy that Apple has given 3rd party developers easy access to the Bluetooth port. There is another path to the Bluetooth port through the Made For iPhone (MFi) program, but this involves adding an expensive authentication chip and would still require you to buy another Bluetooth adapter so we have chosen not to go down this route. Pebble the E-Paper Watch for instance uses the MFi path likely so they could support a wider customer base.

    12. Missing avatar

      Haavar Valeur on

      I have a feature request. I know the later bluetooth protocols are more power efficient, but when I'm in my car I always have my bluetooth handsfree connected anyway. Since I already use bluetooth in my car, I don't see why I would need another bluetooth adapter for find my car. Can't you just use the cars bluetooth?

      Thans for fixing the battery issues. I've not had issues since the last update

    13. Missing avatar

      L Van V Dauler Jr on

      Mea culpa.

      I am missing the Bluetooth device that plugs into the USB car charger. How much would it cost to replace.

    14. Missing avatar

      L Van V Dauler Jr on

      I have sent photo and in my email I explain that I do and have had background mode on.

    15. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Van, Looking at your logs you have background mode disabled. In this mode our app will turn off Bluetooth & Location services when going into the background and will not attempt to connect to a Find My Car Smarter devices. I'm not sure what blue/red light that you're referring to. Can you email us a snapshot?

    16. Missing avatar

      L Van V Dauler Jr on

      Hi. My FMC can no longer connect to my iPhone 4S. When I first got it, the light turned blue almost immediately but now it stays red,the wheel keeps turning in the app and in settings on the iPhone for bluetooth. Since it worked once, maybe there is some other step(s) I need to do. I have the latest update from the app store.

      Thanks for your help


    17. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Patrick We'll mail out a replacement with extra bubble wrap this time.

    18. Patrick Balleur on

      Hi FMC, I recieved the FMC this week. It was completly smashed . Not working at all. Wat about Service?

    19. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Chuck There was an update & email that went out on 1/31 letting everyone know that all orders had been shipped, with the exception of a few people who we don't have shipping info for or are missing International postage from.

      Your order shipped on 1/28 and USPS delivery confirmation shows that it was delivered to your Durham, NC address on 2/1. Please contact us, if you need the tracking number.

    20. Chuck Pell on

      So it's out? I didn't see an email about that, nor did I receive the device.

    21. Randy Padawer

      Hey, just wanted to thank you guys for F.M.C.S. ... It works flawlessly. Was lost in the Costco parking lot yesterday and impressed those with me (and myself) with your system. Great job. :) Plus, it's cold here in Utah lately (come visit and ski), and I'd left my coat in the car, so it was terrific being able to avoid one of those ten-minute parking lot walks once again.

    22. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Gary & Felix, Thank you for your support & kind words! We want to do our best to support our customers. We're hoping the 1.0.4 update will enable those people hitting the battery drain issue to use our system.

      @Mark, Please try our system again after the 1.0.4 release gets through the AppStore review process. We submitted it on February 1st and have averaged about 5 business days for approval in the past, meaning the 7th or the 8th as estimated availablity dates. We will send out a more comprehensive update once the release is approved and in the AppStore for people to upgrade to. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    23. Mark Keyes on

      Very disappointing! The app appears to use a lot of battery power from my iPhone. After uninstalling it my battery usage returned to normal. Tried everything I could think of to tweak the setting but to no avail.

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Gary Shuster on

      I too am experiencing the battery issue, but I want to post a public thank you to the FMC Smart team. They shipped the product they promised, and they aren't obligated to do any of the post-shipping support work that they're putting in. They could have just shipped the thing and gone silent, leaving those of us with battery issues with a product that works, but that we wouldn't be able to use in any practical way. Instead, they're working hard to make the product better (by improving the software). So thank you for going out of your way to do the right thing.

    26. Missing avatar

      Reuben on

      OK, got the adaptor two days ago, and started testing.

      Location Services - on
      Bluetooth - on
      FMC Smarter - running/background.
      - no other apps running

      First, tested with just the app running, did not connect the Bluetooth Smart device.After being charged to 100%, After being idle/occasional check for 4 hours, experienced 2%battery charge loss.
      Not too bad.

      Second, connected the Smart device to a usb port, established connection, then unplugged it. Phone was chargedto 100%, and lost about 3% battery in 4 hours (did play DeathWorm for a few minutes in there).

      Third, connected the Bluetooth Smart device to an active USB port, and left it connected. Charged phone to 100%, then synced the device with FMC Smarter. Left it overnight (total 16 hours), and phone had dropped to 78% by 9am (did have alarm on, and used the phone to listen to some music.

      I'm not experiencing any issues with battery loss at this point. I'm going to try hiking around with the iphone next, once connected, and see if there is a drain when changing from tower to tower constantly.

    27. Paul Selby on

      I received my device in the mail today. Can't wait to start using it. Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Keerthi That is not expected. We've submitted a 1.0.4 release to the AppStore to disable cell tower monitoring, which appears to be causing an issue for some people. We still do not know why this "low power" service is not working properly for some people. See more details here…

      @Albert The GPS turns on only when you're on the maps page or immediately as you park. Whenever our app is in the background it is only monitoring cell tower location. We use this information to know when you're driving so that we can prep for when you park.

    30. Missing avatar

      KK on

      Here are the my battery drain numbers:

      Went to sleep at 1:35am with 100% battery, all background apps killed, mail set to fetch manual than push

      Woke up at 9am with 40% battery

      Is this normal and expected for your app?

