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Aerial, Handheld and Mounted shots - All in one intelligent and pocketable device. Transform between Action Cam and Drone in seconds.
All in one intelligent and pocketable device for Aerial, Handheld and Mounted shots
All in one intelligent and pocketable device for Aerial, Handheld and Mounted shots
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    1. Jay Crook about 5 hours ago

      On the 4th April, you told us there would be an update "This Friday", which would have been the 6th April. Today is 22nd April, and still no update...

      What's the delay?
      Where's the update?

    2. EYEDEA,INC Creator 5 days ago

      @Marco PALMA: It is best to send out survey as late as possible, to avoid issues due to address changes and such. We will send you an email and you will receive multiple requests to fill in a survey at given time before shipping. Also we will update all backers when the survey has been sent. Either way, you can't miss it.
      Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco PALMA 5 days ago

      Hi - I'm backer 119 and this is my third message sent and not answered, yet.
      I've read the updates and I'm aware of the July 2018 shipping date. That being said could you please confirm when the surveys are to be sent?... thank you

    4. Missing avatar

      kimiyuka on April 12

      I expect regular update of the program even after the release. I understand now that I am concentrating on the maturation of hardware in time constraints. I hope that I can have a long relationship with your company.

    5. EYEDEA,INC Creator on April 12

      Dear Backers,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback.
      We are developing and making a highly satisfactory product to the best of our ability. We apologize for the delay and share the concern some of our backers have voiced, as we too regret the decision to delay the shipping. As some of you have mentioned, our priority is the delivery of an excellent product rather than shipping it as quickly as possible.
      Additionally, we are doing our utmost to keep the revised shipping schedule.

      From now on, we will do our best to present you with a new update every week and be in touch with our backers more often. We are also hoping for your feedback to make our product better.

      Thank you for your patience and support.

      eyedea, Inc.

    6. Dr. G on April 5

      Julie, so far I only see the mistakes at your side. From their timeline you can see that it is a young company, so you cannot expect that everything will work out as planned, they try to bring a product to the market and need to learn probably a lot on the way. If it would be a 100% professional and established company they would not need to go via KS, so delays can be expected and in case of such a complicated product they are actually pretty likely, i.e. when they try to accommodate backer suggestions on how to improve the product. I guess you never developed a product yourself, so you probably cannot know how difficult it actually is to come up with a correct timeline, sometimes unforeseen problems occur that need to be solved, so a few months are actually only a very slight delay. Trust me, it is also very annoying and unpleasant for the developers to be behind schedule.
      Second, if you need a product for a special event, then just buy whatever is commercially available and in 90% of the cases it will be delivered on time and you won't have problems.
      So just calm down and look forward to have a hopefully great drone in hands for future occasions and stop harassing them with your unprofessional comments.

      I think they are doing a good job in communication and from what I see in the updates its very likely that at some point I will have an amazing drone in hands. Already backed campaigns with much worse communication and when being already 1 month late without any notice promising for a few more months that they will ship next week...

    7. Missing avatar

      kimiyuka on April 5

      A slight delay is not a big deal if good things arrive better than halfway ones. More importantly, there is periodic information provision. Please keep on exciting all the while waiting.

    8. Jay Crook on April 4

      As a kickstarter backer, I understand the risks, and the rewards too. I accept that I might receive my prodyct later, or even not at all, but here I am, funding the campaigns I believe in, and why? Because they offer a great item, and at a great price too.

      I accept that they might be running a bit behind schedule. That's pretty much par for the course on a kickstarter campaign.

      People, fellow backers, please remember, they do say it might well be late. You might never get your reward. That's one of the risks you take in funding KS projects. The benefit though, is that you get a great item, 95% of the time, which is worth far more than you actually paid.

      These guys told us there would be a delay. We accept that. I, for one, am grateful that they communicate with us. I've been part of several campaigns where the devs failed to communicate. Some where there even fail to produce. You take the risks, and you reap the rewards.

      So long as they keep us informed, So long as there's some kind of forward progress, I'll be happy.

