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The complete maps and art-packs campaign all old campaign relaunch.
The complete maps and art-packs campaign all old campaign relaunch.
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    1. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      complete delivery in less than 15 days , just the time to move to the new house ( yeah in the middle of moving, I'm on a rush ) but max 15 days and may be less guys ;-)

    2. Frankye Mace on

      Any update on when we get these?

    3. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      Jarad: there isn't a ton of stuff for outdoor maps but there's some...campaign #2 I guess because it does contain lots of arts! ;-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Jarad chittenden

      Hi, am still figuring what packs to get when it comes to ordering time, am getting 9, 10, 11, and have one more option. Which pack would you recommend to best make outdoor maps?


    5. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      Thanks to you all guys :-)
      Cool campaign :-)

    6. Jonathan Challis on

      Thanks Steve, still confused on the tokens - lots of the campaigns seem to include them, but that doesn't matter for me. It does clarify a lot though - as you say, it all makes sense when you know what it means, but as a new outside coming in, it's pretty overwhelming (despite a degree and being a member of MENSA!).

      What you do is brilliant, the artwork is superb, and who am I to say you should step away from what you have obviously built a market for.

      That said, you are right, whilst I love the maps they are too small for my use. I'd much rather have maps with a tenth of the detail, and 5-10x the size. Tiling as A4 sheets is fine, as is poster (or better yet both, but definitely needing 1" grid), but if it's in sheets then at least 3x3 sheets, and and at least half double that. We always have the option of only using one half, or a smaller subset.

      Also less different maps, but bigger ones would help, and generic ones (snow fields, mountains, fields, forests, rivers, etc). The more specific you make it, the more it becomes a one use map. Of course, having a single tile or two with a distinctive temple, building or feature is fine - it can be omitted from other layouts (or supply a tile with and without the feature).

      Just some thoughts...

    7. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      1st-sorry for the confusion..I thought It was not that bad ..but maybe it's because I'm the only one who knows what's in there...sorry for that

      2nd: there is no tokens in my maps..these are just examples, and also again..sorry if I didn't show full maps in the thumbnails.

      3rd:you are right about the map size,they may not be tiny but they are not 30x48
      Iuse mostly 8.5x11 sheets in 300 dpi and most of them are double or triple that size . They print in super high quality but they are not super huge map

      I did many kind of campaigns..some are for tokens..some are art-packs ..some are maps ..some combines them .

      Yeah I know it may be confusing and I'm sorry for that .you could always ask me any questions in private if you need answers.
      But I'm pretty sure you are looking for huge map of 30x30 or more..if it's that case than this KS is unfortunately not for you :-(

      I may have to work on bigger size map soon so I can please another kind of backers..I understand that people have different needs I I wish i could fill them all.

      When I make a map ..even a small one ,my attention yo detail is crazy like doing maps of 30x48 would take me 100 hours loll.
      I can spend 30 hours on a single 11x17 map because I prefer to do them piece by piece in photoshop instead of mapping programs.

      Hope someday I will fill your need for bigger maps..but for now I'm sorry to tell you it's all I have to quality,but smaller size maps .

      Thanks again for ahowing your interest and it was fun talking with you .

      I know have new informations to work may change my future KS goals .


      Steve G

    8. Jonathan Challis on

      I can maybe answer this - you have the most confusing Kickstarter I have ever seen. I keep coming to this, trying to work it out, and leaving with a headache to try later. You are selling the results of previous campaigns, but some of those also seem to include previous campaigns, and it's hard to know what you are getting. You are also posting lots of snippets of different pieces of map, whereas all I want to see is the whole map with it's size - I don't care how many pieces, or covered in 'sample' , or just a small low res thumbnail, or whatever, but I just want to see if the maps are big enough, because to be honest a lot of them look tiny. Okay for VTT use maybe, but my standard battlemap area is two Flipmats together (48x30), and a single flipmat (30x24) is about the smallest useful size (for outdoor maps, which is all I'm interested in). I think everything you have here is optimised for VTT use rather than table, and the largest map of yours seems to be something like 30x17? It's cluttered by tokens, textures, etc which tabletop players have no use for. I think you need to break those out to different campaigns to the plain maps.
      The artwork is brilliant, but as far as I can tell the maps are too small (but I could have the wrong - nothing is clear), which leads to the last problem this kickstarter and the previous ones are all so confusing.... :(

    9. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      Why every time I get a new backer 30 min later I lose one ? :-(

    10. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      GEORGE:digital files

    11. George H. Webster III

      Are these printed or digital?

    12. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      JARAD: yes it works :-)
      For the after campaign the answer is yes but at a higher price and things won't be the same .every maps and art paxks are broken into pieces so it will be way more expensive after !


    13. Missing avatar

      Jarad chittenden

      So just to make sure I understand this correctly, I have just funded for 4 campaigns, so could I pick campaigns 4, 9,10, and 11? Would that be the 4 campaigns?

      Also, will there be a chance to purchase more when Kickstarter time is up?

      Just amazing art!!!


    14. occam


    15. Gaudreau Steve 23-time creator on

      OCCAM:Yes they are all the same

    16. occam

      @Gaudreau: Are the Super Early Bird, Early Bird Everything, and Everything all variants of same pledge? If not, could you clarify the differences (if any)? TY