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Watch Mr. Buckley and family as they produce a comic book. Investing in quality comic art is FAST (5 min!) THRIFTY ($16!) and SECURE (via Amazon!)

Thanks for visiting! We really appreciate your taking the time to peruse this project & hope you will join us and make this book a reality. Take a look at the rewards on the right. We have something for every budget. The book will be printed in GLORIOUS full color, inside and out, 9"x13" (pretty big!) plus, Michael is 88.8% sure it will be hardback! Insane! Also, after chatting with a few friends and family about this project we'd like to highlight one important fact... We have to raise the whole amount we need by Sunday morning, July 25th or your pledges don't count; your pledge will become an 'un-pledge.' That's the only catch. Why? Because it protects both parties. If we have our Backers expecting a book that we can't deliver because only half the money needed was raised to print that one wins. Does that make sense? But this is a good thing as we can see if there's a market for our cartoon book. If it fails we'll be kinda sad, but we'd prefer to find out here for free, instead of spend money we don't have to print a book that no one buys. We should also add that this book is about 2/3 finished (and by "finished", we mean "ready to send digital files to our book printer in India.") We're going to finish the book whether this project is successful or not, as in art for art's sake because we like comics. That's how we roll here in the Enchanted Forest. But we also really want to print it, so once more: we have to raise the entire amount or no money changes hands at all, even if the project falls one dollar short. Hope that clears things up! Love, --Michael, Tess, Old Tom, Roxanne, Jethro P.S. This cartoon book is going to rock your face off, so we suggest you pre-order a signed copy!


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  • Pledge $9 or more
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    2 backers

    MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER--For being such a big help, please choose one 4"x6" fancy-pants archival-inked museum-quality giclée print from my Flickr page and I will send it along!

  • Pledge $16 or more
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    22 backers

    THE ANKLEBITER--I'll happily send any of you anklebiters out there a signed copy of the finished book as a reward for your generous pledge!

  • Pledge $22 or more
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    9 backers

    THE LIL' STINKER--Please choose a 4"x6" fancy-pants print from the my Flickr page PLUS let me send you a signed copy of the finished book. You little stinker!

  • Pledge $44 or more
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    10 backers Limited (20 left of 30)

    BIG STINKER--Do me the honor of choosing one of the my Flickr page prints so I can send you a big 'ol 8"x12" version of it. That's fancy enough that you might want to frame it! Your call. Oh, and of course I will sign and doodle a little sketch in your copy of the printed book as well!

  • Pledge $88 or more
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    4 backers Limited (16 left of 20)

    THE HOLY TERROR--Naturally, all holy terrors deserve a signed copy of the finished book. But they also deserve an original 5"x7" watercolor comic sketch of yourself or a friend or loved one. A few common-sense rules apply on this one, so please feel free to contact me with questions before you pledge. I am always happy to chat with holy terrors.

  • Pledge $111 or more
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    10 backers Limited (5 left of 15)

    THE ONLY CHILD--You were always mother's favorite, so let me send you a signed copy of the finished book and your choice of a fancy-pants print from the my Flickr page. But I'd also like to send you one of the actual watercolor production pages I used in creating the book! I think these are pretty cool as pieces of art. I'll make every attempt to honor certain page requests or I could pick for you. You trust me, right? That's why you were always mother's favorite.

  • Pledge $222 or more
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    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    THE TWINS--As generous, mischievous twins you naturally will receive not one but two signed copies of the book. But wait, there's more: pick two of your favorite fancy-pants prints from my Flickr page. And 2 top it off, in addition to one of the colored pages mentioned in THE ONLY CHILD, I will also send you one original hand-inked black and white comic strips. These are the actual comics used in the book, and I work pretty big--most of these individual strips are large (6"x17"). They are exceedingly cool, and I love them inside my heart and part with them dearly. As always, I'll do my darnedest to honor specific requests but it's first-come-first-served.

  • Pledge $333 or more
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    3 backers All gone!

    THE TRIPLETS--Yes, three signed books and three Flickr page prints. And a colored page described in THE ONLY CHILD, and an original inked comic described in THE TWINS. But in addition to that, I would be thrilled to paint an original 9x13" ink-and-watercolor commissioned comic of your own idea, or of ANY SUBJECT OF YOUR CHOOSING! Do you have a Ways To Leave Your Mother (Alone) idea from your own childhood? If you can describe it, I can make a comic out of it! A few common-sense rules apply here as well, so please feel free to contact me with questions first! I'll do my best to work with ya!

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