    9. Missing avatar

      Julie Dalsgard on April 4

      I believe all of us are aware, that this is a complicated and technical project. However, I am not sure that Eyedea has been aware of it. They are after all those who made the time schedule from the beginning, which all of us have used as a guideline, even as a rough guideline. They could easily have updated it several times, but chose not to do so. So when this much delay happens and in this way with finding an unnamed partner manufacturer this late, it clearly indicates, that their own product development has been the delaying part, not the production part. And that leaves me thinking; they must have known this for quite some time! Maybe even before the campaign ended without letting us know the full truth about this delay.
      I would honestly have canceled my pledged if this knowledge had been shared, so the lack of information is a smart way to keep people in the loop. If they hd just been honest, I would probably have considered purchasing the product later on, if it is actually ever produced.
      Maybe none of this happened this way, but no matter what: We as backers trust a group of people with our money, and in this case a significant amount of money. Therefore, they should treat us with respect and not keep us in the dark like this.

      I had super high expectations for this product, and I have told everyone about it and how excited I was to use this on my trips. So I am both extremely sad and disappointed that I will not be able to use this product. I had already pictured these awesome locations to use it in to get some once in a lifetime shots. Most of you have probably just backed this for fun, but I backed it to actually use the product for specific events. And not I am left with nothing to use for those events, because of my trust in this company.

      And yes of course, I would like a great product as well, and not something that is rushed through. But when a company gets this much money and tries to appear so professional, I expect them to know their own game and be able to make something as simple as a more or less correct timeline. Their future depends on us liking the product and believing in them as a company. So they should compensate those who can no longer use their product and no longer believe in them after these huge changes. It will create more happy customers in the long run, which means positive reviews and recommendations to other potential customers.

    10. Ashley Temple on April 4

      I'm sure a few of you are disappointed, but this is a complicated project, its not like a pair of sunglasses or some shorts, its a small, modular electronic device with many coded moving parts, connections and an apps, with so many components any issue can cause a delay. Im sure Eyedea are even more disappointed with delays than you are as it will be costing them more money

      my experience with kickstarter has taught me to just sit back and enjoy the journey, they have all had delays, most over a year and there is nothing else you can do.

      Personally, i would rather have a great product that works rather than something is shoddy and doesnt.

      What i would like to see from eyedea, is more communication and comments. updates are good, but jumping on the comments once a month is a little poor, we're all eager and on this together, just reply or tell us what you're up to...

    11. Missing avatar

      Thet Htut Soe on April 4

      I understand projects have risks and risk management is important. But 2 months delay is huge for kickstarter campaign. This is too much. You might as well change the project and the scope. Cuz I'm sure it's going to be more delays in the future since this project has poor change management...

    12. Missing avatar

      Nevio Piscione on April 4

      What about the survey? Has it been sent already?

    13. Missing avatar

      Julie Dalsgard on April 4

      Are you serious? 2-3 months late? I am an backer for the May delivery and did expect some delay, but not several months! So I thought it would be safe to back, since I planned to use the product from the 1st of July and 2 months forward. I will have no use of your product now or what so ever, and I won't even be home to receive the parcel so it will not even be opened until September, where it will have zero value to me and my boyfriend whom cobacked this with me, as his first Kickstarter product. This will for sure be the last product he will ever back with a higher price tag after this experience. So great job ruining it for future campaigns and start ups.
      However, you might be able to keep an until this moment hopeful and excited customer, if you can somehow deliver the product within a very precise timeframe of a few days in Vietnam, where I will be traveling during July. Or work some magic and make the delivery before the 1st of July.
      This whole delay must also be a huge loss for you. Think about how many of us whom expected and anticipated to use this in our summer holidays. That would have been A LOT of free advertising with all these PITTA pictures and videos going around on social media platforms from places all around the Earth.
      And no, not a lot of campaigns are delayed on this scale. I am currently backing and waiting for the products from 5 campaigns, where yours is the only one being delayed this significantly. One of them is 1 week delayed in shipping due to 5 day holiday, which is completely alright. And one of the others even has a high chance of delivering earlier than stated. The rest is completely on track.
      Sorry for the rather unpleasant outburst, but I am extremely disappointed and I want a refund of our money unless you can work some magic, since we clearly need to buy another camera for our trip.