    31. Albert Wong on

      Would it make sense for the app to stop allow the GPS to turn off if it is no longer in range of the bluetooth device in my car when the app is in the background? Figure I am away from my car and it's not going to move or anything. When I bring up the app, GPS turns on and shows me where I am currently at and where the app saved my cars position. No sense leaving the GPS on all the time while I am wandering around.

      if this is not possible in IOS, carry on. :D

    32. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Sajid Our app isn't normally free for two main reasons. First we don't want a bunch of 1 star reviews because this app requires you to buy a device or because it doesn't work with Bluetooth Classic or it doesn't work with their iPhone 3GS, etc. Second, our app can use any Bluetooth Smart device, it does not need to come from us. At the moment Bluetooth Smart devices are not readily available, which is why had this Kickstarter, but within a year or so we think they'll be fairly prevalent and mass produced.

      We view Kickstarter as a pre-sale. Kickstarter orders shipped out first before fulfilling any subsequent orders.

    33. Sajid Fakir

      Why are you charging for the app? It should be free.

    34. Sajid Fakir

      I couldn't download the app. I just saw your website and you are charging the same price to new purchasers as you did to those who backed your kickstarter? Maybe I've gotten spoiled by other kickstarter projects, but I kind of grew accustomed to feeling that I get a better deal when I support a kickstart. I hope you guys get all these bugs and kinks worked out soon.

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Missing avatar

      KK on

      Same battery drain issue. I have disabled the location services for FMC app for now. I'm going to test it out and post exact numbers for battery drain with and without enabling location services for this App.

    37. Teri Timar on

      I have also experienced serious battery drain since installing and using the app. I am going to have to delete the app from my iPhone.

    38. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Tomas, Thank you for your help in debugging the power drain issue. We're still working to come up with a solid solution for people who are experiencing a power drain issue.

      @Jose, Are you launching our app on your iPhone 4S? The devices will show up in our app and not in System Settings->Bluetooth as you might initially guess. On a Mac in System Information->System Report->Hardware->USB you should see Find My Car Smarter show up.

    39. Tomás Armán on

      After some experiment (system location services disabled) I've found that the FMC app itself consumes less than 1% battery per hour, trying to identify which one of the system services is draining the battery.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jose Barragan on

      im not sure if im doing anything wrong but neither of the two i received work. i have tried to pair them, charge them, and even when i plug them into my mac i get nothing.

    41. Missing avatar

      simonCGN on

      I am so much looking forward to the device arriving. Just again Friday morning I have had to look for where I had parked my car.

    42. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Louis Our app runs in the background so it is not expected to fully terminate. This should not prevent the phone from properly entering full standby. In any case could you send us an email with your UUID so that we can send you an ad-hoc build with logging just to be sure?

    43. Louis Gerbarg on

      I am also seeing the battery issue, with the app running my iPhone drains close to ~10-20% per hour (Note that I don't even the device yet, I just installed and launched the app once). Looking at the diagnostics and logs it appears the app prevents the phone from dropping into full standby, and the proximate cause of most of the actual energy and power usage is from locationd. If you just look at the phone in Settings > General > Usage you can see it never drops into full standby, you can get some more info from the Console in Xcode or iPCU.

    44. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Vitaliy Unfortunately we need to enable Significant Location Monitoring (Cell Tower Monitoring), otherwise we'll be unable to save your parking location. As mentioned iOS can terminate our app whenever a foreground app needs resources and if our app is not running in the background when you park we can not save your location. It is the Significant Location Monitoring that relaunches our app when you drive a distance into a new cell tower location. It is unfortunate that iOS does not have unique icons for GPS vs Cell Tower Monitoring, but that is currently the case. You can still see which apps have recently accessed your location in Settings->Location Services.

      @Corey We sent you an email to help debug your issue

      @Francisco We sent you an email with a promo code

    45. Missing avatar

      Francisco Jiménez on

      Hi, I cant seem to get the app for free as well.

    46. Vitaliy T on

      I don't like how there is always an arrow in the background. I would like to have an option to remove significant location changes the app uses and only have location service enabled for few seconds when i turn off my car. It is important for me to monitor if some app will start using my location, and if FMC always takes up "arrow" I wont be able to do that.

    47. Corey

      I agree the app is an energy PIG. My phone drained about 10% in <1hr with no other apps running (i.e. I shut down all the apps running and hard powered off my phone and it still did it). Since I have turned off the location services, it has held at 100% for the last 2 hours.

    48. FMC Smart Creator on

      @Neil Yes the location arrow is expected. Our app uses cell tower monitoring to ensure that our app is running when you drive and is ready to save your parking location. Unfortunately in iOS cell tower monitoring and GPS both use the same arrow icon so it's confusing.

      @Jonathon I'll send you a promo code tonight.

      @Tomas I'll send you a email separately with some steps to help us debug the excessive power drain that you're seeing.

    49. Neil Nimkar on

      I don't have the device yet, but have installed the app. If background operation is turned on (and bluetooth is off) the location services indicator does not appear to go away and the Find My Car app is using it. Is this the intention? Should it try to use the location services at all if not connected to bluetooth and the app isn't in the foreground?

    50. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Constant on

      It is currently Friday January 27th at 11:05AM and the app is $0.99 in the store. Did I miss it or was the free app just for international backers? Thanks.

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