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here. is a lifestyle brand featuring high quality, conscious craftsmanship, based on the idea that we create as a basic instinct.
here. is a lifestyle brand featuring high quality, conscious craftsmanship, based on the idea that we create as a basic instinct.
39 backers pledged $6,579 to help bring this project to life.

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The here. Beachcomber Collection- Samples!

Summer Sweater Samples.

Inspired by my childhood memories of floating in the Caribbean Sea, watching fisherman and landsharks walk up and down the beach in swim trunks and their oversized fishnet tank tops- no office, no shoes- just salt and waves and relentless sun.

The relaxed knit and soft 100% cotton of these summer sweaters elicits that moment of bliss when the sun is setting, your skin and hair are crispy and the day's heat lingers well into the night- that moment when you wouldn't trade anything for being here.

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The Beasties Are In!

The first "here." samples are in from production!

My personal favorite, the Beastie.

Think of it as an elevated security blanket with all of the best traits of your favorite scarf, blanket, shawl- wrapped into one.

As a child my mother received a blankie from my great grandmother as a gift. She called it her "smeller" kept if for years, long enough for me to get used to her sleeping with it wrapped around her head- only exposing her mouth and nose. She kept hers until it was unrecognizable, torn to shreds and was put in a glass jar for safe keeping. I kept my baby blanket and did the exact same thing- proving the old adage true- imitation is the best form of flattery. Somewhere along the line I renamed my blankie "Beastie", have taken it along on every sleep over, road trip, overseas vacation- and have only had to retire one since birth. While living in Greece, I used my Beastie as a scarf/sleep mask while trying not to vomit on five hour ferry rides, replaced a pillow with it in grimy hostels, and wrapped myself in it on the plane.
I have now designed a much more durable, mature, and aesthetically-pleasing Beastie. It can be used as a shawl when going out to dinner, a blanket while traveling, a sleep mask for sleeping in, a cover-up on the beach, and a scarf for when the leaves change colors.
Each one is hand-made by a third-generation family business local to my family's home in Mexico, and hand-detailed by me. It is 100% cotton and machine washable.
The Beastie is your best friend.

These will be available for sale as soon as the boutique is open for business! (or for a donation of $275 or more)

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In celebration/fear of hitting the TEN DAY MARK, I have added a couple new incentives:

#1: For a $35 pledge, in addition to a personalized postcard, digital copy of Snakes in the Sky, you ALSO receive a limited edition, 100% organic cotton, Threads for Thought 'here' t-shirt or tank top.

Secondly: for a $50 pledge you receive all of the previously mentioned PLUS a personalized, one-of-a-kind tea cup. Want me to draw a kitten's face on the cup? Sure. Your initials? Done. Whatever design you choose. 

If we are born believing
the way Emerson said that we are,
in the effortless way that trees bear apples,
I think we spend every day that follows realizing, seeing, unraveling, lying, trying, holding, loving, needing to understand our world and every distant world we read about.

Like all of us, here. falls somewhere between belief and need.
And if all it took was a strong breeze to lift this project I wouldn't need to email you once a week or post about it on Facebook as often as I shower- if that was all it took here. wouldn't be half of what it is.

I have ten days to make this happen.

I dare you to donate.

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Welcoming A.T.L. Archive- Brooklyn-Based Boutique Denim

Aaron Thomas Linnen is no stranger to Kickstarter. Just a few months ago his hand-made boutique denim line A.T.L. Archive was successfully funded here.

Like all good things, his passion for jeans was born out of need. 

In our phone conversation he explained that when his favorite pair of jeans had "evaporated" off of his body and he was unable to find the exact pair, or any pair that he was pleased with, he taught himself how to sew. After three months, not only could he finally wear something he had produced, but had begun receiving compliments on his hand-made (high quality selvage denim from mills in the USA) jeans. Taught by a denim expert and former Levi's employee, Aaron started making custom jeans for his friends. He has since raised enough money to get A.T.L. Archive off the ground (making it his full-time job) and allowed me to find and deeply appreciate the brand. 

With similar brand values and makers-motivation, we have decided to collaborate, in some mixture of my words and his signature style, creating a truly original pair of jeans.

Keep your eyes peeled and inboxes open for updates on this one!


Check out A.T.L. Archive: and his successful Kickstarter campaign

New Collaboration: Carolina Loyola

I am ecstatic to announce yet another collaboration in process.

Miami-based jeweler Carolina Loyola will be designing and creating a bracelet specific for here. 

From her website:

I consider my pieces and style to be “Bohemian Chic," says Loyola. I love color and you will see that in all my collections. Carolina handpicks all her stones for her collections which come from all parts of the world. All stone is natural and either precious or semi-precious. All wire used in the making is either 14K gold-filled or sterling silver material.

Carolina’s work has been featured in several notable presses such as InStyle, Ocean Drive, and Artful-Living.

Stay tuned folks!