    14. EYEDEA,INC Creator on April 4

      @kimiyuka: The camera tilt is automatic in auto-tracking mode, and manual if you fly your PITTA manually.

    15. EYEDEA,INC Creator on April 4

      Dear all,

      We will keep updating you about the project, we are posting a small update now and a bigger one is in the making - please stay tuned.
      Also, we will address your questions regarding schedule asap.

      Best, eyedea, inc.

    16. King Tang
      on April 4

      Hi PITTA team,

      May I know is there any updates about your production line/schedule, and also any improvements on your design??
      Besides, may you please confirm the date of both production completion date and shipping date as well??

      King TANG

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Campbell on April 3

      is it not time for a deliver6 update?

    18. Jay Crook on April 2

      A couple of updates back, they told us they were not able to buy as many processors as they required in one go, so there is a delay in manufacture, causing a delay in shipping. They've been up front though, and still produce progress updates, so I'm not too concerned yet, but I still would like updates every fortnight or so, to be honest.

    19. Missing avatar

      kimiyuka on March 31

      Hello. I assume that you are very busy shipping pitta. Please report the current situation if it is good. I am very worried that I do not understand the situation.

    20. Jay Crook on March 29

      Kimiyuka is right. An update every two weeks is not too much to ask.

    21. Missing avatar

      kimiyuka on March 28

      You should make the next update. I am looking forward to it.

    22. Ashley Temple on March 27

      Hi guys, for your next update, could you show us some footage from the drone flying? It would be great to see something.
      Can you also update us on the app? It would be cool to see how you're getting on.
      FInally, with April approaching, can you let us know how delivery and deadlines are?

    23. Jay Crook on March 21

      It's ok, @Tyler. I reckon many, if not all of us have been burned once or more by bad creators on here. I have been burned twice. One was a faulty product and they shipped it non-functioning, and then, to add insult to injury, they never produced the software to drive the units.

      Another campaign for a flashy looking bolt action pen which never shipped to more than half their backers, and half of those reported that they were crap. Poorly machined, clunky, clumsy, ill-fitting, and also unable to take a decent refill because they machine the hole too small. They failed to provide updates, and when they did, it was something unconnected to their pens... I pissed and moaned for weeks, and eventually got a full refund, but only so they could boot me from the project, making it impossible for me to comment. I won though. I got my money back, and, because the exchange rate was different on refund, I benefited by getting NZ$7.00 more back. I took the refund, and bought two bolt action pens from Amazon, and they arrived in nine days.

    24. Missing avatar

      Marco PALMA on March 20

      Hi I'm backer #119 - When should I expect to receive the survey ?

      Thank you

    25. Missing avatar

      Tyler Ace Wells on March 20

      Just paranoid is all I know I'm over reacting, just like to know I'm acknolged. Last two flopped and I just don't want to do over that's all. But yeah I agree from what I see is way better then what I have limited knowledge of. But thanks Jay do appreciate you speaking to me.

    26. Jay Crook on March 19

      @Tyler, dude, chill out. The last update was just four or five days ago. These guys are actually pretty good at updating. I've been backing things for a while, and there are some who go months without so much as a peep...

    27. Missing avatar

      Tyler Ace Wells on March 19

      Hey could the creator update again please. I'm scared, I just got ripped off twice and I'm pretty upset and would rather not go three for three. Please.

    28. Missing avatar

      kimiyuka on March 17

      Hello. Can you move the camera up and down freely while flying? I am looking forward. Thank you.

    29. Jay Crook on March 17

      I watched the video from the latest update, and was pleased with what I saw. Progressing along nicely.

      I saw the photos too, and I say it is all looking very good. I like the new Flight unit design. I assume the rotors will slide out into the flight position and lock into place? Will that be a manual thing? Or something that happens automatically when you attach the flight unit?

    30. Jay Crook on March 16

      @Shai. Its normal to realise that a campaign is not for you BEFORE it ends, and you simply cancel...

      Waiting until now, until after you have been charged is not normally the way to do it.

    31. shai graifner on March 15

      @ creator
      Is it sound normal that I need to wait 9 days for refund???
      I ask it here and in PM and nothing.

