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Urbio, the magically magnetic urban vertical garden.
Urbio, the magically magnetic urban vertical garden.
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Thank You!!!

A great big THANK YOU to kickstarter, pledgers, blogs, tweets & friends! 

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Urbio 90% - Yeah!!!

Urbio is becoming a reality… thank you for your support and pledges!!!

As we've developed Urbio over the past 6 months, we've believed in it so strongly since day one. So, to see your comments, pledges and support mean so much to our team. A huge thank you to all the blogs, websites and social media outlets that have posted about Urbio. We’ve recently been asked a lot of questions regarding four topics:

1)    Who the heck are you?

2)    When will I be able to put Urbio on my wall?

3)    What about drainage?

4)    What size is Urbio?

1) Urbio is comprised of a team of designers lead by Beau Oyler and Jared Aller of Enlisted Design and Tim Cui of Volare Studio. The idea of an affordable urban vertical garden came last summer as a result of growing interest in the category and the overall lack of super cool vertical gardens with high functionality. After six months of design, prototypes, testing plant containers and lot and lots of sketches… Urbio was born!

2) We so appreciate your excitement in hanging Urbio on the walls of your urban dwelling. We’ve had the prototypes hanging on our walls and fridge for a month now and yes, it’s super fun to attach and detach the vessels for watering, planting, trimming and using as centerpieces. As much as we’d love to give you a firm date on delivery, we cannot at this point. Once Urbio is funded, our attention will be on finalizing manufacturing and shipping them to our loyal supporters ASAP!

3) When researching the idea of an indoor/outdoor vertical garden, we discovered that one of the greatest concerns for indoor vertical gardeners is cleanliness. We wanted to create a product that would have little to no mess. That's why the Urbio vessels are detachable. You can remove them from the wall to water, replant, aerate, prune, etc. Like other vertical garden products, we knew that holes on the bottom of the vessel would leak all over the wall and floor and that this would frustrate our users. So, we performed a test! We created six individual, identical planted pots with six different forms of drainage. Some had lots of drainage and some had none. Out of all the plant specimens, the plant that grew the healthiest was in a pot that had about 2" of tiny pumice stones on the bottom, then soil, then plant specimen. When you receive your Urbio vertical garden, you'll also receive instructions on how to successfully plant as well as suggestions on which types of plants will grow best.

4) Urbio is whatever size you want it to be… that’s what’s so cool about it! It can be as small as a 10”x10” wall plate or combined to be as large as an entire wall. The measurements of the vessels range from 4"x5", 5"x5", 4"x10", 10"x5" and 10"x10".

Once again, thank you for your questions, excitement and support. Please continue to spread the word so that together, we can make Urbio a reality!