    32. lifecoachonlineltd on March 15

      I ordered 32gb drone full package with extra battery. What is the delivery date for this item?it's for a project so I need to know of and plan for any possible delays. Thanks. Looking forward to the product!

    33. Missing avatar

      Ivan on March 12

      Hi creator @eyedea i would like to know if you have any footage of the pitta in drone auto-follow mode in real life situation? i would like to know how well and how fast/reactive it is for example.. in a park or public spaces with people

    34. shai graifner on March 9

      @EYEDEA - i wrote you via PM and still didn't get any answer.
      so I'll write it here - please send me the refund !!

    35. Jay Crook on March 9

      Thanks for update #14.

      I like being kept informed. I'm sure others do too.

      As for the acquisition of the required components, honestly, I expected this might be a problem. I anticipated that the delivery date might change. That's ok. Cannot be helped.

      Keep up the good work guys.
      Keep the updates coming.

    36. David Berkowitz on March 9

      If we are teachers and media, have not heard back as far as getting a device to test and review or one donated to review. We are an online news site for 7 years and we do reviews and educational events too.

    37. EYEDEA,INC Creator on March 8

      @Medcoast Wood Watches: The 32GB PITTA for 289$ on Indemand does not include extras (eg. propeller guard). They may be purchased separately.
      All Kickstarter deals were better deals if you take into consideration the contents of the package. So the statement that Indemand prices "are way lower" is simply not true, they are in fact a little higher (as usual in crowfunding).

    38. EYEDEA,INC Creator on March 8

      @shai graifner: Personal matters are handled via PM, thanks.
      @Nevio Piscione: We will update you given this matter asap. Thank you.

    39. Medcoast Wood Watches on March 7


      I wanted to ask how is that the prices in Indemand are way lowers that the ones we had here at Kickstarter. I see that you are selling the Pitta 32GB for 289$ in indigogo.
      How is that?


    40. Missing avatar

      Nevio Piscione on March 7

      Hi, when the survey is meant to be sent?
      Thank you

    41. shai graifner on March 7

      @eyedea why ignore my request?
      I want a refund! Sent you message here and also via PM and nothing.
      Waiting for the refund....

    42. Jay Crook on March 7

      @Eyedea. Thanks for the micro update, guys.

      Looking forward to the upcoming update.

    43. Ganjy
      on March 6


      I am one of the super early backers. I have not gotten the survey and I just want my base model in April 2018.

      How can I get the survey and will it be on time or delayed (nothing special or add ons)?

    44. EYEDEA,INC Creator on March 6

      To our Backers,

      We are ordering parts and components while finalizing PITTA, and thus very busy. We are preparing an update to be released soon, and we will do our utmost to release regular updates with you from now own, so we can keep our supporters up to date about the progress.

      eyedea / PITTA team

    45. shai graifner on March 4

      I want a refund please.

    46. Jay Crook on March 4

      Just wondering, the last update that actually gave us any information on the progress being made by the development team was dated 31st January 2018, and, while there has been two subsequent updates, neither has actually given anything away regarding the adtual production, etc, of the Pitta Units.

      Perhaps Eyedea might like to keep us up to date? I think it's always a good idea to keep your investors informed. After all, if we are kept informed, we will feel a part of the process, we are less likely to feel left out, and, as previous Kickstarter experiences have taught me, informed investors are happy investors. Unhappy investors tend to get grumpy...

    47. Missing avatar

      김민구 on March 1

      저기요 제품은 언제쯤 받아볼수 있는건가요?? 아무런 말이 없네요..

    48. Missing avatar

      kimiyuka on March 1

      Hello. I would like to see pitta 's newest 4k video outdoors. I expect it. Thank you.

    49. Ashley Temple on March 1

      Any chance when we'll get the next production update? The last one was end of Jan and now its a month later and the start of March.
      It would be great to see more footage and any updates, maybe even actual flying drone footage? How are you getting on with productions, the app etc. Are you still on time? Any real info would be great
      Would be good to know how the journey is going

    50. Missing avatar

      Terence Chow on February 26

      Hi may I check what’s the status of my backing and whether am I eligible for the addons

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